Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion*

Dad is out. Mum is playing bridge. I’m looking after this person in the freezing house:

Am drinking coffee out of my Solitaire mug:

Someone orange and fluffy has been inside a lot today. Here he is sitting on my chair:

Work hard at Spin. Here is graph:

Then wash my hair despite the sub-Zero conditions.

Yesterday a kind receptionist at the gym puts all my earrings back in. Show you:

Some of them were taken out for a Scan years ago so am happy to have them all back in.

Yesterday at the museum we see the Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion exhibition. We see this:

An American called Elizabeth Parke Firestone had a different pair of shoes to match each of her Balenciaga couture dresses, see above.

On the second floor there are clothes by designers inspired by Balenciaga. I would like this Oscar de la Renta 2015 dress:

It’s just So Me. Can wear it with Fit Flops, probably, and jazz it up with all my different bolero cardigans.

There is this snake dress by Iris van Herpen, which is not for every day but certainly makes an impact. Mustn’t let the fluffy monster claw or bite it:

And this beaded, sequinned feathered one by Yves Saint Laurent:

And this feathered evening dress by Hubert de Givenchy, worn by Gloria Guinness in 1961:

“There’s rather too many feathers and sequins for my liking,” Mum says. However, I love feathers and sequins.

Here, Josep Pont suggests feathers by using sequins:

This is for Delpozo. The founder of Delpozo, Jesus del Pozo, was awarded the Cristobal Balenciaga award for best Spanish designer in 1989.

Right, had better eat my orange, drink my lemon squash and find Rear Window so can watch it with Mum when she gets home.

Mum is here! Fluffy monster is on the piano stool.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2018. Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum.

Journey’s End

Work hard at the gym. Then go to the Victoria and Albert Museum with Mum to see the Winnie the Pooh exhibition, which is wonderful.

Have been sleeping and now it’s suppertime.

The fluffy monster is sleeping by the radiator. Here he is:

We see Tippoo’s Tiger at the Museum. Here he is:

Journey’s End is brilliant – don’t miss it. It’s out in cinemas now.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1928. By R.C. Sherriff. Play about life in the trenches set in 1918. New film 2017, just out. Directed by Saul Dibb, stars Paul Bettany, Sam Claflin, Asa Butterfield, Toby Jones. Screenplay by Simon Reade, adapted from the play and novel by R.C. Sherriff.

Working Man’s Cafe

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Have an unusually exciting cab ride to Dolly’s in which we get stuck in a tiny hill road in Hampstead.
  2. Make it to Dolly’s
  3. Walk her. Here we are:
  4. It’s a beautiful sunny, crisp day and hand out four cards to dog owners, including:
  5. A twelve year old golden cocker spaniel.
  6. A disobedient three year old husky.
  7. A big German Shepherd.
  8. A Labrador.
  9. Dolly encounters her erstwhile friend Chewy who is tiny and barks at her, at the cafe on the bridge. “He’s got back-up now,” Chewy’s owner explains, nodding at the large German Shepherd lying on the floor behind us.
  10. Cuddle Dolly. She gets nervous when people bark at her.
  11. Photograph my tulips, bromeliad and about-to-Open amaryllis:
  12. Finally do the Big Job: moving my tights and socks out of the huge top drawer and separating them into a tights drawer and a sock drawer in the bedside table.
  13. Fill three bags with rubbish whilst doing this.
  14. Tidy the drawers in my desk too.
  15. Make the kale and quinoa burgers in the sandwich toaster and have them with some spinach for lunch.
  16. Listen to The Kinks.
  17. Do Body Scan Meditation.
  18. Sleep.
  19. Wake up and make coffee and lemon squash and read a new piece of writing by Tom Cox.
  20. These fluffy monster photos come up on Timehop, see also attached photo.
  21. Need to make a snack as have Journey’s End at 6.10pm I think at the cinema with my chum.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2007. Solo album by Ray Davies, and title song of the album.

The Kingdom Of Dog*

Work hard at training and lift almost but not quite my normal chest weight, see below:

Shoulder also feeling a bit better so that’s good. Do four sets of everything.

Then meet my chum and his gorgeous Golden Retriever in the Park. He is almost nine but in great shape for an older person: no hip dysphasia or arthritis. Just look how gorgeous he is:

We see the kookaburras:

And the donkeys:

The lemurs are inside their house as it’s So Cold.

We walk on the Heath so we can let the pooch off the lead. As always happens when I tackle the Heath without brother, we get lost. We meet an Irish Wolfhound and a beautiful Vizsla but neither of them need my Dogwalking services.

Trudging through mud, eventually we find a path and make it back to the cafe for a cappuccino before my chum gives me a lift back to the flat.

Meditate but can’t sleep.

Now Suzy is here and we need to make supper and have an early night.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2011. By Neil Plakcy. Book 2 in the Golden Retriever Murder Mystery series, starring Steve Levitan and his Golden Retriever Rochester.

The House On The Marsh*

Work hard at Pilates. Michael the teacher says it’s #NoRestFeb and indeed, we don’t rest. Shoulder and back feel better after Pilates.

Purchase The Sunday Times and some more coffee and sparkling water and milk. My cousin is Entertainment Editor Of The Sunday Times Style and this week Billie Piper is on the cover, who I love. She’s starring in the new David Hare television thing Collateral with Carey Mulligan.

This person is lying abandoned in the street so I lug him home and put all my bird food in him:

Isn’t he beautiful.

Arrive home just in time to give Suzy a quick cuddle before she goes out for lunch, and to watch Cameron Norrie lose his Davis Cup match. Spain beat us but we’ll be seeing more of that young man in the future: he’s played brilliantly all weekend.

It is very cold today so crank up the heating in the flat and now, magically, am warm. Parentals and fluffy monster have icicles forming on them. Probably. It’s so freezing there.

Meditate and sleep.

Am reading this:

It’s wonderful. I want to be a Bright Young Thing in the 1920s. Life is cruel.

Watch Ski Sunday which is very exciting, in Stockholm. Winter Olympics start on Friday! Woohoo! Love the Winter Olympics.

Now am going to make supper and watch last night’s Midsomer Murders whilst knitting.

Without even retuning television, have discovered Channel Eighty One which is called Talking Pictures and has old films on it. Which is exciting.

Attached photo is Pilates outfit.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1920. British film based on the 1905 novel The House By The River by Florence Warden. In the book, Charlie Chan had to solve a murder involving feuding brothers. In the film he is sidelined to a story about a stolen treasure chest with Allene Ray and Walter Miller in the main roles. Frank Leon Smith wrote the screenplay and Spencer G. Bennet directed.

Murder Most Howl*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. See psychiatrist. He is pleased with me.
  2. Work hard at Spin. Here is graph:
  3. Spin outfit is in attached photo with my chum and The Boss.
  4. Photograph the horses at the farm:
  5. Meet a beautiful grey sofa at Costco. I love him. Hopefully he will be mine…
  6. It’s raining so photograph the fluffy monster looking at the rain:
  7. Dad drives me back to the flat and fixes my light.
  8. Watch the first two sets of the Davis Cup doubles, which Dom and Jamie lose. Record the rest of the match but am not going to watch it as have just checked and we lost. Grrrrrr.
  9. Do Body Scan Meditation but don’t sleep.
  10. Eat an orange.
  11. Finish Dolly’s book. It’s wonderful: funny, poignant and heartwarming. Read it and buy it for all your friends.
  12. Send Dolly a message on Instagram about how much I love her book.
  13. Have vegan food in case Suzy comes to see me.
  14. Shoulder hurts – why?
  15. Unload washing machine and hang clothes on airer.
  16. Do another wash of my two pairs of Onzie bell pants and my Cyclezone hoodie.
  17. Formulate plan to move socks and tights to drawers in second bedside table, so will be able to spread gym wear and sleepwear over two drawers.
  18. Will do this tomorrow.
  19. See my robin in the garden.
  20. Suzy just called. She is coming to stay tonight – yay!

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2015. By Krista Davis. A Paws and Claws Mystery, Book 3. Stars Holly Winter, her Jack Russell Trixie and her calico kitten Twinkletoes. Set in Wagtail, Virginia. Cozy Murder mystery novel.

Bird Brain*

See the horses out in the fields at the farm when I arrive for my Spin class this morning:

Work hard at Spin. Here is graph:

Then walk Gandalf. It is cold but sunny. There have been storms and trees are down in the woods.

Another dog attacked Gandalf last week and he had to have stitches on his leg: poor angel. He is on antibiotics and I’m instructed to keep him clear of stagnant water as it’s an infection risk. How dare anyone attack my darling boy. He seems cheerful: brings me his stick when I arrive and wags his tail. He’s a brave boy. Here we are:

Have lunch with Dad and then settle down for my sleep. Glancing out of my window, I see the pheasant. Here he is:

Have just booked tickets to see the new film of Journey’s End with my chum on Tuesday at 6.10pm at my favourite cinema. Am excited. There’s a five star review in The Times today.

Have to see Breast Surgeon at 5.30pm for the first time in ages so must have a bath.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2011. By Guy Kennaway. “Life was always difficult for Banger Peyton-Crumbe, an antiquated misanthropic blood-sport obsessive, but it gets considerably worse when he is killed in a shooting incident and returns to Earth as a pheasant. Banger’s Family think his death was an accident, but his gun dogs, who witnessed their master’s demise, know it to be murder.” – GoodReads.

Blooming Murder*

Work hard at Spin at first day back after ages off. Here is graph:

Back hurts less than expect it to, which is good. Keep up a good pace and resistance throughout. Back is definitely improving.

Back at the parentals the baby irises are coming up:

And these:

And the pansies which someone seems to be eating:

Here is a fluffy monster:

He is sleeping by the radiator.

Have finished my Somerset Maugham biography. It is wonderful. Read it!

Am sad that it is finished but will be OK as Dolly Alderton’s Book has just arrived:

Can’t wait to get stuck into it.

The parentals are going out tonight and am looking after my fluffy monster on my own.

It’s 5.21pm. Am drinking coffee out of my Jane Thynne Solitaire mug and watching it get dark. When I wake up at four o’clock this afternoon it is light, which is excellent. It’s February now and soon it will be Spring, I hope.

The attached photo is with The Master at Spin this morning.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1994. By Jean Hager. Iris House B & B Murder Mystery series novel, Book 1. Murder occurs at the regional Iris Growers’ Convention. Cozy Mystery series starring Tess Darcy, owner of the Iris House B & B.


Work hard at training. We add leg extension (see photo), leg curl, abductor and adductor to what we did yesterday. Do chest press with my usual twenty kilogram weight. Back is improving.

Make it back to the flat and unload dishwasher. Mum helps me measure the space where new sofa will go.

We go to Sofology and I fall in love with a sofa. It is this but with a corner in teal:

It is lovely and comfortable and not too expensive. Have put some money in savings account which can use if have to. Recommend Sofology: excellent customer service. Oh, I so hope that am allowed beautiful new teal corner sofa. Spend So Much Time lying on sofa after all…

Have just had an epic afternoon sleep: from two o’clock till six o’clock.

Must post this and then hopefully there will be supper. Just going to have a quick bath first.

Will go and look for my fluffy and kiss him. Have missed that person.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2015. By Graeme Cameron. Book 1 in the Normal series. Serial killer crime novel.

The Cry Of The Sloth*

Crack on with Somerset Maugham. Have nearly finished him. Then training at 11.30am. Back hurts but do what I can. Here are abs exercises:

Can also manage chest press, arm exercises and other chest press. Back is feeling a bit better now.

Then to the Zoo with Hannah where we see Meghan the baby Okapi with her mum Oni:

The otters:

The alpacas and llamas:

Bhanu the lion. We also see the lionesses, not pictured. Hopefully soon there will be baby lions…

A sleeping kangaroo:

Jae Jae the tiger sleeping.

Also see Malcolm the baby aye aye and his mum but you are not allowed to take photos in there. We walk through the walkthrough lemur exhibit but the lemurs are all inside.

I am naughty and purchase a baby sloth. He is called Edward after the hand-reared baby sloth at the Zoo. Edward says hello. Here he is:

Am drinking Diet Coke with lime and thinking about making some supper.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2009. By Sam Savage. Literary fiction novel. “As his hold on reality weakens and his schemes grow wilder, his self image as a placid and slow-moving sloth evolves into that of a bizarre and frantic creature driven mad by solitude.”