The Art Of Death*

Sorry about the lack of blog yesterday: it was a Very Tired Day where I was in bed with Fluffball from about 5.45pm. Earlier in the day I managed Pilates and then had Astrology Course all day – except for my sleep.

Today I wake up at half past eight, having slept from about six o’clock the previous evening. We change my bed and put some clothes away. Go back to bed after breakfast and. wake up at about half past nine for mid-morning snack.

At 11.55am feed Fluffball and make self a goat cheese and pesto toasted sandwich 🥪 which I have with watercress.

I just want it to be the right weather to wear my white jeans: not cold and rainy like now or too hot. Say 21-23 degrees.

Go back to sleep and wake up for call with brother in Abroad. Then speak to Ben about his new kitten and see her on FaceTime. She is so pretty: half Ragdoll like Fluffball and with a wide, long haired face. Looks like she’s going to be a fluffy one.

Am just scribbling this before Tarot Card of the Day which I also didn’t have time to do yesterday.

Fluffball is sleeping out in the hall, which you can tell by the brown sofa. He is such a precious angel.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2021. By David Fennell. Murder mystery novel.

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