Murder With Cucumber Sandwiches*

More petunias
First cucumber 🥒 of the season
Fluffball performing his nursing duties

Wake up at seven o’clock. Have breakfast. Return to sleep till half past nine.

Visit oncologist. We are stopping chemo as it has made me too ill to continue with it. This is a relief.

There is a possibility that I may be suitable for a new hormone treatment. Must have a blood test to decide this. Please send thoughts and prayers that I will be able to have this treatment.

I go out near the end of the appointment so Mum can talk to oncologist on her own for a bit.

Have lunch and meditate and sleep. Wake up and Mum’s Bridge ♥️ ♦️ friends are here, so I sit with them outside – it’s warmer today and not raining – and have my snack. They leave at 4.40pm or so and then it’s time for my supper.

After supper: go to bed 🛌 and my nurse is already in position. He is grooming himself.

Having now finished grooming himself: he is sleeping: the most precious angel 😇.

Am looking forward to Pilates tomorrow and to feeling better as the chemo side effects wear off.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2019. By Karen Rose Smith. A Daisy’s Tea Garden mystery, book 3.

One comment

  1. TheFeatheredSleep · June 28, 2021

    Really hoping that you can have the hormone treatment. You have done your absolute best with the chemo but if it’s making you that sick I completely understand that choice and am sending you love and support that you are able to try the hormone treatment. Love to you beautiful talented one


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