Tooth And Nail*

First Spin class for almost two weeks and struggle to get into the green zone, which isn’t good and is usually a sign that mood has dropped.

Have some symptoms of depression: a feeling of heaviness and a disinclination to speak.

Fulvestrant injections in bottom and Denosumab injection in tummy. Then home for quick sleep.

Wake up feeling better, but I’m not feeling quite right. Am hoping that it’s just anxiety about scan results and not the start of a long depression. If it is, mood hasn’t sunk too low, which is good.

Attend beautician for new gel nails. Show you:

Will keep you posted on developments with mood. If this is as low as it sinks, can manage. Really can’t afford to be depressed at the moment – have so many fun plans.

Just have to Keep Buggering On with my activities. Teaching Swimming in Pilates tomorrow.

Revise The Heart And Circulatory Systems but still can’t remember it. Am a bit worried about Pilates Theory exam.

Right am going to find Fluffball and cuddle him.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1992. By Ian Rankin. An Inspector Rebus novel, Book 3. Set in London.

Lone Wolf*

Walk Gandalf this morning and cuddle him in his house. It is sunny. Here’s my precious boy:

Then do just half of Barre as I have my scan. My teacher and chums are pleased to see me. Here I am with my teacher:

It’s good to be back at Barre. Manage warm up and legs which is most important part.

Mum takes me to cancer hospital for blood tests and so they can put a gripper on the port. We arrive at other hospital forty minutes early and they fit me in. Scan is fine.

Back to cancer hospital to have gripper removed from port. Feel flat and very tired – don’t sleep that well last night.

Have lunch and afternoon sleep.

Do about ninety minutes of Pilates Instructor Course theory revision. Feel better now have started this although am still anxious about scan results. Won’t find out results until see oncologist in Wednesday so must try to stop worrying about it.

Mum helps me unpack case a bit; put swimwear away and a couple of dresses. Most of the contents of case are returning to flat with me on Sunday.

Will have a bath soon.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Fluffball is in for the evening now. Am going to find him and cuddle him.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2016. By Sara Driscoll. The first in a series of murder mystery novels starring FBI Special Agent Meg Jennings and her search-and-rescue Labrador Hawk. Set in Washington, DC.

The Adventure Of Wisteria Lodge*

We don’t arrive home till 11.30pm last night so cancel this morning’s Spin. Strap my leg weights on when I wake up.

Accompany Mum to pick up Fluffball from the cattery.

“Fluffball,” Mum calls out as we walk down the corridor towards him. He can’t see us but he can hear and recognise Mum’s voice as there’s an answering miaow. When we arrive at his luxury penthouse flat he is standing at the gate yelling. He’s so clever.

He’s chatty in the car on the way home and leaps out of his carrier in his bedroom and strides down to the back door – running outside.

Then we drive to Dolly’s house. She’s so pleased to see us. Give her lots of kisses and cuddles. She’s definitely perked up a bit since her owner’s death.

Here is my beautiful girl:

Here we are together:

Book Greenberry cafe in Primrose Hill for the Goddess Collective meet-up on Sunday, so am glad that’s done.

We see these delights near Dolly’s house:

Notice that my breathing isn’t great on Primrose Hill whilst walking Dolly. We stop at the farm on the way home to purchase vegetables and there are some very new calves:

Speak to psychiatrist when I arrive home who says I must see the doctor immediately to have breathing checked.

Have lunch and a sleep. Start revising a bit of my Pilates theory – even though really don’t feel like it, so well done me.

Doctor thinks breathing doesn’t sound too bad: “there’s some dullness in your left side but that could be due to the pleurodesis,” He says. “I think you need to ask your oncologist about it.”

He measures my oxygen saturation which seems to have gone up to 98 from 87 a few weeks ago. So one of the readings must be wrong.

Scan tomorrow. Am worried that it will find an increase of fluid and therefore cancer in the lungs.

It will be Spinach And Mushroom Bottomless Quiche for supper with English Asparagus yay.

First must have bath though. Fluffball is lying under my windowsill purring now. Love him to bits:

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1908. By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes Detective short story published in His Last Bow.

Death In The Clouds*

Finally at the airport having a coffee. Looking forward to being at home with my Fluffball. Mum will pick him up from the cattery tomorrow whilst I’m at Spin and as soon as I see him I will cuddle him all over. Then we’ll walk darling Dolly and then suppose will unpack.

Our guests stay till past eleven o’clock last night which is a late night for me. Sleep in until about 9.15am today and then walk to the gym for the last time. Here I am:

Do four sets of all my weights and add some kettlebell Sumo squats and some TRX pull ups.

Brother picks me up after the gym and we go to Cafe Louise for lunch. Have a feta salad. As usual can only eat a small bit of it and brother takes it home.

Oh am looking forward to putting my leg weights on tomorrow and Spin, Barre Pilates and training, as well as walking the dogs.

It’s really good that am looking forward to returning to my life but also must now focus on studying for my Pilates theory exam. Will open my notebooks tomorrow and get started. There’s so much to learn.

Look at last night’s sunset:

We are three hours early for our flight but it takes an hour to check in and make it through security. It’s 5.09pm now and am tired as have missed my afternoon sleep. Maybe will sleep on the plane. Hope so.

Can’t wait to kiss and cuddle my Dolly tomorrow.

Hope you’ve all had a good Easter.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1935. By Agatha Christie. Hercules Poirot detective novel.

Easter Bunny Murder*

Work really hard at training at the gym. We do triceps dips (pictured), sumo squats with kettlebell, ten step ups on each leg then change with kettlebell. In terms of abs: pull knees in on mini skateboard, climb up and down from hands to elbows. And lots of other exercises that can’t now remember.

Trainer is pleased with me. Am sad that we’ve had our last session now. Will see her when she’s in London end of June/ start of July.

Last night we go to the Thai restaurant in the port and have red curry with tofu:

See this on Facebook and think it’s funny:

Fluffball is having a good holiday and the cattery posts these pictures of him on their page:

People have written next to him “what a handsome boy.” It’s good that people recognise the aesthetic superiority of the Fluffball.

Before my sleep this afternoon I listen to a Persia Lawson talk about finding one’s soulmate which is good. Persia is a love coach and motivational speaker:

Found her through an interview she did with Melissa Wells on the Goddess Collective website.

Mum is making supper: my brother’s friends are coming round later.

A good thing: have realised for the first time ever on a holiday that am looking forward to returning home and back to my life. Have never felt this before – this is major progress. Am so happy about this!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

*2013. By Leslie Meier. A Lucy Stone mystery novel, Book 19.

Knife And Death*

It’s Shabbat and Yontive but the Holmes Place gym in the mall is open. Brother takes me there and I do four sets of all my weights and a bit of Pilates. The gym is massive and busy: lots of people are not in synagogue and are at the gym instead. Most people in Israel are not religious.

Hannah’s brother and his husband visit from Tel Aviv with their nine month old baby whom they are in the process of adopting. She smiles and waves and is very active – very fast at crawling. Here we are:

Have lunch and then meditate and sleep. Have just woken up and had a coffee. Need to clean my lenses as we’re going out to dinner tonight.

Seder last night was lovely. On the walk last night we see a jay. Here they have black crests – let’s see if can find a photo. Here he is:

Unfortunately have to go to bed in their guest room at nine o’clock – Seder is tiring as there’s so much reading out loud to do before the meal about our escape from Egypt. Luckily we’d read most of the Haggadah by the time I have to lie down.

Have a bit of nausea today maybe due to late night last night: we don’t make it home till nearly midnight.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2017. By Jay Gill. A DCI James Hardy Murder mystery novel, Book 1. Set in London.

The Passover Murder*

Gym Personal Training session with brother this morning. His trainer is thrilled to see him after he’s taken many months off.

Brother is actually gifted at training. There is an exercise where you tilt your pelvis forward whilst holding a mini-skateboard and he can do it until he’s horizontal. I suggest that trainer films him performing the exercise. He hasn’t trained for months and yet he can do everything perfectly.

There are also sideways skateboard lunges, one leg lifts up on step with kettlebell, going up and down to forearms with straight legs and triceps dips on box. Also TRX pull ups and push ups on Bosu ball:

Next do chest press with bar and lat pull downs. Many exercises in fact. We do well. Then brother has a glass of vodka as gym owner is celebrating Passover which starts tonight:

We have a coffee with brother’s trainer at Greg’s and then walk home.

After lunch, meditate and rest but can’t sleep which is annoying as will have late night tonight at Passover Seder. We will be at brother’s friends where we’ve been for the past four years.

Must have bath and shave legs as despite the inclement weather will be wearing my new Frank Lyman dress from Myla Clare. Actually ask Mum if she’s brought any tights as it’s So Cold. She hasn’t.

Chag Sameach and/or Happy Easter everyone!

*1996. By Lee Harris. An ex-nun Christine Bennett mystery, Book 7. Set in New York.

Murder In The Holy City*

My brother’s colleague, her husband and son come round for dinner last night. We have great chats and a lovely time.

This morning we drive through the Galil to the Golan Heights to visit Nimrod Fortress which was built by Saladin’s nephew in 1260AD. Back then this area was under Arab control.

Here I am with brother near the top of the fortress:

There is quite a lot of climbing upwards and my lungs protest.

Here are some more bits of the fortress. Brother says it’s not busy as Arab historical sites are not heavily promoted by the Israeli tourism board:

After we have a walk around, being careful not to fall down the uneven stone steps, brother takes us to a lovely restaurant. There is a stream and ducks, geese, a cockerel and even a peacock and guinea fowl:

In the above photo if you look right in the middle there is a jay. Here they have black heads.

After lunch we have a two hour drive home.

Meditate but don’t sleep. Wake up and have a coffee, a Diet Coke and sit out on my balcony.

It is meant to rain today but doesn’t. Which is good as we’re out and about.

Tonight we are having felafel for supper as tomorrow Passover begins and we won’t be allowed chickpeas anymore.

Tomorrow morning we are training at the beach with brother’s trainer at 9.30am. Am looking forward to it.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1998. By Simon Beaufort. A Sir Geoffrey Mappestone Murder mystery novel, Book 1. Set in Crusader Jerusalem in 1100AD.

The New Countess*

Wake up about 7.40am and walk to the gym at 8.15am. Brother is picking us up to take us to the beach at ten o’clock and need to be back at the house by then.

Walk to gym. It’s not warm and wear my big Cyclezone hoodie which have been sporting most days here. Have brought The Wrong Clothes for the weather: three swimsuits, three bikinis and three flimsy swimsuit cover-ups for a start, plus about another six dresses. Other than my gym shorts, have worn trousers and my hoodie every day. Oh well.

Do four sets of all my weights at the gym and fall-forwards and fall-backs on the TRX as well as triceps dips on the box. Walk home, picking up a coffee from Greg’s on the way home.

Brother drives us to the beach. It’s cold and windy but Mum photographs me in my last year’s Marks and Spencer swimsuit:

Here’s my Matthew Williamson swimsuit cover-up:

Here’s the beautiful sea 🌊:

We have brunch and then settle down on the grass to read our books. Read the whole of Book Three of Fay Weldon’s Love And Inheritance trilogy, The New Countess. It’s gripping, fascinating and brilliant:

Meditate and have a short sleep. Now must have a wash before tonight: maybe brother will let me use his bath.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2013. By Fay Weldon. Historical novel. Book Three in the Love and Inheritance trilogy about the Dilberne family. This one is set in 1905.

Hill Of Secrets*

We have a fantastic meal in the port last night at a new restaurant called Lux. I have aubergine carpaccio and a fattoush salad. Show you:

In England a fattoush salad has strips of pitta but here they are fried bits of bread.

Here’s the whole spread:

Mum has sea bass and brother has seared tuna:

Sleep well although wake up a few times and have bad dreams. These drowsy antihistamines are not as good as my beloved Promethazine.

Wake up at 7.20am, have coffee on my balcony:

Then walk to the gym. A shop here sells my favourite label Joseph Ribkoff and I love this dress:

Look at this beautiful Bottle Brush tree:

There is a lovely person at the gym when arrive. Cuddle her and have a Border Collie facial wash:

Trainer arrives. Request that we do Upper Body as legs and abs are sore from the last two days exertions. She sort-of listens although we start with obliques – lifting a five kilogram ball and twisting up and down:

We do Kettlebell squats with shoulder press with a ten kilogram kettlebell and then drop backs and drop forwards on the TRX machine. It’s another tough session: Functional Training is Hard Work.

Walk home via the mall where I purchase a lovely homemade protein shake with yoghurt, banana and Nutella.

My Uncle and cousin visit. We go to Biga the kosher restaurant as they are both kosher. It’s good to see them but I have a new problem: my new shoes give me a painful blister on the joint of my big toe and walking hurts. Apply plasters but to no avail.

Manage some of the huge Farmer’s Salad at Biga:

Unfortunately am tired, grumpy due to painful blister and very tired. Feel irrationally annoyed with the others for ordering unnecessary starters: the portions are huge at the restaurant as you can see.

Leave at two o’clock and then walk home for my sleep, leaving the others at the restaurant. About ten minutes into the thirty minute walk I take off my shoes and walk home barefoot.

It’s hot today and wear my yellow dress and my hat and sun cream. Feel that have caught the sun a bit.

Meditate and sleep for an hour and a half. Brother has just arrived home after taking them to see his University and then on to the station. Cousin catching train to Tel Aviv then bus to Jerusalem and Uncle taking train to Tel Aviv then flying back to England.

Sit on my balcony in the sunshine drinking my coffee. Hope no-one is going to make me go anywhere else today. Need to relax at the house. Have upset tummy: am just not used to these big meals and my body rebels against them.

Have booked Spin for next Tuesday when am back and will see my Dolly then too. Miss her today.

Am enjoying the holiday, or most of it at any rate. Just need to limit my food consumption as too much rich food has a bad effect on me. Have put new shoes aside whilst blister heals.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2014. By Michal Hartstein. A Jewish Israeli crime thriller starring Detective Hadas Levinger, a renegade atheist daughter of a religious family.