In The Frame*

There is a large Fluffball taking up most of my bed as I write this. He is the best company, which is good as it’s quite difficult to squeeze self around him.

We have a bit of a disappointing day. Zoom Pilates is good but then I am meant to go to a party but can’t as it’s raining. I have been looking forward to this event.

It’s torrential rain 🌧 all day. Settle down for my sleep from one o’clock until three thirty.

When I wake up: the parentals are home and we watch Cameron Norrie vs Aslan Karatsev from yesterday.

Have supper: scrambled egg 🥚 on toast with tenderstem broccoli 🥦 and asparagus.

Mum helps me with my bath 🛁 and then I follow Fluffball into my bedroom. He can sense when I’m not well and need him. He’s such a precious angelic nurse.

Right: had better do my Tarot Card For The Day.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1976. By Dick Francis. Murder mystery thriller.

One comment

  1. L. Rorschach · June 21, 2021

    Feel better soon, sweets. ❤️


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