Stiff Upper lip, Jeeves*

Wake up about 6am. Go back to sleep. Wake up again at 8am. Have breakfast and then do Strength, a new weights class. Love it.

Go in the garden with Mum:

Amethyst arrives . It’s enormous. It comes from my Blogging chums: Linda and Monty. Isn’t it stunning?

The panther is so exhausted today. He won’t let Me do anything: he just lies about where he’s been.

It’s 6.24pm. Going back to sleep.

Happy Wednesday everyone!.

*1963. By PG Wodehouse. Jeeves comic novel.

Cold Comfort Farm*

Wake up at 7am. Eat breakfast and then go back to sleep till 9am.

Then it’s Pilates. Work hard and teacher is pleased with me.

“You’re so bad at Pilates,” the panther tells me. “You’re graceless, pointless, feckless and aimless.”

Cold Cold Comfort Farm I think.

The panther huffed and disappeared.

After l have made the panther disappear; I have lunch and have a short walk around the garden:

Mum’s cuttings in the greenhouse

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1954, by Stella Gibbons. Comic novel. Outstanding.

The Master*

Wake up early, have breakfast and go back to sleep.

There is a shortage of petrol, so sit in the car for an hour, waiting. Make it to the front of the queue and there is still petrol. Yay!

Go to Ayletts to look at the dahlias. They are stunning:

A view of the Celebration Garden where the dahlias are mixed in with other plants.

We have lunch 🥗 in the garden: apparently this is the last sunny day to sit outside for a while.

Meditate and sleep. Wake up and read more of my Federer book: The Master: the Brilliant Career of Roger Federer.

“Don’t get out of bed,” the panther says. “It’s bad for you.”

I look away from him.

Read more of my Federer book. It’s a great read.

I have to sleep now.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2021. Book by Christopher Clarer. Biography of Roger Federer

The World Of Jeeves*

Wake up early and then go back to sleep. Arrange my alarm clock to wake me up again in time for Pilates. It’s a tough class today but it sets me up for the day.

Set of to Hannah’s to meet her rabbit Willow. He is a gorgeous person with very soft fur:

The panther seems to be confused as to why we are meeting a prey animal.

“Yum,” the panther says gazing at the rabbit.

“Friend, not food,” I say. He looks at me as if I’m an imbecile.

We need make it home at 1pm as I have to sleep.

Part from Hannah with hope that we’ll see each other again soon.

At home: have a good sleep until Mum’s bridge partner visits us.

We sit in the garden until about 6pm.

Now I’m back in bed after a full day and feel cheered up.

*1967. By PG Wodehouse. Collection of Jeeves short series.

Waken up up by Mum at 7am. Dentist at 8am and there can be a lot of traffic there.

Dentist 🦷 and hygienist both say that teeth are in great condition – so that’s one bit of body that works.

Return to bed when arrive: sleep till 10.30am. Then have Personal Training: work hard and teacher is pleased with me.

Have lunch at 12.15pm or so. It is sunny so we sit in the garden.

At 1pm we go back to sleep. When I wake up, I read Jeeves In The Offing.

I bring Fluffball in and we have our pre-pre-sleep.

“You’re so sleepy,” the panther says. “Good girl, You just sleep.“

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1960. By PG Wodehouse. Book in the Jeeves series of comic novel.

Jeeves In The Offing*

Wake up at 7.30am. There is Strength at 8.45am. My teacher hasn’t sent me the link. Roll over and go back to sleep.

Wake up at 10.30am to a message asking if I can make it to Barre in a minute. I can’t manage it.

Have a stroll around the garden with Mum:

Fluffball enjoying his patch in the front garden.

We go to the The Old Guinea for lunch. It has a lovely aspect – look:

Rush home to meditate and sleep.

Sleep for not-quite-long-enough in bed. Read my Jeeves – Jeeves in the offing.

Mum helps me with my bath.

Now am in my bed: panther next to me and Fluffball on the windowsill.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1960. By PG Wodehouse. Jeeves comic novel.

Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit*

I’m So Tired. The exhaustion has climbed up to a new level.

Wake up a few times in the night but manage to sleep until 9.30am in the end. Work hard at Pilates and my teacher is pleased with me.

Have lunch then go to Burston’s Garden Centre where we purchase some more pink and purple flowers for the rockery.

This bed to be extended to make more room for pink and purple flowers.

Am Extraordinarily Tired and go to sleep from 2pm till 3.30pm.

Sit outside reading Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit. It is so funny.

In bed: the panther is waiting for me.

“I might have guessed you’d be skulking back to bed,” he says. “It’s not even six o clock yet,” he says, looking at me with disgust.

“It’s six o clock exactly,” I say, checking the clock on my phone. I’m ill. I need my sleep.”

Right, I’m going to sleep now.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1954. By PG Wodehouse. Comic novel in the Jeeves series.

A Touch of Darkness*

Mum’s orchid collection

Wake up at 7am and have my breakfast and go back to sleep until 10am. Chat with my friends and then sit in the garden till 12pm. Meditate and sleep until 2.45pm. Alarm wakes me up.

My favourite astrologer Richard Swatton is taking part, so I do his class and another one. It’s a shame that due to the course being put on between my university and an American one, the first class isn’t till 3pm.

Have done all I can for today anyway. Am in bed, the panther lies across my knees.

Happy Sunday everyone!

2020. By Scarlett StClair. Retelling of the Hades/ Personality story.

Ring For Jeeves*

Wake up at 6am, have breakfast, go back to sleep. Wake up at 10am for Pilates at 10.30am.

“I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care,”. I say. “I will exercise for six classes a week – which I’m doing anyway. I will become become stronger”

“You’re terrible at Pilates,” the panther says. “Your movements are sluggish and you’ve lost so much muscle”.

“Go away,” I say. Go and do something else.”

The panther vanishes, which is good news.

After Pilates, I sit up in bed, using my special back pain cushion. I’m now reading Ring For Jeeves. The weather looks good so take my cushion and and sit outside:

Do Astrology Course Conference. It’s good to be doing Astrology again.

Have supper in the garden. Constipation still bad.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1953. By PG Wodehouse. Comic novel in the Jeeves series.

Ring For Jeeves*

Wake up at 6am, return to sleep. Wake up at 8am, have breakfast. Fall back to sleep until 9.30 am.

It’s Pilates today which is a good class. Ignore the panther’s vicious words.

Then to hospital for denosumab. It’s the one to to stop the cancer in my bones 🦴.

At home have lunch, meditate then sleep. Have to have my lunch and am So Tired: doing more than one thing per day Really Exhausts me.

The new outdoor table and chairs arrive. Dad assembles it. Here it is:

Fluffball comes in for his supper. We are in my bedroom now. Fluffball on my windowsill:

Have been reading Ring For Jeeves. Its so good: hilarious and meticulously plotted.

Right – it’s Bedtime. See you all tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1953. By PG Wodehouse. Novel in the Jeeves series.