My Oh My*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Have a lovely walk with Dolly. Here we are:
  2. We meet a sixteen year old Malamute called Nikki who is in rude health.
  3. Meet Hannah for a coffee. It’s great to see her.
  4. I give her Philippa Gregory’s The Last Tudor and she gives me the new Alan Hollinghurst The Sparsholt Affair which opens in Oxford in the 1940s. Can’t wait to read it: it’s meant to be brilliant and I love Hollinghurst.
  5. We have a short walk: it’s an unseasonably warm, sunny day.
  6. Have lunch and watch a programme about the young Prince Philip which is great.
  7. Do Body Scan Meditation and sleep.
  8. Write Memoir which now stands at 40,098 words. So pleased with self!
  9. Going for a romantic date with self to see the new Kristin Scott Thomas film The Party.
  10. Listening to Leonard Cohen’s Popular Problems.

Had better get dressed and get going: the film is at 6.30pm and it’s 5.25pm now.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2014. Song by Leonard Cohen. Appears on the 2014 album Popular Problems.q

The Storm Murders*

Work hard at training this morning on the Battle Ropes – see attached photo.

Am back at parentals with this person now:

The sky is yellow due to Hurricane Ophelia. Must make sure that my fluffy is not out in the storm…

Have had a rest and a bath and worked on the Memoir which is now 39,243 words.

Today is the Thirty Year Anniversary of The Great Storm.

Had better get dressed as have to see Oncologist – am sitting on bed writing this in a towel.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2015. By John Farrow. Book 1 in The Storm Murders trilogy starring detective Emile Cinq-Mars “the Hercule Poirot of Canada”.

Maximum Consumption*

And so to Spin for the fifth day in a row. See attached photo with The Boss and The Master. Here is graph:

Then walk Gandalf for the second day running. Feel So Happy walking Gandalf in the sunshine and listening to The Kinks.

Here we are:

We have lunch in the garden again and then the parentals bring me back to the flat.

Do Body Scan Meditation and sleep and then mess around watching Instagram Stories and chatting to New Chap. Feel drained today and need a break from the Memoir.

Now am going to watch Nazi Wives recorded last week and knit.

Wash self and hair earlier.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1972. Song by The Kinks from the album Everybody’s In Show-Biz.

In My Secret Life*

See Dr Stein my psychiatrist.

He is pleased with me that mood has come up and was just low for 3.5 months. He thinks current drug combination is helping.

Work hard at Spin – see graph above and attached photo with The Boss and The Master.

Then walk Gandalf. Here we are:

We have a lovely walk in the woods.

It’s warm so we have lunch in the garden. Then do Body Scan Meditation and sleep.

When I wake up I answer the interview questions from the editor of the poetry magazine where my poetry will be published.

Have just been working on the Memoir. It’s now 37,025 words. Am listening to Leonard Cohen.

Am just going to post this and then have supper, cuddle my fluffy and knit whilst watching Midsomer Murders.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2001. By Leonard Cohen. Appears on the album Ten New Songs.


It’s a tough Spin class today: high end endurance The Boss says. You can see us in the attached photo. The Boss is sporting one of the new Cyclezone hoodies. Have just purchased one. They’re lovely. Get yours here:

Here is graph:

Am able to push self harder now that mood has come up.

My chum gives me a lift home and it’s good to see her.

Have bath when arrive home. Then have lunch, do Body Scan Meditation and sleep.

Have just been working on the Memoir. Am up to 36,122 words now.

Had better put my clean clothes away. Have just had a cuddle with the fluffy monster. Then will help Mum with supper.

Happy Thursday everyone!

* 2016. Song by Leonard Cohen. Appears on the album You Want It Darker.

Lassie Come-Home*

The trees outside the Spin studio look beautiful: see above. It’s definitely autumn now.

Push self hard at Spin, here is graph:

My friend gives me a lift home which is nice and we have a chat. Meet Mum in the village and buy some more lemon squash and Graze protein bites which are lovely.

Have a bath on return home.

Mum’s friend comes round for lunch and then do my Body Scan and I have a long sleep: don’t wake up till 5.15pm.

Work a bit on the Memoir: am up to 35,014 words now.

This makes me laugh:

The fluffy monster is a feline genius: he has worked out how to use his new microchip-activated flap on his own.

The attached photo is with The Boss and my instructor.

It’s 6.43pm. Had better go and see if Mum needs any help with supper.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1940. By Eric Knight. Novel about the long journey a rough collie undertakes to be reunited with her young owner after the family are forced to sell her. Filmed as Lassie Come Home starring Elizabeth Taylor in 1943.

Photo Shop Murder*

Despite the fact that I’ve spent All Day deleting Thousands of photos, WordPress won’t let me upload any photos.  It says there’s no space.  Do I need to go through WordPress photos deleting them or what elsse can I even do.

It’s 6.57pm and supper’s at 7pm so I’m just going to scribble this.

Have made it back to the Memoir and am now up to 34,232 words.

Also make it back to Spin today after ten whole days off and it was tough.

Do Body Scan Meditation and sleep till 5pm.  The fluffy monster has been sleeping under my chair.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1999.  By Young-Ha Kim.

Autumn Almanac*

Dolly makes a Leonberger friend Daisy today.  You can see them in the attached photo.  

WordPress isn’t letting me upload photos and I have to leave the house in a minute.

Today with Dolly I listen to The Kinks and finish reading Munich on my return to the flat.

Meditate and sleep.  Have just woken up and have to set off for the parentals now.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1967.  Song by The Kinks.

As I Descended*

Training is terrible today: see above lateral raises with resistance band.  There are also weighted lunges as well as leg press.  Somehow survive.  See also attached photo.

The Editor of a poetry magazine wants to publish some of my poems and an interview with me.  She found me through this blog so all the blogging has been worth it.  Am so pleased that some of the poems will soon be reaching a wider audience.

The fluffy monster sent us this photo of himself having his extra cuddles at the Cattery:


Will see my fluffy tomorrow.  Can’t wait to cuddle him all over. 

Return to the Memoir after a week off and it’s tough getting back to it but force self.  It now stands at 32,573 words.

Watch last night’s Victoria at lunchtime.

Have been wearing New Chap’s sweater.  I miss him.

Need to unload the dishwasher and make supper.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2016.  By Robin Talley.  Young adult novel.

Waterloo Sunset*

WordPress doesn’t seem to be working very well and won’t let me add photos.  Anyway: have headache and miss New Chap.

Need to:

  1. Unload washing.
  2. Hang it on airer.
  3. Read Munich.
  4. Knit.
  5. Have early night.

Was out in Camden today and here are photos:

New Chap left his sweater and have been wearing it:

Will write more tomorrow.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1967.  Song by The Kinks.