It’s been an exhausting day. First training where I did the seated chest press for the second day running (see attached photo).

Then home to wait for news of my two friends who were having three babies today. Eventually they both produced their offspring.

Then Body Scan Meditation but couldn’t sleep.

Then Memoir which now stands at 74,005 words.

I’m drinking lemon squash. Here are the photos from last night’s dinner with The Squad:

We have a lovely dinner but tummy is vengeful this morning.

Am listening to Taylor Swift’s Fearless album.

No Dolly tomorrow: walking her tomorrow instead.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2008. Song by Taylor Swift. Appears on the 2009 album Fearless.

Walk On Water*

Eminem and Beyoncé have a wonderful new song out called Walk On Water. Have a listen on YouTube.

Have my first non-porridge meal for days at lunch – a toasted Halloumi and avocado sandwich with sweet corn. Still not feeling well for someone who has to go out to dinner with The Squad this evening but at least Suzie is picking me up.

Haven’t seen any hawfinches or waxwings yet. Have you?

Despite the severity of my cold and upset tummy, have been working on the Memoir which now stands at 73,027 words.

Make it to Training despite epically Bad Dreams and Bad Night’s Sleep. Trainer laughs at my theatrical whimpering. We do Leg Press and a new Chest Press (pictures of that next week).

Suzie will be here soon so am going to wrap this up.

Dimitrov played wonderfully last night I thought. So now we wait to see whether Serena makes it back for the Australian Open in January…

Happy Monday everyone!

*2017. Song by Eminem featuring Beyonce. Will appear on his forthcoming 2017 album Revival.

Schooled In Murder*

It’s all horrible and dark and cold. On the plus side am in my lovely warm flat drinking lemon squash and apparently there are Hawfinches on their way from Scandinavia. They look like this:

It’s Men’s Day so I hope you’re looking after the men in your life, combing their beards and so on.

Push self hard at Spin but the MyZone thing not working so I have no graph for you. You can see me with The Master in the attached photo.

Despite my cold and my upset tummy, work on the Memoir happens. It now stands at 72,011 words.

Going to watch Midsomer Murders and knit.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2013. Episode of Midsomer Murders.

All Too Well*

I have to have a bath soon because want to put on some of my new Love, Rosie sleepwear from Marks and Spencer. We were there today and it was so crowded.

Someone is sleeping under my chair:

We’re listening to Taylor Swift’s Red album. He seems able to sleep through it anyway.

Push self hard at Spin but not only can’t I get into the yellow zone, it’s a struggle to stay even in the green zone – I think because I have a bad cold. Can’t show you graph because it hasn’t uploaded for some reason, but here is a photo with The Boss:

See also attached photo.

Sleep for Ages this afternoon – from 2ish to 4.30pm. Then wake up and bash away at the Memoir which stands at 71,039 words. Well done me for sticking at it despite near-fatal Cold.

Right. Bath time. Hopefully we can watch this afternoon’s tennis when am out of the bath, with clean hair.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2012. Written by Taylor Swift and Liz Rose. Appears on the 2012 album Red.

Bad Blood*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Work hard at Spin. Don’t have graph as left belt on for ages after class. You can see Spin outfit in the attached photo.
  2. Facebook reminds me that a year ago today I was with Mr Fluffypants. Here we are. I miss that pooch:
  3. Have porridge for lunch as have terrible upset tummy.
  4. Have sleep. Can’t find my Meditation CD…
  5. Write Memoir. Have reached 70,088 words.
  6. Email agent to see if she will be interested in Memoir when it’s ready – have told her am aiming for a full first draft by Christmas.
  7. Listen to Taylor Swift’s 1989 whilst writing this.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2014. Song written by Taylor Swift, Max Martin and Shellback. From the album 1989.

Blank Space*

The play is excellent. Glengarry Glen Ross at the Playhouse. Don’t miss it, and the unusual sight of Christian Slater on the London stage.

Just made it home at 6.06pm. Listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. On the not-plus side: haven’t written any Memoir since Tuesday. Must return to it tomorrow.

Really struggle at Spin this morning. Not sure why. Anyway: have missed my sleep this afternoon so brain feels dead.

The fluffy monster is sleeping in the playroom. Here he is four years ago today:

Hopefully it will be suppertime soon.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2014. Song by Taylor Swift, Max Martin and Shellback. From the 2014 album 1989.

Don’t Blame Me*

Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation has arrived and am sitting up in bed listening to it. It seems good so far. Am nice and warm under my furry blanket.

Before the gym I have to trek to the post office to pick this up:

It’s about the size of a pillow but four times as deep. Nearly dislocate shoulder carrying it to gym. Anyway: it’s a birthday present from brother. Initially, he sent it to the wrong house so it was returned to the sender, but finally, six months after my birthday, I have it.

Make it to the gym: see attached photo. Do Leg Press, chest press, triceps lifts, pulley, arm extension. Then have toasted sandwich for lunch.

Mum picks me up at 2.30pm and have been sleeping.

Will have supper and watch the tennis recorded earlier.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2017. Song written by Taylor Swift, Max Martin and Shellback. From the 2017 album Reputation.

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer*

The film was creepy, unsettling and disturbing. Also gripping and well worth seeing. Prepare to be upset by it though.

Have a lovely walk with Dolly this morning. Here we are:

I say to Dolly’s owner “She’s in rude health” and her owner says “She’s definitely rude,” which makes me laugh.

Have just made it home and put on this afternoon’s tennis which is Jack Sock vs Marin Cilic.

Do my writing before lunch. The Memoir now stands at 69,145 words.

Am so tired: miss my sleep due to the film so need to rest and relax in front of the tennis once.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2017. Feature film. Written by Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippou. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. Stars Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman and Alicia Silverstone.

Heal The Pain*

It’s been a sad day. The elderly labrador who I’ve been looking after on Thursdays has died. His owner messaged me to tell me this morning. He was a lovely person.

So, to personal training: see here:

We do a couple of kinetic machines: the above and attached one for flies and one where you stand up and bend outwards from the waist for abs which hurts. Abs still hurt which must be a good thing.

Have been watching The Inbetweeners and drinking lemon squash. It’s almost finished: for some reason there are just three series.

Anyway: have been sleeping. Will attack the Memoir in a minute.

Had a bad night last night: couldn’t get to sleep till about midnight so that hasn’t helped my fragile mood.

Right: it’s 4.44pm and the Memoir beckons. Didn’t write any of it yesterday so The Fear is back.

All I have to do is bash out a thousand words and then I can watch the tennis recorded at 2pm.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1991. Song by George Michael. Appears on the album Listen Without Prejudice Volume 1.

Dark Winter*

It’s midnight dark

At 6.40

In bed at the flat

There’s nothing that I need

The heating cranked up

To twenty three

I sip lemon squash

And blankets cover me.

The bliss: back in bed

After an afternoon party

I’m lucky to be here:

Warm and dry

The total blackness of the sky

Days like these

We must forget

Or else: how do we live

In this dark country.

Remembrance Sunday:

The last survivors of Monte Cassino

Remember Vesuvius erupting as battle raged

And all the world’s a stage

Where armies clash again and again

War’s a constant drain

On our resources

But history just won’t

Take other courses.

So we remember –

And lay wreaths

We remember those who died

So we might live

And in my bed I think on

The men and horses –

And vow never to forget

Their ultimate sacrifice.

Happy Remembrance Sunday everyone!

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

*2012. By David Mark. Murder mystery novel.