The Death Of Downton Tabby*

It’s The Boss’s class today – you can see us in the above photos – and it’s Fartlek which, as you ought to remember, means speed play in Swedish. Find self working Very Hard as you can see in graph:

Look at all that yellow for over eighty percent effort.

Come home from Spin and have lunch and a sleep. The fluffy monster spends a lot of time sleeping inside today as it’s raining. Here is a soggy monster:

Some people think that he’s not clever but they’re wrong: he’s quite brilliant at cleaning himself. Notice that wonderful Tail.

The parentals go out for lunch in the rain. I do sleeping and the fluffy monster exercises outside when the rain stops.

Now we’re all watching Gardeners’ World. Dad is sleeping. The fluffy monster is up in the hall, waiting for someone to give him some supper. It’s 5.53pm so not yet his suppertime. Mum stopped his steroids a week ago but he’s Still Really Hungry. We’re waiting for the Extreme Hunger to wear off. Can hear him sneezing up the other end of the house.

Need an Early Night as am Working Every Day next week: new Bearded Collie Client Every Day; Dolly on Tuesday; Gandalf on Thursday. Also Spin most days so hope can manage all this. Tired.

Bodyguard finale tonight! Can’t wait!

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2016. By Mandy Morton. Stars Hettie and Tilly Of The Number 2 Feline Detective Agency. Cat cozy Murder Mystery novel.

Probable Claws*

The Master starts off the class and says that The Boss is joining him later. You can see us in the above photo. The Boss joins him for the second half of the class. Work Really Hard – show you:

Ooohhhh Average Effort 81% – well done me. Look at all that yellow.

Then go with Mum to John Lewis in Watford. Want a leopard-print dress but can’t find one. Try on a few things but nothing is right. Also try some leopard print ankle boots but they’re furry and so can’t wear them if it rains, which it always does.

My chum has just had a baby girl so buy some little dresses but not going to post them here as she reads the blog and want the dresses to be a surprise. Can recommend John Lewis baby clothes – they’re gorgeous.

It’s 5.52pm and it’s raining so this person is inside sleeping:

Mum is hanging up the washing. It is raining inside the house where the windows leak and my socks are wet.

Make a plan to see a friend who haven’t seen for ages in ten days time. Will be good to see her. Hopefully it won’t be raining and can wear leopard coat.

The fluffy monster has woken up and probably thinks it’s a mealtime:

Would like to be an Instagram influencer like Kat Farmer with a hundred thousand followers but she always looks flawless in a long dress and am usually wearing gym clothes accessorised with a dog, so that’s not going to happen.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2009. By Clea Simon. Theda Krakow Book 4. Cat Murder Mystery novel.

A Museum At War*

Work extremely hard at Spin – it’s The Princess’s class which is often the one where I really push self. Show you:

There is a lot of yellow for the hill climbs and not much green for the flat roads. You can see me with The Boss in the above photo.

Come home for lunch where this person is lying on the table cleaning himself:

He is in for the evening now. Love him.

Have just prepared a quick What-To-Wear-Now list for you:

  1. Leopard print is back in for Autumn. Have just purchased a furry leopard coat. It’s Garconne from Myla Clare in Radlett:
  2. A little black dress is always good for Autumn – this one is Frank Lyman, also from Myla Clare. It’s more exciting than it looks – there are mesh panels down the arms:
  3. Have just ordered 4 pairs of these Gipsy heart back seam tights as CBA to go through tights drawer, seeing which ones do or don’t have holes and ladders in. Will do that when return to flat:Mine are coming from Amazon but lots of places stock them.
  4. Am still wearing my Fox trousers in black and navy, just with trainers rather than fit flops.
  5. Haven’t yet checked which boots need new soles or heels. Not moving on to boots just yet. Will wear dress with shoes to Tuesday’s launch of this book:
  6. Am excited about the book launch.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2018. By Karolyn Shindler. Snapshots of life at the Natural History Museum during World War I.

Good As Gold*

Have a pleasant walk with Gandalf in light rain. Raincoat from Marks and Spencer I think last season. Trousers Adidas – very old.

Gandalf wants to show you his stick: see above. He is a Clever Boy to carry such a big stick. Also he is the most handsome boy and the best boy.

Then have trial walk with New Bearded Collie Client who am walking and sitting with Every Day next week. Here we are. Can’t remember if have already given her a name or not:

Her owner says she’s mad but she’s as good as gold with us: doesn’t pull on the lead and is quite a small, gentle person. She does growl, once, at another dog but that is OK. It is a quiet growl.

It finally stops raining and come home for lunch and a sleep. It has been an exhausting period, the last few days, what with the funeral and all the socialising at the weekend – finally am sitting down under furry blanket. Haven’t exactly had fun but it’s sort-of nice to be a bit more busy, apart from the ways in which it isn’t.

The fluffy monster is in for the night now. Have given him some more supper and he is miaowing for yet more supper. Now he’s not on his steroids anymore he’s meant to be less hungry but haven’t seen any evidence of this.

Dad is helping Mum in the kitchen so we’ll see how tonight’s spaghetti turns out.

See this on Facebook earlier today:

Right: had better go and administer to my pussycat’s needs.

Current task: try to distinguish between chemotherapy side effects and side effects of my mental disorder drugs. Eg the chemotherapy drugs are keeping my mood lower than I would like so is that why am tired or not. And is the no-energy a chemo side effect or something to do with my mental disorder. Am asking Mum to keep a list of all my symptoms to show oncologist at start of October to see if he can do anything about anything.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1979. By Joseph Heller. Humorous fiction. Read it – promise that it is really funny.

Who By Fire*

It’s 6.37pm. We’ve just arrived home from the funeral. It was lovely and the vicar was very attractive.

Here are the floral tributes:

Here is my outfit. Dress is Joseph Ribkoff from Myla Clare:

Go to synagogue this morning as it’s Yom Kippur, the Day Of Atonement. Don’t spend very long there, obviously, as have to get to the funeral by two o’clock.

We arrive at about one o’clock and I pop in to Sub Couture to see if there are any dresses I need – used to go there regularly when I worked in the area. Can’t find anything.

It’s sad circumstances in which to return to my old stomping ground. I remember happier times in Notting Hill with my boss, colleagues and Seb.

My skin has gone so bad because of the chemotherapy and put some makeup on for the first time in ages. Show you:

Makeup makes such a difference. Am going to make an effort to use it more often.

Look who is sleeping on the piano stool:

It’s the world’s best and fluffiest monster. Wish he would wake up so we could have a chat.

See lots of old friends and colleagues today, which is good. Unfortunately have missed my sleep and am so tired that feel have been run over by a truck. Am going to remove my makeup and get into my sleepwear. Hopefully Mum will be home from synagogue soon.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1974. Song by Leonard Cohen from the album New Skin For The Old Ceremony. The words are derived from a Yom Kippur prayer – Unetaneh Tokef.

The Mystery Of The Yellow Room*

  1. Walk Dolly with Mum. Here we are:
  2. We see parakeets in the Park. Like these ones:
  3. They squawk and fly around in a noisy manner.
  4. We meet a four month old golden retriever puppy and Dolly plays with her.
  5. Have coffee with Hannah. It’s good to see her.
  6. Mum buys this book:
  7. It is a classic locked-room Mystery which first appeared in 1907 and contains a woman murdered by a large mutton bone – a common detective fiction trope.
  8. Have lunch in the garden.
  9. Have a sleep.
  10. Put dry clothes away.
  11. Eat some pineapple for sore mouth but it isn’t ripe.
  12. It is Kol Nidre today, the eve of Yom Kippur – the Day Of Atonement.
  13. The fluffy monster has done running through the house already. Need to start looking for him soon.
  14. It’s 5.50pm. Need to watch Bodyguard before the people who are fasting start fasting.
  15. Obviously am not fasting.
  16. If G-d wants me to fast he must take away some of my illnesses.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1907. By Gaston Leroux. Locked room Mystery.

Cat On The Edge*

Work really hard at training. Do Box Lunges. Show you:

Also do chest press, lat pulldown and leg press. The Box Lunges take ages as complete a hundred and twenty of them! They are Hard Work as the box is quite high and have to keep stepping on and off it.

Catch train back to parentals. It is warm and sunny. If the weather stays like this, can wear Joseph Ribkoff navy sleeveless dress and fit flops for the funeral on Wednesday. This is a relief as was expecting to wear black Vivienne Westwood dress, tights and boots. Don’t feel ready to move on to tights and boots yet.

The fluffy monster is lying on the floor in the dining room. As he sees me approach he miaows and sets off towards his bedroom.

“OK Mr Fluffy, you can have a little bit more food,” I say, pouring some dried food into his bowl. He chirrups, content, then settles down to his second supper. Now he’s back in the dining room:

Maybe he’ll come and sit on his pink chair and watch Grantchester with us. We have a couple of episodes of series one recorded which haven’t seen. Dad has gone to chess club so just have Mum and the fluffy monster for company.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1996. By Shirley Rousseau Murphy. Book 1 in the Joe Grey Mystery series.


So today we go to the 1940s festival at Hughenden Manor.

Wear this:

Dress by D. Exterior from Ego in Radlett which has since closed down. Am aware it’s not a 1940s dress but it’s the closest thing to vintage that I have.

Meet up with Maggie at Made by Maggie for a coffee. Here’s the Made by Maggie stall:

Here we are. Am not as fat as I appear: the dress just photographs in an unflattering way:

There are some cars from the 1940s and even from the 1930s and 1920s:

Here is the house:

Here is a soldier talking about unsung heroes of D-Day:

Benjamin Disraeli used to live in the house and there is a special beer with his portrait on:

We have a lovely day and arrive home at three o’clock, just in time for my afternoon sleep. The fluffy monster is in the front garden when we get home. Give him a quick cuddle and send him on his way to exercise and patrol the neighbourhood.

Have been sleeping. Am writing this on the grey sofa. Have just eaten some pineapple.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1844. Novel by Benjamin Disraeli.

Paws And Effect*

It’s The Princess’s class today at Spin and I work hard, as you can see on graph:

It’s a twenty minute flat road followed by seven intervals.

Have lunch and a small sleep. Then wake up and dress in my Joseph Ribkoff trousers which are from Myla Clare:

Geox trainers also from Myla Clare. Cherry blossom jacket from a pop-up shop which was in the village a while ago.

We go to my cousin’s house for a party. It’s a sunny day and we’re outside. It is good to see my cousins, aunts and uncles.

Have just made it home and Mum has captured the fluffy monster and given him his supper. It’s 7.16pm. We are having soup and bread and cheese for supper and then watching Gardeners’ World recorded last night.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2016. By Darlene Ryan writing as Sofie Kelly. Book 8 in the Magical Cats Mystery series.

Faux Paw*

Have a lovely walk with Gandalf. Here we are. Gandalf finds a small stick but puts it down after a while. Kiss him on the top of his head and cuddle him. He’s my best boy.

Have lunch and a small sleep. Then have to see my special new cancer therapist who is Not Helpful. It’s probably not her fault – I’m quite a difficult person: am very stubborn; reluctant to make changes; don’t like talking to someone who doesn’t know me about my various intractable problems and so on.

The fluffy monster has come in and is howling for his supper. But it’s 5.43pm – not yet suppertime.


  1. Big toe on left foot – feels as if have banged it against something – really hurts. But don’t remember doing this.
  2. Sore roof of mouth – from chemo drugs.
  3. Sore throat – connected to…
  4. …Cold – still present after about a month, probably due to chemo drugs.

Right, had better get going as we want to watch television and can knit.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2015. By Sofie Kelly (Darlene Ryan). A Magical Cats Mystery Book 7.