The Mating Season*

Wake up about 7am, have breakfast and then fall back asleep until 8.30am.

Strength at 9am but phone won’t let me log in. This goes on till 9.12am when it suddenly works, so I manage the rest of the class.

Katie the mental health person cancels due to circumstances out of her control.

Go to cancer hospital for blood tests and COVID-19 test. That at least goes smoothly.

Back at hope I prepare for lunch: barbecue – yay.

“Why don’t you ever do anything,” the panther says, looking up from the terrace next to me. “You could be helping your mother in the kitchen or…”

“I’m too ill,” I tell him. “Too weak”.

Well you’ll get no sympathy from me,” he says.

Fluffball, nearby, hisses at the panther, who saunters off. He’s scared of Fluffball

Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep. When I wake up, take a promenade around to see what’s new in the garden:


Now I’m back in bed with my Fluffball guarding me whilst I prepare to sleep.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1949. By PG Wodehouse. Comic novel in the Jeeves series.

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