Salvador Dali Murder*

Spitfire looking out of my window this morning.
My new Naomi Osaka tennis shoes from Nike. I adore them.
My beloved Salvador Dali Tarot deck which I don’t use much but used yesterday.
Spitfire on my bed yesterday morning.

So, yesterday, I wake up at five o’clock in the morning after sleeping from 9.45pm. Woke up feeling tired. Wrote a list of Things To Eat When You’re Not Hungry for Memoir.

Worked hard at Personal Training and my biceps hurt now.

Tidy my room as I do everyday but it always becomes messy quickly. I have Too Much Stuff in here. On the plus side, Mum’s friend who works at the Oxfam bookshop takes away three boxes of books 📚.

Have made space for all my new Astrology and Tarot books.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Wake up and Mum helps me with my bath.

Have supper at five o’clock by which time I’m exhausted. Go back to bed after supper and fall asleep, ten minutes into my astrology course. That’s two weeks after three that I’ve missed now. The course is repeated on every other Saturday so I am going to try an all-day Saturday one next.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2015. By Howard DeWitt. Muslim terrorists are attacking Barcelona.

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