The Adventure Of Wisteria Lodge*

See Dr Stein my psychiatrist who is pleased with me. Fill him in on all the lung and drain drama. He thinks that the morphine is lifting my mood a bit, which is good.

Above are a peony (top) and a black petunia (below).

Have seen the fluffy monster and even cuddled him. Now he is outside exercising.

District nurse comes round to empty drain. 350ml of fluid comes out. She changes dressing which is soaked as drain leaks.

We have lunch in the garden. I do some knitting.

Have a sleep.

Go for a walk with Mum and the panther. Have to walk in an attempt to inflate lung.

It’s 5.40pm and am sitting outside on the swinging chair. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head in my lap.

We see the attached wisteria on our walk.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1908. By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes detective story. Appears in His Last Bow.

Murder In The Woods*

Mum helps me to walk Gandalf. I kiss him on the top of his head and cuddle him. It cheers me up to see him. Here we are:

Mum leaves me on a log whilst she does extra walking with him. They return with Gandalf carrying a huge stick. He puts it down when I give him a treat. Then he finds a manky old tennis ball and takes that home.

Have lunch and a sleep. Have just been to doctor to have Zolodex injection. Now am sitting on the sofa. The panther rests his heavy head on my thighs.

Mum and the fluffy monster are in the garden but am in the house as need WiFi or photos won’t attach.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2017. By Bruce Beckham. Murder mystery novel.

The Clematis Tree*

Wake up and go for a walk with the panther. We see this clematis.

District nurse comes to empty drain and change dressing. She notices an infection at the drain site. The fluffy monster sits in my bedroom whilst she is draining the fluid – 350ml. Not sure whether he is just interested or whether he has an ulterior motive.

Mum takes me back to the hospital where a doctor prescribes antibiotics for the infection. Also have an X-ray.

Have been sleeping. Have just woken up. It’s 6.45pm. Am lying under my fluffy blanket. The panther lies under my blanket with me, resting his heavy head on my thighs.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2001. By Ann Widdecombe. Novel.

Killers Of The Flower Moon*

My Spin studio have sent me beautiful flowers, see attached photo. Am so touched: it is so kind of them.

Wake up, wash hair over the sink so as not to get drain wet, go for walk with Mum, cuddle the fluffy monster who has been sleeping under my chair, put him outside.

Read Berlin 1936 which am enjoying so much and have nearly finished.

Take a quick turn about the garden with Mum and look at some of the new flowers. Will photograph them tomorrow when it is not raining.

Have a great long sleep after lunch. Am really tired at the moment: Mum thinks it’s the morphine.

Had better keep an eye out for any fluffy monsters trying to come in. It’s 5.39pm and it’s raining.

Mum is teaching at the moment. It’s 5.41pm. Can probably finish Berlin 1936 before supper.

Am lying on my bed with the panther. He rests his head on his front paws and his tail dangles off the edge of the bed.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2017. By David Grann. Non-fiction. The Osage Murders and the birth of the FBI.

Berlin 1936*

Wake up and go for short walk with Mum. Realise that drain is leaking so we visit the nurse at the GP surgery to have dressing changed.

The irises are flowering:

And also one of the poppies, see attached photo.

Start reading this about the Berlin Olympics in 1936. It is written in the present tense and is gripping:

The community nursing team come round to empty drain. About 300ml of fluid comes out. Can already feel that am allergic to the dressing they put on, but can’t do anything about that. Just have to grin and bear it.

Have a long sleep.

Go for another walk with Dad.

Now am sitting on the grey sofa with the panther. He rests his heavy head on my shoulder. Can hear Mum cooking in the kitchen. It’s 6.20pm. That last photo is taking ages to upload. Ah, it is finished now.

The fluffy monster is in for the evening now. It is good to be home with him and to have orange fluffy cuddles.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2016. By Oliver Hilmes. Book about the Berlin Olympics in 1936.

He Said/She Said*

It takes all day to get discharged from hospital as have to achieve certain things including:

  1. Chest X-ray to see if lung has inflated a bit. It has.
  2. Removal of drain bottle, but not drain which is still attached to self. District nurses are going to come to the house on Wednesday to empty it.
  3. Disconnection and flushing of port.
  4. Medication to take home.
  5. Visits from doctor.
  6. Visit from Macmillan nurse.
  7. Read He Said/She Said.

Eventually get released about four o’clock in the afternoon. Arrive home at five and have a couple of hours of sleep.

Mum brings the fluffy monster in to see me for a cuddle. He has now put himself to bed in the parental wardrobe – see attached photo.

It is 7.55pm and am going to watch some television before bed. The panther drapes himself across the sofa next to me, resting his heavy head in my lap.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2017. By Erin Kelly. Thriller.

The Clocks*

My Mum’s best friend makes me a card and you can see it attached.

Sleep OK last night and am starting to breathe a bit more easily so maybe lung has inflated a bit more.

A nurse helps me have a wash and changes my dressing. It is leaking around the port so have to have dressing changed every day.

Am enjoying reading A Talent For Murder.

Watch The Clocks last night, which is good. I love Poirot.

Tonight we have the new series of Midsomer Murders so that is exciting.

Have shuffled up and down the corridor a bit with Mum.

Doctors visit this morning and say that can’t go home as too much fluid coming out of drain and I still need the oxygen mask.

The panther lies on my bed with his head in my lap. Stroking him behind the ears with one hand, I lift my glass of lemon squash to my mouth with the other. Am very dehydrated.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1963. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective fiction novel.

Last Of The Steam Powered Drains

Sleep better last night, thank G-d. Have my porridge this morning and then Mum comes to visit.

A nurse removes the cannula in my foot which makes things more comfortable. Unfortunately that is my morphine drip so now have to request Oramorph when I need it.

Nurse changes my dressing around the drain site.

“I’ve spoken to a doctor and she’s going to put an extra stitch in your drain site,” she says. “That will stop it leaking.”

So am waiting for that. As you can see in the attached photo, a lot of fluid is draining from my wound – that bottle is just from this morning.

Am not allowed to go home till Monday as am losing a lot of fluid through drain and also still need the oxygen mask to breathe. Have achieved a couple of small walks up the corridor with Mum, which am meant to be doing.

Now am drinking coffee and lemon squash and waiting for Dad. The panther is sprawled on top of me on the bed, resting his head on my side which hurts where the drain is attached.

Happy Saturday everyone!

A Talent For Murder*

“So I’ve just seen on this morning’s Scan that your lung is starting to inflate,” the doctor says, popping his head round my door.

“Oh good,” I say. Yesterday the surgeon told me that my lung hadn’t inflated at all, which was bad obviously. She took three litres of fluid out of it but the lung stayed collapsed.

“So hopefully it will inflate further tomorrow,” the doctor says.

“Oh I hope so,” I say.

I have been struggling all day: unable to do a wee for twenty four hours. Have managed it a couple of times now. Also now nurse has changed the dressing around my drain.

Dad will be here soon and I am trying to order some coffee.

The attached lavender-stuffed Bagpuss arrived today but with no note as to who sent him.

The panther lies draped across my windowsill, looking out of the window.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2017. By Andrew Wilson. Novel about Agatha Christie’s ten day disappearance.

The Killings At Badger’s Drift*

In hospital with my little badger (see attached photo). Have been through the operation and now am sitting up in bed. Dad is here.

They remove three litres of fluid from my left lung during the operation. Am now breathing through an oxygen mask but hopefully breathing will get easier soon.

Have a drain coming out of my left side, and have a morphine drip (yay).

Throat is sore where they put a camera down it to see inside lung. Also drain site is sore.

Will be in hospital for a few days, then will be discharged and then will have to return to get other lung drained. Apparently they put talcum powder between the lung and the membrane and that stops lung from filling with fluid again.

Am drinking lemon squash and fizzy water as need to rehydrate self.

The panther is draped across the windowsill, gazing outside.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1987. By Caroline Graham. The first Chief Inspector Barnaby detective novel.