Sunflowers And Sabotage*

Sunflower 🌻
Runner bean flower
Petunia in pot

Wake up at half past six this morning and then return to sleep till ten o’clock when I watch Today At Wimbledon with Mum.

Have lunch, meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep. Wake up and watch Nick Kyrgios win his match. Then start watching Britain’s Katie Boulter against the second-seeded Aryna Sabalenka. Katie is playing So Well.

Am back in bed now with my nurse. He’s allowed his dried food again at long last so have been feeding that to him today. Now he is stretching out across the bottom of my bed, so am curled up in the top section of bed.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to training with my lovely trainer, Pilates and Barre instructor.

Right, must just post my Tarot card of the Day and then have my pre-sleep-sleep which is my favourite sleep due to the presence of my fluffy nurse.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2019. By London Lovett. A Port Danby cozy mystery series, Book 10.

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