Stiff Upper lip, Jeeves*

Wake up about 6am. Go back to sleep. Wake up again at 8am. Have breakfast and then do Strength, a new weights class. Love it.

Go in the garden with Mum:

Amethyst arrives . It’s enormous. It comes from my Blogging chums: Linda and Monty. Isn’t it stunning?

The panther is so exhausted today. He won’t let Me do anything: he just lies about where he’s been.

It’s 6.24pm. Going back to sleep.

Happy Wednesday everyone!.

*1963. By PG Wodehouse. Jeeves comic novel.

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  1. snakesinthegrass2014 · October 1, 2021

    Oh, I’m so glad it arrived! We gave up on that package b/c of the stupid USPS. I assume everything was ruined. Oh well, heat can’t ruin Amethyst! 🙂

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