Perfect Petunias And Murder*

Wake up and have breakfast at six o’clock and then fall back to sleep until seven thirty. Yesterday late afternoon I slept from six o’clock till nine twenty when Mum arrived to give my pills.

It’s cold and rainy today. Whilst I’m doing my Personal Training at ten thirty, Mum sneaks out and attends the garden centre without me.

New petunia “Night Sky”
Another new petunia

The colour scheme in the wall is black petunias and pink geraniums. It looks very striking. Photos coming soon.

Have lunch in the garden in a break between rain 🌧 showers. Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep for not-long-enough.

Watch Andy’s second round match with Mum. He doesn’t appear to be in pain, which is good, but Berrettini beats him easily. The commentators say that he is making a lot of errors due to lack of match play. He may well do Eastbourne before Wimbledon.

Looks like it’s Full Steam Ahead with the Memoir, which agent and her assistant love. She thinks a good cover photo would be Fluffball and me, so am going to get up tomorrow and ask Dad to take some pictures.

Now I have to pull my Tarot Card of the Day and write it up.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2019. By Miranda Brickett. Book Five in The Prarie Crocus Cozy Mystery series.


  1. TheFeatheredSleep · June 17, 2021

    SO happy to hear the news about your memoir, I think that’s fantastic and will promote in anyway I can to support you. Loved seeing photos of you also in previous post.


  2. KC · June 21, 2021

    Those petunias are stunningly gorgeous. I will never get tired of your flower photos – they are the best. Already hunting down a Night Sky petunia for myself ✨

    And get this – apparently the starry pattern on the flowers will change throughout the summer, depending on the light. So amazingly cool. Thank you for the inspiration!


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