The Pale Horse*

Work hard at Spin this morning.  Here is graph:

Then walk to the tennis club to meet Mum and her friends.  It is cheering to see the Veteran Ladies at play in the sunshine.

We have lunch in the garden.  In exciting news we spot a pair of nuthatches in the garden.  Like this one:

Do Body Scan and sleep and have just woken up.  Am sitting with Mum on the sofa watching the Cross Country day of the European Eventing Championship.  The panther lies between us, resting his head on my thighs.  Stroking the soft back of his neck, I watch the horses as they jump the fences.

It seems to be a difficult course.  There’s a brush double where horses keep ducking out of the second element.  A couple of riders have fallen off, including Germany’s Bettina Hoy who was leading after yesterday’s Dressage.

Great Britain’s Rosalind Canter has jumped clear and is leading so far today.

The attached photo is with The Boss and The Master at Spin this morning.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1961.  By Agatha Christie.  Detective novel.


“You haven’t been to see the cows this year,” Mum says when I wake up from my sleep.  “Last summer you went to see them every day.”

 So, we set off for the farm: the panther stalking down the road between us.

At the farm, the path is strewn with acorns.  Mum picks some up.  Here they are:

The horse chestnut trees are covered in prickly green conker cases.  Autumn is coming.

The cows aren’t in the first field.  We turn the corner to climb the little hill.  Rounding the next corner, we find them.  Show you:

Swallows swoop low over the field, dropping down, turning, sweeping the grass with the points of their wings.  We stand in front of the fence and watch the cows and calves.  They are such restful company as they chew the cud and potter about.  Some of the calves come up to the fence to say hello and stare at us with soft brown eyes.

Work hard at Spin this morning.  Here is graph: 

Now we are going to watch 10 Puppies And Us.  The fluffy monster has just come in and is telling Mum that he wants his supper.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2015.  By Andrea Kleine.  Novel set in 1981 which deals with John Hinckley Jr’s attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan.

Murder On Safari*

“You’re going to be Cyclist Of The Month in the next newsletter,” the Boss says when I arrive at Spin this morning.  So that’s exciting.  She then shares the attached photo of us on the Spin studio’s Facebook page and writes: “Your courage and your inner strength is inspiring.” Am touched.  

Work hard at Spin.  Here is graph:

As soon as arrive home, we set off for the local safari park.  It’s our last day out with brother before he returns to Abroad.

First we see the White Rhinos:

Rhinos are some of my favourite people.  Used to dress up as one for Save The Rhino many years ago, to help with fundraising and to attempt to persuade people to run the Boston Marathon in a rhino costume.

Next we track down the lions:

Then we see the cheetahs:

And the flamingos:

We walk all round the large enclosure and through some forest, looking for the Amur tigers.  Finally we spot them just outside their house.  Look how beautiful they are:

It’s August in England so it’s raining.  We drive through the Asia section of the park and spot various antelopes, camels and sloth bears, which is exciting.

We clamber out of the car and walk to a picnic spot, where we managed to eat our lunch in a break from the rain. Walking back to the car, it starts raining again so we drive to the elephants.  There’s a new, far larger Elephant House.  Here they are:

Look at the toddler elephants playing with each other:

We see a Nepalese rhino who looks just like Durer’s rhino:

Then we drive to the brown bears:

Opposite the bears is an animal we have never seen before.  He is jumping up and down waiting for his lunch.  He’s a wolverine.  Like this one:

Wolverines are the largest land-dwelling Mustelid and are related to otters and weasels.  

Have just been sleeping and need to have a bath before supper.  The panther can sit on the side of the bath and keep me company.  Sometimes he likes to dip a paw in the water.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1938.  By Elspeth Huxley.  Murder mystery novel set in 1930s Kenya.

Something In Between*

In my quest for more active gym photos, ask a chap to photograph me on the leg press.  Am lifting 120kg here.  The attached photo is better and is on my Instagram too, where it’s performing well.

Do all my weights at the gym: leg press, chest press, triceps lifts, pulley, arm extension.  Spend an hour there.  Then catch train to parentals.

They’re out when I arrive so I have lunch in the garden – it’s a hot sunny day – and then do my Body Scan Meditation and sleep.  

It’s 4.32pm.  Am drinking iced coffee and writing this in bed.  New Chap recommended Matt Andersen so am listening to him.  The panther lies next to me, resting his head in my lap.  Stroking the soft back of his neck, I sip my iced coffee.

Am going to post this and then go and look for my fluffy monster.  Haven’t seen him for days and days and would like a soft, orange cuddle.

Still have a hundred pages of Rather Be The Devil to read so aim to finish that today.

Mum has just arrived home and brought the fluffy monster in to see me.  We have a lovely cuddle but he’s gone out again now, trailing burrs and twigs behind him.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2009.  Song by Matt Andersen.  From the album Live From The Phoenix Theatre.

Returning To Now*

MadFatRunner suggests that I ask my trainer to take some photos of me lifting weights.  So here’s the Chest Press.  That’s a 20kg bar.  Can’t really lift more than this due to problems with chest (Post-surgery) and intermittent issues with shoulders. 

“We should do a whole series of these,” my trainer says.  “Let’s do the leg press next.”

Hopefully am seeing trainer tomorrow as missed last week.  So, keep your eyes peeled for more of these action shots:

Meet Lily for lunch after training.  Haven’t seen her for ages.  It’s lovely to see her.  We sit outside and make friends with a four year old Rottweiler called Rocky.  Give his owner my number.  Maybe he will become a client in the future.  Hope so.

On my return home, do Body Scan Meditation and have been sleeping.  After posting this, will read some more of Rather Be The Devil.  Am enjoying it a lot.

It is another warm, sunny day, which is good.  The panther sits on the windowsill, gazing out into the garden.  The tip of his tail twitches and every so often he flicks one ear or the other.

The attached photo is my Chest Press at the gym this morning.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2001.  By Karunesh.  Tune from the recording Zen Breakfast.

Rather Be The Devil*

Dolly’s big paws pad on the pavement and the sound soothes my jangling nerves.  Don’t sleep well last night, wake up anxious and tired.  Just walking with my furry friend makes the anxiety melt away. I wish I could have a Therapy Dog.  Unfortunately I can’t, but in a way all my clients are Therapy Dogs.  Love my Dolly.  We have a pleasant walk and cuddles and kisses.

We meet a Leonberger and the two giant dogs greet each other, but am unable to take a photo before his family call him away, which is a shame.  It’s a sunny day which improves our walk a lot.

Drag self into town to meet parents and brother for lunch, even though am not feeling well.  Can’t miss a chance to spend time with brother before he returns to Abroad.  We sit outside and it’s lovely to be with brother.

On my return home, do Body Scan Meditation and sleep.  Have just woken up.  It’s 4.24pm.  The panther lies next to me in bed, resting his head on the other pillow.  He gazes at me with amber eyes.  It’s hot and I listen to the fan whirring.

Have just started the new Rebus book Rather Be The Devil.  Am going to read some of that later.  Now am going to watch the Albert Finney film of Murder On The Orient Express and drink lemon squash.

Attached and above photos are with Dolly this morning.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2016.  By Ian Rankin.  Detective John Rebus novel.

The Silent Cry*

High Drama this morning when Dad’s car won’t start.  Luckily, our lovely gardener is just leaving and drops me at the farm on her way.

Work hard at Spin.  Here is graph:

A friend drops me home.  She has a Red Spitz puppy.  When he grows up he will look like this:

Am going to go out for a walk with them soon: not for Work, just as a social arrangement.

Have been sleeping all afternoon.  Brother is here.  He’s on the phone.  When he gets off the phone, need to persuade him to take me to the supermarket: we have no food as had to come back here on own on train as Dad’s car not working.  Really can’t be bothered to get out of bed, get dressed and go to the supermarket.

The panther sprawls across the bed. He rests his head on my shoulder.  He doesn’t want me to get up.  He places a big paw on my chest to press me down.

Need to:

  1. Unload dishwasher.
  2. Fill up water for the birds.
  3. Water hydrangeas.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1967.  By Kenzaburo Oe.  Japanese novel partly about a supermarket.

The Murder Mile*

It’s 5.25pm.  Have been sleeping.  It’s a bright, warm sunny day and we have lunch in the garden.  

Have a cuddle with the fluffy monster early this morning, before he goes out, but haven’t seen him since then.  It’s been a good day for being-a-cat: no rain or wind.  He’s probably sleeping under a hedge somewhere.

Push self hard at Spin this morning. Here is graph:

Another late night last night watching the Athletics but it contained a couple of surprise medals: Silver for our girls in the four by one hundred metre relay and Gold for our boys in the same relay: beating Jamaica and the USA.  So that was great.  

Can hear Mum chopping vegetables in the kitchen, even though am in my bedroom.  The panther sits on my windowsill, gazing out over the garden.  His tail hangs down behind him and every so often he twitches the end of it, or flicks an ear back and forth.

Am going outside to catch the last of the sunshine and to see if can spot that fluffy monster.  The last session of the Athletics begins in forty five minutes.  Will be sad once it’s over.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2012.  By Paul Collicutt.  Graphic novel set in 1954 in which a detective story unrolls alongside the race to break the four minute mile.

The High Jump*

Wake up at 7.30am.  Attend the 8.45am Spin class as am seeing my psychiatrist at ten o’clock.

Push myself hard at Spin.  Here is graph:

Dr Stein is pleased with me.  He’s encouraged that mood has come up a bit after raining the dose of the lurasidone.  Also he is happy that have acquired two new dog clients.

We go to a party at my cousin’s house.  It is good to see my aunts, uncles and cousins and there is a huge excitement: one cousin has a five month old Northern Inuit dog.  Here she is:

This dog is a crossbreed produced by crossing huskies, Alaskan Malamutes and German Shepherds. They are not recognised as a distinct breed except by their own breed association.  Look how gorgeous she is.  Spend a lot of time with her this afternoon of course.

It’s 7.25pm.  Have just arrived home and switched on the Athletics.  Katarina Johnson-Thompson is in the High Jump Final.  Come on KJT!  So is Morgan Lake, who’s just cleared 1m 92.  

The fluffy monster is hanging out in the front garden when we arrive home.  He saunters in for his supper and have just given him a second helping of supper.

Am lying under my furry blanket on the sofa.  The panther lies next to me, resting his head in my lap.  Stroking the soft back of his neck, I focus on the television and so does he.

Am tired as miss my afternoon sleep today since we’re out, plus my early morning of course.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2000.  By Elizabeth Knox.  Memoir.

The Persistence Of Memory*

It’s 5.19pm.  I’m sitting up in bed, sipping iced coffee and writing this.  For the first time in a while, achieve an afternoon sleep after Body Scan Meditation.  It feels good to have slept. Soon I have to shell the peas for Friday night dinner.

Mum is in the kitchen and can hear the radio from here, although can’t distinguish the words.  The panther lies next to me, resting his head on my shoulder, breathing down my neck.  His breath smells of rotting meat but I’m used to it.

Feel a bit sad as yesterday cancel my Schwinn Instructor Bronze Certificate.  Just don’t think am well enough to do it, which is a shame.

Make it to Spin for the first time since Monday.  Push self quite hard. Here is graph:

Here is a picture of Salvador Dali with his pet ocelot Babou which found on Facebook:

Right, am going to post this and then must shell the peas for Mum or will get told off.  After that can watch the Athletics at six o’clock.  Soon will find my fluffy monster and cuddle him.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Friday everyone! 
*1931.  Painting by Salvador Dali.