Waken up up by Mum at 7am. Dentist at 8am and there can be a lot of traffic there.

Dentist 🦷 and hygienist both say that teeth are in great condition – so that’s one bit of body that works.

Return to bed when arrive: sleep till 10.30am. Then have Personal Training: work hard and teacher is pleased with me.

Have lunch at 12.15pm or so. It is sunny so we sit in the garden.

At 1pm we go back to sleep. When I wake up, I read Jeeves In The Offing.

I bring Fluffball in and we have our pre-pre-sleep.

“You’re so sleepy,” the panther says. “Good girl, You just sleep.“

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1960. By PG Wodehouse. Book in the Jeeves series of comic novel.

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