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  1. Ross · May 31, 2016

    In the last 12 hours of realisation that I have prescription medication induced hypomania, which I have always struggled to articulate to friends for my entire life, finding your blog – via the 10 years on documentary – has been an inspiration.

    Your recording of unfiltered thought has given me the courage to better articulate myself to others and hopefully share the seemingly insightful ideas I have when in a manic phase.

    Although fortunately for me with very rare cycling to a darker side – your openess gives me hope that people can see beyond the curiosity factor and embrace other’s individual characters,

    Keep it up

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    • waternymph88 · May 31, 2016

      Thank you so much. Fingers crossed for a more stable mood for you xxx


  2. Laura · April 5, 2017

    I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now since my own bipolar diagnosis in late 2015. I’m struggling so much with university and the illness makes me feel alone and scared.
    Seeing you living an amazing life is so inspiring. Going to the gym everyday, turning dog walking into a job, keeping in touch with friends and now working in a bookshop. All the struggles you face everyday would make the life you lead seem impossible.
    You give me so much hope that I can have a social life and get a job, even when my highs and lows make me feel unpredictable and useless.
    Thank you so much xxx

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    • waternymph88 · April 5, 2017

      Thank you. Hope things get easier for you. What a lovely thing to read xxx


    • waternymph88 · April 5, 2017

      Do you have any support at University? As you get older you learn to deal with the illness better so I really hope that things improve for you xxx


      • Laura · April 5, 2017

        The health and wellbeing centre at my university marked my case as urgent when medication sent me into full blown mania but they only saw me once every blue moon. I tried to explain that I needed more help but they said since my parents could afford private health care that might be better for me. I felt frustrated so I stopped seeing them last month. I’ve been going home every weekend so my mum can keep an eye on my mood.

        I really can’t thank you enough. Posting daily, especially when your moods are low, must be so difficult. The way you write and the things you include make things seem less isolating xxx

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      • waternymph88 · April 6, 2017

        Sending hugs and am glad that you have your mum to help xxx


  3. agwoodblog · July 11, 2020

    Interesting how you refer to depression as the panther.

    I myself liked to refer it as a black tiger. I gave it that word because it’s as if you’ve just been confronted by the most terrifying beast imaginable.
    Anxiety is when it roars at you. Depression is when it attacks and overpowers you. Irritability is when its venom sinks into you.
    Then it leaves you alone.

    But every day when you wake up and leave the cave, you never know when you’ll run into it again.

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