The White Rose Murders*

Black elder
Johnson’s Blue hardy geranium
Timeless Purple rose 🌹

Wake up at seven o’clock this morning, having gone to bed at six thirty last night under the watchful eye of my fluffy nurse.

Go back to bed after breakfast and sleep until eight thirty.

Speak to MadFatRunner and another friend.

Work hard at Pilates: I’ve missed it for the last couple of days due to hospital 🏥 things.

Back to the cancer hospital for my Demosumab injection. This is the treatment that’s meant to stop me acquiring bone 🦴 mets, which I have now, but oncologist seems keen for me to keep going with it.

I’m looking forward to feeling better as the chemotherapy side effects wear off.

It’s a warmish sunny day: the forecast rain never happens.

We have a baby magpie! I see him sitting in a tree. He is not all metallic black and fluorescent white like his parents: more greyish white and greyish black. It’s so exciting to see him.

Have hunch, meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep but not really for long enough. Bring on pre-sleep-sleep at six o’clock this evening. I’m sitting with Mum in the garden: she is doing The Times crossword.

Last see Fluffball at lunchtime when he settles down for a sleep and I have to take him outside.

All our baby blue tits are out and it’s great to see them feeding themselves at the feeders.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1992. Tudor murder mystery novel. Book One in the Tudor Mysteries series.


  1. KC · June 26, 2021

    Baby birds are the best! I’m so glad you get to see them. It’s not surprising that the birds would love that beautiful garden 😊

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers especially in regards to the new treatment. I really hope it works out. Also hope that you are soon feeling a bit better and get to enjoy all the summer things.


  2. TheFeatheredSleep · June 28, 2021

    Hoping the new treatment and the stop in the ones that make you feel exhausted, give you more quality of time where you can do those things that bring you happiness, and work on your book. Thinking of you all the time. Sending you much love.


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