Death Comes At The End*

Fluffball sitting on my windowsill at about six o’clock this morning.

Wake up after six o’clock this morning after sleeping from ten o’clock last night. Find Fluffball and bring him into my room: write ✍️ six pages of Memoir by seven o’clock. Then it’s breakfast time. Have my porridge with coffee.

My ex-colleague comes to visit at ten o’clock – she stays til eleven. Then lunch, meditation and sleep 😴till three. Wake up and have 🥭 and a cupcake.

Go for a drive with Mum through Shenley and up to Sopwell and back. We see the donkeys in their shed: poking their heads out.

Have a grilled cheese sandwich 🥪 at five o’clock and now am going back to bed. This space is great for resting.

Isn’t this a slow, exhaustingcrawling towards bedtime.

Happy Sunday everyone.

*1994. By Agatha Christie. Historical murder mystery.

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