Sunflowers And Sabotage*

Sunflower 🌻
Runner bean flower
Petunia in pot

Wake up at half past six this morning and then return to sleep till ten o’clock when I watch Today At Wimbledon with Mum.

Have lunch, meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep. Wake up and watch Nick Kyrgios win his match. Then start watching Britain’s Katie Boulter against the second-seeded Aryna Sabalenka. Katie is playing So Well.

Am back in bed now with my nurse. He’s allowed his dried food again at long last so have been feeding that to him today. Now he is stretching out across the bottom of my bed, so am curled up in the top section of bed.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to training with my lovely trainer, Pilates and Barre instructor.

Right, must just post my Tarot card of the Day and then have my pre-sleep-sleep which is my favourite sleep due to the presence of my fluffy nurse.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2019. By London Lovett. A Port Danby cozy mystery series, Book 10.

The Tennis Partner*

Another fourteen hours of sleeping. Wake up and have breakfast at half past seven. Somehow stay awake all morning until Barre at half past ten. It’s a tough class and I work hard.

Take a walk around the garden with Mum:

New Amethyst Lips salvia
A corner of the pink and purple bed

Have lunch, meditate and sleep, but not for long enough. Wake up and see that Jack Draper has taken the first set off Novak. Come on Jack!

A couple of my aunties visit. It is nice to see them. We sit in the garden. The rain holds off and we see the baby magpie and lots of baby blue tits.

I go inside to lie down. The scanner centre calls to let me know that there is a cancellation and they can see me at tomorrow 2.45pm rather than Friday, so that’s good, to get it out of the way.

Fluffball is in now and apparently in desperate need of some more food. He will have to wait a bit though.

Maybe Andy will be playing when I have my supper at five o’clock.

Happy Monday everyone!

1999. By Abraham Verghese. Fiction novel about two men playing tennis.

The Art Of Death*

Sorry about the lack of blog yesterday: it was a Very Tired Day where I was in bed with Fluffball from about 5.45pm. Earlier in the day I managed Pilates and then had Astrology Course all day – except for my sleep.

Today I wake up at half past eight, having slept from about six o’clock the previous evening. We change my bed and put some clothes away. Go back to bed after breakfast and. wake up at about half past nine for mid-morning snack.

At 11.55am feed Fluffball and make self a goat cheese and pesto toasted sandwich 🥪 which I have with watercress.

I just want it to be the right weather to wear my white jeans: not cold and rainy like now or too hot. Say 21-23 degrees.

Go back to sleep and wake up for call with brother in Abroad. Then speak to Ben about his new kitten and see her on FaceTime. She is so pretty: half Ragdoll like Fluffball and with a wide, long haired face. Looks like she’s going to be a fluffy one.

Am just scribbling this before Tarot Card of the Day which I also didn’t have time to do yesterday.

Fluffball is sleeping out in the hall, which you can tell by the brown sofa. He is such a precious angel.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2021. By David Fennell. Murder mystery novel.

The White Rose Murders*

Black elder
Johnson’s Blue hardy geranium
Timeless Purple rose 🌹

Wake up at seven o’clock this morning, having gone to bed at six thirty last night under the watchful eye of my fluffy nurse.

Go back to bed after breakfast and sleep until eight thirty.

Speak to MadFatRunner and another friend.

Work hard at Pilates: I’ve missed it for the last couple of days due to hospital 🏥 things.

Back to the cancer hospital for my Demosumab injection. This is the treatment that’s meant to stop me acquiring bone 🦴 mets, which I have now, but oncologist seems keen for me to keep going with it.

I’m looking forward to feeling better as the chemotherapy side effects wear off.

It’s a warmish sunny day: the forecast rain never happens.

We have a baby magpie! I see him sitting in a tree. He is not all metallic black and fluorescent white like his parents: more greyish white and greyish black. It’s so exciting to see him.

Have hunch, meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep but not really for long enough. Bring on pre-sleep-sleep at six o’clock this evening. I’m sitting with Mum in the garden: she is doing The Times crossword.

Last see Fluffball at lunchtime when he settles down for a sleep and I have to take him outside.

All our baby blue tits are out and it’s great to see them feeding themselves at the feeders.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1992. Tudor murder mystery novel. Book One in the Tudor Mysteries series.

Murder With Cucumber Sandwiches*

More petunias
First cucumber 🥒 of the season
Fluffball performing his nursing duties

Wake up at seven o’clock. Have breakfast. Return to sleep till half past nine.

Visit oncologist. We are stopping chemo as it has made me too ill to continue with it. This is a relief.

There is a possibility that I may be suitable for a new hormone treatment. Must have a blood test to decide this. Please send thoughts and prayers that I will be able to have this treatment.

I go out near the end of the appointment so Mum can talk to oncologist on her own for a bit.

Have lunch and meditate and sleep. Wake up and Mum’s Bridge ♥️ ♦️ friends are here, so I sit with them outside – it’s warmer today and not raining – and have my snack. They leave at 4.40pm or so and then it’s time for my supper.

After supper: go to bed 🛌 and my nurse is already in position. He is grooming himself.

Having now finished grooming himself: he is sleeping: the most precious angel 😇.

Am looking forward to Pilates tomorrow and to feeling better as the chemo side effects wear off.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2019. By Karen Rose Smith. A Daisy’s Tea Garden mystery, book 3.

The Baby-Snatcher*

Wake up at seven thirty after going to sleep at six o’clock last night.

Go for a walk with Mum up to the house martins’ house. We stand in front of the nests and it’s a magical experience: the little birds swoop and dive all around us and we can hear the chicks chirping in their mud nests under the beams.

Katie from the synagogue comes for her every-two-weeks visit: it is so good to see her.

Then Dad takes me to visit my darling cousin and her new very pretty baby:

It is great to see her enjoying motherhood and being so happy and relaxed.

We have a tour around her lovely new house too.

Return for lunch and sleep. Don’t manage to sleep for that long. Have bath 🛁 and then have supper in the garden in the sunshine.

Fluffball comes in and sucks up a fur ball. Then he has his supper. Now he’s come in to look after me. I’m so lucky to have my precious boy: we really did think we’d lost him forever, back in October. Thank G-d we found him 🥰.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2013. By Anne Cleeves. Book Six in the Inspector Ramsey mystery novel series.


Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday but was asleep almost all day. Manage Barre and blood 🩸 tests at the hospital 🏥 but then Fluffball sat on my bed and stared at me until I got in: which he’s just done now:

Yesterday: Sleep from twelve o’clock in the afternoon until three, then out of bed 🛌 for snack, back into bed, out of bed at five o’clock for supper and then bath 🛁 and back into bed for my pre-night-time sleep.

The best and fluffiest nurse in the world 🥰

The cancer hospital 🏥 phones. My platelets are still low: down from fifty seven last week to fifty two this week. Am disappointed to be missing another week of chemo, but at the same time relieved to have an explanation for the extreme exhaustion.

Mum asks if I can have a platelet transfusion but apparently I’m not allowed until platelets are below twenty five.

At nine o’clock – after nine hours of nursing me – Fluffball goes to tell Mum that I need my pills. Then he goes off duty for the night and I sleep till six o’clock this morning.

Wake up feeling a lot better. My Macmillan nurse 👩‍⚕️ visits and we sit in the garden. The weather has turned very cold: about sixteen degrees now but far colder this morning when I’m sitting outside in trousers, a cashmere cardigan and a sports jacket. It is good to have someone who cares with whom to talk.

Pilates is good this morning. It’s just three of us, all advanced, so it’s a difficult class which I enjoy.

Speak to a couple of friends. Despite everything, feel cheerful. It’s a rubbish situation where I’m too ill to have my treatment because the treatment itself makes me so ill.

On the plus side: my adopted rhino 🦏 in Kenya has just fathered his fifth calf. The garden is full of baby starlings: I counted seven. And I have the best and fluffiest nurse in the world.

In other positive news: I’m meeting a very special person tomorrow: my darling cousin’s baby. Can’t wait to see her.

England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 are playing the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 tonight but I’ll be asleep by then. Wimbledon very soon and fingers crossed 🤞 for one more title for Roger. That would cheer everyone up.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2018. By Joe Ide. An Isiah Quintabe murder mystery novel, book three.

Something Fresh*

Sorry for the lack of blog everyone. I was asleep for about twenty hours, with Fluffball looking after me: he’s the best nurse.

This morning I wake up at six o’clock and have my breakfast and then it’s back to sleep till seven. It is good to be sleeping until later in the morning but I’m definitely under-the-weather.

Go for a drive with Mum and it’s nice. Come back and walk around the garden and see these pinks:

Have lunch and then return to sleep. Talk with a friend till I wake up.

Have supper and then find Fluffball in my bed: indicating that he wants me to climb in with him.

Finish Heavy Weather and start the first book in the Blandings Castle series: Something Fresh.

Dad takes some photos of me with Fluffball. We need a really good one for the cover of the Memoir:

This posture curled round Fluffball is uncomfortable so I’m going to say goodbye for now.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1915. By PG Wodehouse. Coming novel. Book 1 in the Blandings Castle series.

In The Frame*

There is a large Fluffball taking up most of my bed as I write this. He is the best company, which is good as it’s quite difficult to squeeze self around him.

We have a bit of a disappointing day. Zoom Pilates is good but then I am meant to go to a party but can’t as it’s raining. I have been looking forward to this event.

It’s torrential rain 🌧 all day. Settle down for my sleep from one o’clock until three thirty.

When I wake up: the parentals are home and we watch Cameron Norrie vs Aslan Karatsev from yesterday.

Have supper: scrambled egg 🥚 on toast with tenderstem broccoli 🥦 and asparagus.

Mum helps me with my bath 🛁 and then I follow Fluffball into my bedroom. He can sense when I’m not well and need him. He’s such a precious angelic nurse.

Right: had better do my Tarot Card For The Day.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1976. By Dick Francis. Murder mystery thriller.

Perfect Petunias And Murder*

Wake up and have breakfast at six o’clock and then fall back to sleep until seven thirty. Yesterday late afternoon I slept from six o’clock till nine twenty when Mum arrived to give my pills.

It’s cold and rainy today. Whilst I’m doing my Personal Training at ten thirty, Mum sneaks out and attends the garden centre without me.

New petunia “Night Sky”
Another new petunia

The colour scheme in the wall is black petunias and pink geraniums. It looks very striking. Photos coming soon.

Have lunch in the garden in a break between rain 🌧 showers. Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep for not-long-enough.

Watch Andy’s second round match with Mum. He doesn’t appear to be in pain, which is good, but Berrettini beats him easily. The commentators say that he is making a lot of errors due to lack of match play. He may well do Eastbourne before Wimbledon.

Looks like it’s Full Steam Ahead with the Memoir, which agent and her assistant love. She thinks a good cover photo would be Fluffball and me, so am going to get up tomorrow and ask Dad to take some pictures.

Now I have to pull my Tarot Card of the Day and write it up.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2019. By Miranda Brickett. Book Five in The Prarie Crocus Cozy Mystery series.