Pour Me*

Am enjoying my time with New Chap and his Malamute.  Look how beautiful she is.  Because she’s a sled dog, she has to walk in front of us.  The panther lags behind: he’s wary of her.

The above photos are from yesterday’s walk in the park and around the botanic gardens.  There’s a pond full of koi there and the Malamute is fascinated by them: she gazes into the water and we have to pull her away in case she tries to catch one…

New Chap has gone into town to transact some business.  Am with the beautiful Queen of Malamutes in the house.  Am cuddling her.  She is so amazing.  Show you:

You can see her in the attached photo too.

Have been reading Pour Me: A.A. Gill’s memoir about being an alcoholic.  It’s brilliant.

Am happy here with New Chap and the Queen of Malamutes.  Don’t want to go home.  She is such a lovely, calming presence.  I love her. I also love New Chap, of course.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2015.  By A.A. Gill.  Memoir.

A Streetcar Named Expire*

We wake up at nine o’clock this morning.  New Chap brings me coffee in bed and then we haul ourselves out of bed and go out for breakfast.

Now am sitting up in bed writing this.  New Chap has gone off to collect his Malamute!  Yay!  Can’t wait to see her and cuddle her.  On his return we are all going for a walk.

The panther lies next to me in bed as I write this.  I think he’s enjoying his holiday.  I wonder what he’ll think of the Malamute though: she is a big, fluffy person who howls.  Maybe he will be frightened of her.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2001.  By Mary Daheim.  A Bed and Breakfast mystery, book 16.

The Essex Serpent*

We go out for breakfast and sit outside in the sunshine.  Show you:

Now New Chap has gone to Training and am going to have a sleep and read The Essex Serpent, which is just wonderful.  Am enjoying it a lot.  Urge you to read it.  Have just been reading in bed with the panther.  He is sleeping now, his head resting on my shoulder.  Am going to join him in a sleep once have posted this.

It is so lovely to be with New Chap.  Have been cuddling him and we have been chatting a lot.  Later we will go out somewhere – not sure where yet.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2016.  By Sarah Perry.  Historical novel.

The Body In The Library*

New Chap is in his library, attending to business matters.  The library is decorated in an Art Deco style: he could be someone who’s about to be murdered in an Agatha Christie novel…

Am lying on my tummy on the sofa in the living room writing this.  There is an open door through to the library so can see New Chap at his desk, scribbling on a piece of paper.  The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head in the small of my back.  Can hear the buzz of traffic in the street outside and the clatter of footsteps as people walk past the house.

Yesterday we go to the park and lie around chatting on a blanket.  Have an early night last night, due to early start yesterday morning.

Today wake up late and then go out for breakfast – see attached and above photos.  Am having a lovely time being with my chap and cuddling him.  He said “I’m happy that you’re here.”  I’m happy that I’m here too.

Have hung up all my dresses in the wardrobe.  Am going to have a sleep soon as we’re going to a concert this evening.

Start reading The Essex Serpent on the plane.  It seems excellent so far – am looking forward to getting on with it.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1942.  By Agatha Christie.  Miss Marple detective novel.

Leaving On A Jet Plane*

Wake up at four o’clock this morning when the alarm blares.  Bundle suitcase, rucksack and self into the car.  The panther leaps into the back seat and curls up there and goes back to sleep.

Drop bag at Bag Drop and crawl through Security.  Now am at the gate, standing in a queue to board my flight.  Have some porridge and a flat white from Pret.

Seem to be unable to take a decent photo this morning – sorry.

About to board plane to Abroad and will see New Chap soon.  Can’t wait!

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1966.  By John Denver.  Appears on the album John Denver Sings as “Babe, I Hate To Go,” but Denver’s then producer Milt Okun convinced him to change the title.

What’s In Store For Me*

Drag self out of bed at seven o’clock this morning as Personal Training is at 8.30am.  We do Upper Body – chest, back and arms – and trainer is pleased with me.

Mum picks me up, with suitcase, at eleven o’clock.  At 2.30pm have appointment at beauty salon for lash tint and new Minx toes.  Here they are:

Do Body Scan Meditation but can’t sleep.  Am listening to The Kinks.  The panther lies across my thighs as I sit up in bed writing this.  He is very heavy.  He rasps a front paw with his rough tongue and cleans behind his ear.

Still need to:

  1. Have bath and wash hair.
  2. Remove chipped nail polish and paint nails again.
  3. Ask Dad for passport, EHIC card and Caxton Euro card and pack them.

Think have done everything else.  This time tomorrow I’ll be with New Chap in Abroad.  KCan’t wait to see him!/

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1965.  Song by The Kinks from the 1965 album The Kink Kontroversy.

A Long Way From Home*

It’s 4.49pm now and I have to at least make a start on the packing before Suzie arrives at 6pm.  Do my Body Scan Meditation but can’t sleep.  The panther sprawls across the bed next to me: he is cleaning himself.  He rasps his flank with his rough tongue.

Walk Dolly this morning.  She has had a drastic new haircut.  Here we are:

Dolly seems more energetic now that all her lovely fur has been removed, which is good.  Miss all that fluff but am glad that she’s more comfortable now.

Last time I went away I made this list of important-things-to-remember:

  1. Contact lenses
  2. Contact lens solution
  3. Phone
  4. Charger
  5. External phone battery
  6. Jewellery
  7. Medication 
  8. Night cream
  9. Lash cream
  10. Sun hat 

It’s those to-be-packed-last-minute things that I struggle with.  Clothes and shoes are easy.

Anyway, had better get on with it.

Am with Dolly in the attached photo.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1970.  Song by The Kinks from the 1970 album Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround.

Have A Cuppa Tea*

“Hi darling,” I say to Suzie as I let her in.  “Make yourself a cup of tea and I’ll be with you in a minute.  I’ve been sleeping and I have to write the blog and…”

“OK, you get on with the blog,” Suzie says.  “I’ll watch TV in the other room and you come and find me when you’ve done it so…”

“Thank you darling,” I say.

We do lots of sets of weights at training this morning.

“We need to work on your back,” my trainer says.  “So we’re going to add in a couple of new machines.”

One of them is called Upper Back and can’t remember what the other one is called.  The panther sits on my lap, weighing me down.  I worry that he’ll catch his tail or a paw in the mechanism of the machine, but he doesn’t.  He makes it much more difficult for me to lift the weights though.

After the gym I walk back to the flat in the sunshine.  Put a wash on which need to unload in a minute.  Make a toasted sandwich, eat it and then do Body Scan Meditation and sleep.

Am sitting up in bed drinking coffee and lemon squash.  Need to go and talk to my chum now.

Am sad that Wimbledon is finished.  “We’ve got to wait nearly a year before we can see tennis played on a proper surface again,” Mum says yesterday.

The attached photo is today’s gym outfit.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1971.  Song by The Kinks from the 1971 album Muswell Hillbillies.

The Finalists*

Have been out with Mum this afternoon, visiting my friend who has just lost his Dad.  Whilst we were out, Dad only managed to record the last set of the Roger Federer vs Marin Cilic Wimbledon Final.  He says they changed the channel so he’s recorded the wrong one.  So we’re watching the one set we do have now.

Here is my fluffy monster a few moments ago:

He is the fluffy love of my life.

Work hard at Spin this morning.  Here is graph:

“He can’t do anything, Cilic, can he,” Tim Henman says as Roger gets a break point on Cilic’s serve.  Roger is two sets up already.  Cilic saves the break point and holds serve.  

Of course we know that Roger has already won this match.  It’s 5.34pm now and have been sleeping since arrived home from visiting my friend.

“Cilic just can’t get it going,” Boris Becker says.  Poor Cilic: he’s had a medical time out to have his foot bandaged but is being severely outplayed here.

The panther lies next to me with his heavy head in my lap.  Stroking the soft back of his neck, we both gaze at the television.

Spin outfit is in the attached photo.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1977.  Russell Braddon.  Tennis crime novel.

Deadly Doubles*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Push self hard at Spin.  See attached photo for outfit.
  2. Here is graph:
  3. Wash self and hair.
  4. Go out for lunch with Uncle who is here from abroad for a month.
  5. Identify a Pallas Cat from a description he gives of a cat in a local zoo.  Show you:
  6. Here is a Pallas cat kitten, just in case you are wondering what one looks like:
  7. Have just been sleeping and now we’re watching the Men’s Doubles Final.  The panther lies on the sofa next to me, resting his heavy head in my lap.
  8. Mum has gone outside to look for the fluffy monster.
  9. Cuddle that monster earlier.  He’s such a lovely person.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1988.  By Carolyn Keene.  Part of the Nancy Drew mystery series for teenagers.