The Sun Is Also A Star*

Wake up at five thirty and write ✍️ eight pages of Memoir. One more chapter of the story to go and then we’re up to date. Will spend the next almost two weeks adding in some more about Tarot, Astrology and my friends. Mum is nearly up to date with the typing.

Work hard at Barre. then have a bath, put on my dishwasher, turn off the heating and dress. See outfit photos above.

Mum picks me up from the flat with several bags stuffed with various of my possessions.

Meet the Barre and Pilates crew for lunch at Pizza Express 🍕 🥗 🫒 which is wonderful. They give me some gorgeous presents 🎁 including the quartz dodecahedron – the Infinity ♾ Star ⭐️.

We stay at the restaurant chatting till three o’clock – long past my usual bedtime. I’m So Happy to have a Girly Crew for the first time in years. They’re such special, warm and loving friends.

There is sun 🌞 when we arrive, then rain and it becomes cold. We’re the only people outside, so have the garden to ourselves. After lunch, there’s a brief sunny interlude, followed by a thunderstorm ⛈.

Dad picks me up at three o’clock and there’s already someone in my bed: see photo above of a sleeping lion 🦁. He stays with me for my meditation 🧘‍♀️ and sleep.

Mum wakes me up at about half past five. Have a piece of caterpillar 🐛 cake, a kiwi 🥝 and some coffee ice cream 🍨.

Post on Instagram and watch Fluffy sleep which he’s skilled at.

Fluffball is still sleeping on my bed 🛌 🐈.

It’s 9.03. I’m going to post it. A new book arrives from my Aunty:

Right I’m falling asleep.

Goodnight everyone and Happy Monday.

*1975. By Dane Rudyhar. The galactic dimension of Astrology.

Coconut Layer Cake Murder*

Fluffball comes to rest on my bed whilst I’m doing my writing ✍️ this morning.

Wake up at half past five this morning and do Writing ✍️ with my Fluffball. Wander into the kitchen at seven o’clock and Mum is there making coffee ☕️.

Open a couple of cards:

Pull my Tarot card for the day:

Do Pilates at 10.45am. Work really hard. Chat to teacher and then Barre chums who sing happy birthday to me.

The flowers 💐 start arriving.:

From my brother in Abroad 💜
From my darling cousin.
Mum makes me the caterpillar 🐛 cake which I used to have when I was a small child. It tastes amazing!

Dad brings me back to the flat. I unpack the food and put it in the fridge and fruit bowl 🍏 🍌.

Feed the birds and hang up their suet-filled coconuts 🥥.

It’s 8.26pm and want to go to sleep 😴 soon.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2020. By Joanna Fluke. A Hannah Swenson murder mystery, book 25.

The Twelve Astrological Houses*

We learnt about the Twelve Houses and our Sun 🌞, moon 🌙 and ascendant ⬆️ last night in Astrology Course. I’m Taurus ♉️ Sun 🌞 in the Eighth House; Capricorn ♑️ Moon in the Fourth House and Libra ♎️ Ascendant in the First House. Am So Pleased with self for staying awake for the whole session from seven o’clock till nine thirty. Fall asleep around ten thirty.

Wake up at seven o’clock this morning and feel refreshed. Write eight pages of Memoir 🗒 🖊 ✍️ then see Fluffball before he goes out.

Return to bedroom and then it’s Pilates at ten forty five. Push self very hard and teacher is pleased with me.

Go to the White Horse in Shenley with parents for Birthday Lunch:

Our food is lovely but it’s about ten degrees 🥶 and cloudy ☁️. Still: it’s good to be out.

When we arrive hone, Fluffball is waiting outside the front door. We let him in. He tells me that he’s starving but Mum says she left some food out for him which he’s eaten. Eventually, he gives up and goes out.

Presents and cards are coming a few at a time. Am excited for Birthday tomorrow which is going to include: writing, watching The Pursuit Of Love; lunch, sleep, back to the flat.

Fluffball is in my bedroom looking after me: the precious angel 😇.

If you want to give me a present 🎁 and haven’t decided what to get, please message me or write in the comments here. Thank you so much everyone.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2010. By Dane Rudhyar. The greatest astrologer of the Twentieth Century.

A Red Kite In A Pale Sky*

Wake up at half past five this morning and write sixteen pages of Memoir 📝 🖊 ✍️. Fluffball sits with me on my bed 🛌 as I write: the darling precious angel 😇.

Work hard at Barre and chat with my chums after the class.

Mum drives us to visit my best Creative Writing MA friend and we have such a lovely time talking about reading and writing. She lives in High Wycombe and I look up at the sky and there are about ten Red Kites circling in the sky.

As we decide to leave, it starts raining and it rains throughout our entire journey home.

It’s too late for my sleep as we don’t arrive home until four o’clock this afternoon and I can’t fall asleep that late.

Talk to a couple of friends on the phone.

The Queen 👑 writes back to me as you can see. I’m so happy with my card from Buckingham Palace. She’s so wonderful.

Have a disappointment this evening as settle down to my Society of Authors Zoom meeting about Life Writing, only to discover that I misread the email and the talk was yesterday. Email them to ask if there is a recording: hope there will be.

It’s 8.47pm now. Fluffball is sleeping on the spotty sofa 🛋 and we are sitting at the dining room table as parentals had a late dinner.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1990. By Dianne Hofmeyr. Children’s fiction novel.

Evil Under The Sun*

Wake up at five o’clock this morning after sleeping from nine thirty last night. Write ✍️ eight pages of Memoir.

Have breakfast with Mum and Fluffball: a scone with cream cheese. Then write ✍️ six more Memoir pages.

Leave an urgent message with the cancer hospital 🏥 for oncologist to call me.

Work really hard at Barre: lots of inner thighs, obliques and glutes – plus triceps, Dumb Waiter and push ups.

After the chat with my exercise chums, see that oncologist has called but phone didn’t take his call as was on Zoom. Leave a message with the nurses asking him to call back. Feel stressed and frustrated 😥.

Go to the Farm with Mum to buy vegetables, Seville Orange 🍊 marmalade, lemon curd 🍋, mint choc chip ice cream 🍨, fruit juices and scones. No scones are available till Thursday, sadly.

Bump into a parental friend there who is reading my book 📖 In Bloom and thinks it’s brilliant. This is Such a Wonderful feeling: I will never become bored of praise for my writing.

Oncologist calls at lunchtime. We agree to restart chemo on an even lower dose on 25th May, after my two weeks of birthday festivities 🥳 🎉 🎂. Am relieved that am not being left to die just yet. All I need is some attention from my doctors 🥼 and I am happy.

Manage a scrambled egg 🥚 with mushrooms 🍄, salad 🥗 and tiny bit of mint choc chip ice cream 🍨. It tastes good but sadly it isn’t green.

Macmillan nurse 👩‍⚕️ visits after lunch. We sit in the garden 🪴 in the sunshine 🌞. She agrees to liaise with the cancer hospital 🏥 and to teach Mum how to give me anti-sickness injections at home. Also, I may be able to go into the hospice if I’m ill after next chemo so that’s good. We are really lucky to have found such a practical, sensible and kind Macmillan person: have had some less good ones in the past.

Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep 😴. Then sit out in the garden 🪴 in the sunshine until six o’clock: it’s only sixteen degrees but feels much hotter in the sun.

Catch Fluffball and cuddle him and take him inside for his supper. Next am going to do my Tarot Card For The Day.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1941. By Agatha Christie. Classic crime fiction Hercule Poirot novel. Read it!

Something Fresh*

Wake up after a long night of sleeping: from eight o’clock last night until six o’clock this morning.

Write six pages of Memoir and do a couple of posts on Instagram. At seven o’clock traipse up the stairs to see Fluffball and parentals. Then have breakfast which is toast and marmalade 🍊 🍋.

Walk with Mum to the letterbox and post a card to a friend. It’s a warm, sunny day and finally feels like Spring 🐣.

Have bath 🛁. Listen to Leonard Cohen’s The Future album 💿 which I love 💕. Write eight more pages of Memoir in which Fluffball is missing 😭 💔.

Put a dress on (see above photos) and visit some parental friends for brunch. For the first time in weeks I have an appetite – perhaps because I feel so happy and relaxed 😎 in the sunshine with some of my best people.

When I arrive home, my Blandings books are here:

Put them on a bit of bookshelf that I cleared the other day. There are four boxes 📦 of books 📚 in the hall: all ones I’m not going to reread. It’s So Freeing to have space on my bookshelves.

Meditate and sleep. Wake up and have banana 🍌 with coffee ☕️ ice cream 🍨. Parentals are out – visiting our next door neighbours.

Do a Tarot Reading for a querent who is pleased with it so that is confidence-boosting. I love Tarot So Much.

Leave my room for five minutes to collect my sandwich 🥪 and when I return to my bedroom there is a wild lion on my bed:

He’s still here but I have a live Crystal 💎 Sale at half past six. Must rush and find a Diet Coke.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1915. By PG Wodehouse. Comic novel. The first in the Blandings series.

Astrology And Cosmology In The World’s Religions*

Sleep from eight o’clock last night till almost seven o’clock this morning. Manage a protein drink 🥤 on awakening and then toast and marmalade at eight o’clock. The swallowing problem has lessened thank G-d. Write two pages of Memoir and then read Heavy Weather. It’s so good to be transported to Blandings and the Empress 🐖 🐷.

Order the whole Blandings series.

Work hard at Pilates at nine fifteen and then chat to my teacher and chums.

It is raining 🌧 all morning. Have a lovely visitor: darling Gandalf. It’s so good to see him. Look:


Have a scone with goat 🐐 cheese and some amazing green soup that Mum made for me: spinach, broccoli 🥦, asparagus, garlic 🧄, onion 🧅 and potato. This is success!

Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep. Wake up and have a mango 🥭 and coffee ☕️ 🍨 which slides down throat without hurting.

Book in a couple of Tarot Readings 🔮 for new clients.

Fluffball comes in and goes to sleep. My precious angel 😇.

Finally hang my In Bloom picture. Isn’t it wonderful. The artist 👨‍🎨 has synaesthesia so sees music as colours. This is for the Nirvana song In Bloom:

In Bloom by Jake Andrew Nason


Receive my birthday presents a bit early from my Aunty. Show you:

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2012. By Nicholas Campion. Book by the famous astrologer.

The Long Goodbye*

Have a good long sleep last night and don’t wake up till seven o’clock this morning.

All my pains are still bad so we go to the hospital 🏥 for them to take some bloods: if haemoglobin has gone low again I may need a transfusion.

Work hard at Pilates despite everything.

Meditate and sleep. Wake up and do a Career Tarot Reading for a friend:

Now Fluffball is in and I’ve finished my eating for the day: thank G-d. If I try to swallow I get terrible 😢 chest pains. And then hiccups. It makes eating unbearable.

Fluffball sleeps on the spotty sofa 🛋. I gaze at him. Earlier he dropped a pill 💊 out of his mouth but I found it and gave it to him.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1953. By Raymond Chandler. Crime fiction novel.

The House On Telegraph Hill*

Really ill with chemo side effects: temperature 🤒 and nausea 🤢 all day yesterday. Stay in bed all day.

Cancel this morning’s Personal Training which I hate to do. Wake up at eight o’clock this morning after sleeping all night. Feel enough better to manage some breakfast and my first pills 💊 of the day. Then back to bed.

Haul self out of bed 🛌 at 10.30am and watch the final hour of The House On Telegraph Hill. It’s So Good. Recommend it.

Force down some lunch, take another load of meds 💊, go back to bed.

Mum wakes me up at five o’clock. Have a mango 🥭 and a protein drink.

My precious angel. The best nurse in the world 🌎

Fluffball is sleeping. I’m awake now till 9.30pm as it’s first day back at my Astrology Course. I’ll just do what I can as it will be recorded and then uploaded to the London School Of Astrology website tomorrow. So I can watch 8 – 9.30 section then: fear will only stay awake till eight o’clock or so.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1951. Feature film written by Elick Moll adapted from the novel by Dana Lyon. Directed by Robert Wise. Stars: Richard Baseheart, Valentina Cortese, William Lundigan and Fay Baker. Crime drama, film noir.

One Day In May*

May A to Z

Asparagus, artichokes


Camellias, chemotherapy restarts today on a lower dose. So far: haven’t vomited 🤮

Dying to Get Out and socialise.

Exercising outdoors

Fluffball sleeping in my bed as I write this.


Hellebores, House Martins

In Bloom selling lots of copies 🙏

Jersey Royal potatoes 🥔

Knights – adult Lego ones are coming.

Loving life, lemurs at the Zoos.

Morphine dose increase

Nothing will help me except a Positive Mindset, which I cultivate.

Often wishing it would just stop raining

Pansies still going strong, Petunia time soon fingers crossed 🤞

Querents wanting lots of Tarot Readings

Robins raising their chicks 🐣 in the Laurel hedge.

Salvias recovering at last and new ones coming 💃 spring cleaning: tidy my medicine 💊 cabinet: see photo above.

Tits: Great Tits, Coal Tits, Long-tailed Tits are all raising their chicks in the hedge or at the least, very close.

Underneath the ground in their warrens, baby rabbits 🐇 will soon be up and about.

Volcanic eruptions 🌋

Writing the Memoir and am finally, as of this week, adding new material. Aiming for five pages Every Day this month

X-rays to see what the cancer’s up to in my spine and bones 🦴

Yellow clothes and accessories. Daffodils are in their last period before death.

Zolpidem is making me sleep: something is Working at last.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2010. By Catherine Allier. Rural romantic novel.