The Drowning Kind*

Wake up at six o’clock but go back till half past eight. Pilates at nine fifteen for an hour and work hard. Astrology course half past ten till half past one. We learn about planets, houses and relationships. Will watch the rest later which is about work.

Sleep at two o’clock for an hour which isn’t long enough. Exhausted.

Ben comes round with my new birthday present Tarot deck: the Neon Moon. Thank you also to a couple of my cousins and another friend: it is not a cheap deck plus it shipped from America!

We sit in the garden in the warm sunshine 🌞 it’s lovely.

Ben changes my radiotherapy burn dressing. He has just finished working in a care home so is good at such things.

Now am back in bed at 5.55pm and will go to sleep in a minute.

Happy Saturday everyone!

2021. By Jennifer McMahon. Murder mystery thriller set in Vermont.

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