10 Rillington Place*

Am enjoying Munich but the problem with historical thrillers is that you know when something isn’t going to happen.  It won’t (I hope) spoil it for you if I tell you that there’s a plot to assassinate Hitler in 1938 that I suspect will fail.  Anyway: it’s gripping writing and have been getting on with it today.

The fluffy monster has sent a photo from his holiday.  Here he is:

We have ordered a Thai takeaway.  No one can say that I don’t know how to please a man.  Last night we watch an episode of Murder Maps about Haigh and Christie so that’s good.

Do some stuff at the gym this morning.  Now we are in the nest on our phones waiting for supper.

Oooohhhh supper is here already!

Happy Friday everyone!
*1971.  Feature film.  Stars Richard Attenborough, John Hurt, Judy Geeson, Pat Heywood.  Directed by Richard Fleischer.  Written by Clive Exton.  Adapted from the book 10 Rillington Place by Ludovic Kennedy.  The story of the serial killer John Christie and his neighbours Timothy and Beryl Evans.

Goodbye Christopher Robin*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Wake up and finish watching Apocalypse Now.
  2. Go to the Zoo:
  3. We see Malcolm the baby aye aye.
  4. And the slender lorises.
  5. Come back and watch some Peep Show.
  6. It’s 7.17pm and so must start thinking about supper.
  7. Goodbye Christopher Robin was great but bring a box of tissues.
  8. Now we are going to watch Yes, Minister.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2017.  Feature film.  Written by Simon Vaughan and Frank Cottrell Boyce.  Stars Domnhall Gleeson, Margot Robbie and Kelly Macdonald.  Directed by Simon Curtis.

Apocalypse Now*

Do what I can at gym but think have hurt my abdominal muscles with those leg raises on Monday.  Wear my new trousers anyway – see attached photo.

New Chap is on his way back from shopping in town (I know, crazy right)?

“I may do Oxford Circus though it’s very busy and touristy but I live in a small city so still occasionally enjoy that,” he says.  Personally, would rather eat the fluffy monster than go shopping in Oxford Circus but am glad he is enjoying himself. 

Am just going to scribble this quickly as he will be here soon and then we have to go out for dinner and to see Goodbye, Christopher Robin at my nice cinema with the sofas.

Last night we start watching Apocalypse Now and it looks beautiful and has a great soundtrack but it’s hard to work out what’s going on, although there is a wonderful amphibious tank.

We watch it for what seems like hours but we still haven’t met Marlon Brando’s character.  Also a Bad Thing happens to a tiger which is probably one of the species of tiger which is now extinct.  Am not a film critic, obviously, but enjoyed From Here To Eternity far more – which also saw recently for the first time.  It was also much shorter.

On the plus side: the Murano glass dolphins are not yet broken and New Chap seems to like them which is good.

Right had better go and tidy up.  Flat looks like a bomb has hit it.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1979.  By John Milius, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Herr.  Based on the novella Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.  Directed by Francis Ford Coppola.  Stars Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall and Frederic Forrest.

Dumb Witness*

Have a lovely walk with Dolly this morning in the sunshine.  Here we are:

Maybe because it’s sunny, we get lots of attention.  Various people come up to us and comment on what a beautiful dog Dolly is.  Which she is, of course.

Facebook throws up a reminder that Four Years Ago Today I met some people.  Here is one of them:

Watch episode 2 of The Churchills which finishes in Munich 1938 which is what this is about:

Have just read the first fifty pages so far which are just brilliant.

Right had better go as need to have a bath and tidy up a bit as New Chap is coming at six o’clock.  Am so excited to see him.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1937.  By Agatha Christie.  The sixteenth Hercule Poirot detective novel starring Bob the fox terrier who has his own Facebook fan page, of course.

Lord Edgware Dies*

Finally mood has come up, which you might think would be great for the writing, but you’d be both right and wrong.  On the plus side: writing is funnier and am more creative.  On the not-plus side: concentration is shot to pieces so have just spent three hours writing and produced just a thousand words, rather than the two thousand words that have been dashing off in a couple of hours in recent days.  Never mind.  Is still a thousand more words than had this time yesterday.

Here is my leg raise photo from training this morning:

See also attached photo.

And here I am with the squad last night:

Here is last night’s outfit:

Right am hungry so must make some supper.  New Chap arrives  tomorrow!  Am so excited!

Happy Monday everyone!
*1933.  By Agatha Christie.  The ninth Hercule Poirot detective novel.

Prayers For The Dead*

Push self really hard at Spin.  Here is  graph:

Mum drives me back to the flat and changes the beds.

Have a sleep and then, even though have been working hard at it, only manage 1000 words of Memoir.  

Have to go out for dinner with the crew tonight so must just post this and then put some clothes on as a chum is picking me up in ten minutes.

Get confused with which arm is behind me so that’s why it looks as if have no arms in attached photo with The Boss 😖.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1996.  By Faye Kellerman.  Book 9 in the Peter Decker/ Rina Lazarus mystery series.

Day Of Atonement*

It’s 5.45pm on the Day of Atonement.  Hit 30,000 words of the Memoir earlier today so am pleased with self.  Well: pleased in some ways.  Just had to write a scene with five characters in it and that was difficult: wish my actual writing was better.  Mustn’t grumble and must remember that it’s just a first draft: can improve the writing later.

Haven’t been to synagogue but have given thanks to G-d for New Chap from the comfort of my bed.  Have been in bed pretty much all day.

Really exhausted.  Think am not feeling well after yesterday’s flu vaccination.

The fluffy monster is in for the evening – you can see him in the attached photo.

Need to have bath and wash hair as we have been invited out to break the fast by some chums, which is lovely.  Am lying on my bed writing this but need to clean my lenses.  Am going to wear trousers as CBA to shave legs and don’t want to wear tights.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1991.  By Faye Kellerman.  Book 4 in the Peter Decker/ Rina Lazarus mystery series.

Who By Fire*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Push self hard at Spin.  Here is graph:
  2. See also attached photo with The Master.
  3. Write 711 words of the Memoir before lunch.
  4. Queue up with all the most elderly residents of the village to have flu injection.
  5. Remember in the nick of time that have had all nodes out on both arms so have injection in thigh instead.
  6. Sleep.
  7. Have new Minx toes and lash tint.
  8. Have won an award: Cyclist of The Month!

The period between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is when anyone who thinks they may have offended someone is meant to ask them for forgiveness.  Have been half-expecting messages apologising for offending me from a couple of friends but so far have not received them.  Ah well.  Never mind.

On the plus side we have Hitler’s Women recorded to watch so am going to watch that with the parentals, panther and fluffy monster.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1974.  By Leonard Cohen.  Appears on the album New Skin For The Old Ceremony.  It’s a translation of the Unetaneh Tokef prayer, recited on the Day of Atonement (tomorrow) when the Book of Life is opened and it is detailed who will die and by what means.

The Ritual Bath*

Work hard at Spin this morning.  Here is graph:

See also attached photo with my instructor.

Walk my elderly labrador client at 11am and again at 2pm.  

My aunt comes to see us for lunch and it’s warm enough to sit in the garden.

Have a rest and then crack on with the Memoir.  It now stands at 28,086 words.

We give the fluffy monster his pill and then the parentals go out for the evening.  Am writing this in bed under my furry blanket with the fan on.  The panther lies curled up at the bottom of my bed, chin resting on his front paws.  His eyes are closed but every so often he twitches an ear.

Here is the fluffy monster last night:

Am going to have a bath and then make some supper.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1986.  By Faye Kellerman.  Book 1 in the Peter Decker/ Rina Lazarus series of mystery novels, set in a remote yeshiva community in the California hills.

Pigeon Pie*

The pigeon fledgling stares at me.  Staring back at him, I move towards him.

“Come on little chap,” I say.  “You can’t stay here.”  He’s just sitting in front of the bike sheds at the flat.  Here he is:

Moving towards him, I go to pick him up but decide against it.  If his parents return for him, they’ll reject him if he smells of human.

“Can you move at all?” I ask him.  He stares at me but then shuffles forward.  His legs seem to work at any rate.

“I have to go now,” I say.  “I hope you’ll be OK.”

I’m late for the gym as it is.  Here I am doing the lat pull down:

See also the attached photo.

Make it to parentals for lunch and then have a rest.

Memoir is now 26,016 words.  The writing was like pulling teeth today, but I did it.  It’s 6.51pm and it’s almost dark, which is horrible.  The panther lies at the foot of my bed, resting his chin on his front paw, tail dangling behind him.  

Had better post this and then it will be supper time.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1940.  By Nancy Mitford.  Satirical spy and high society novel.