To Kill A Labrador*

Up early to walk Archie at ten o’clock this morning.  We walk around the recreation ground and in the woods behind it.  Here we are:

There’s a playground in Archie’s park where Mum used to take us when we were really little.  It has a tiny castle and tunnel in it which I used to seem much larger than they do now.

Archie is such a soft, cuddly, bouncy person.  I love him.

Walk Archie home and rush to pick up this person, Marley:

We have a slow, short walk: Marley is thirteen and a half and arthritic.  He’s such a contrast to the bouncy eleven month old Archie.  Am returning to give him another short walk and supper soon.  He’s a lovely older chap.

Do Body Scan Meditation and rest.  Now it’s 4.24pm and am sitting up in bed writing this and drinking iced coffee.  The panther lies curled up at the foot of my bed, his chin resting on his front paws.  We will watch the Athletics later.

The petunias have all closed up due to the rain.  “They need some sunshine,” Mum says.  It’s sunny now so maybe they’ll recover – hope so.  The fluffy monster has been in and out all day – have just seen him. Today is a far better day to be a fluffy monster than yesterday was.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2016.  By Kassandra Lamb.  A Marcia Banks and Buddy mystery, volume 1.

London Rain*

It’s cold under my furry blanket on the sofa in front of the Athletics at the parental home.  It’s been raining all day and it’s also raining inside the house.  It’s very wet as it pours down on the track at the stadium and they are discussing moving the long jump to whichever-sandpit-is-less-wet rather than using both pits.

Have a late night talking to my chum last night and then sleep through alarm this morning, missing my appointment with my trainer at the gym.  It’s pouring with rain so start watching last night’s Athletics that have recorded.

Finally, at about 1.30pm, the rain eases off and drag self to the gym.  Here is gym outfit:

Achieve leg press, chest press, arm extension, pulley, triceps exercises and various other machines.  Am pleased with self for making it to gym despite the inclement weather.

Mum picks me up from the flat.  When I arrive, the fluffy monster is inside due to the rain.  Here he is:

The panther lies next to me under my blanket.  I’m grateful for the added warmth of his body.  He rests his haunches on my thighs and gazes at the television.  Stroking his back, I listen to his low growl.

Have just helped Mum give the fluffy monster his pill.  Soon it will be suppertime and we’re having minestrone soup.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2016.  By Nicola Upson.  The sixth novel in the author’s Josephine Tey mystery series, set in 1937.

An English Murder*

Am sitting up in bed at the flat.  The fan is on and I listen to it whirr.  It’s 4.27pm.  The panther sits on the windowsill, gazing out into the garden.  His tail hangs down behind him and every so often he twitches an ear or the tip of his tail.

Walk Dolly at 10am this morning.  The rain holds off, which is good.  Here we are:

Pop into the supermarket on the way home to buy some food and this bag in which to carry it:

Some money from the sale of the bag goes to The Woodland Trust, which is good.

A friend is coming for dinner so will use these special napkins from Durer’s House in N├╝rnberg:

Need to unload the dishwasher so will do that before the Athletics starts.  Let me just check when that is – right – it’s six o’clock.  

Achieve Body Scan Meditation but don’t sleep.  Finish reading Murder On The Orient Express.  Watch a David Attenborough programme about silky Sifakas – these people:

They are so beautiful and gentle but are only found on Madagascar.  They have such a specialised diet that they can’t survive in captivity so it’s a race against time to preserve their rainforest habitat…

The attached photo is with Dolly this morning.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1951.  By Cyril Hare.  Murder mystery novel.


It’s 6.01pm.  The Athletics starts again at 6.30pm so will just scribble this first.  Am lying on my bed at the flat.  The panther lies next to me, resting his head on my thighs.  His tail hangs down over the edge of the bed.

Make it to Spin this morning although am not at my best after my third late night in a row – stay up to watch the Women’s Hundred Metres last night.

Here is graph:

Dad drives me back to the flat and meet MadFatRunner at about 12.15pm at the Zoo.

We visit the tigers first:

Then we take the tunnel over to the other side of the Zoo to see the African animals.  The okapis have been introduced to each other for mating.  Hopefully there will be a baby okapi soon:

We see the African Hunting Dogs and giraffes:

Then we do the walk-through lemur exhibit:

And see the owls and this person – a Tawny Frogmouth:

We spend some time with the lions, of course:

And walk through the African bird place.  Here’s an ibis:

It is lovely to spend the day with my chum at my happy place.

The rain holds off all day but it’s now pouring.  Am going to make some lemon squash and collapse in front of the Athletics.  Am exhausted as missed my sleep this afternoon.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1900.  Novel by the Colombian writer Jose Maria Vargas Vila.

Pouncing On Murder*

Another late night last night, staying up to watch Usain Bolt in his last 100m final.  Sadly, he doesn’t win.  Here’s the fluffy monster last night:

He doesn’t like watching Athletics.  Think the noise of the crowd annoys him.

At Spin this morning am just not on good form, perhaps due to two late nights in a row.  Here is graph:

Then have to write a seventy word piece for The Boss about how the Spin studio helps me with my illnesses.  Have been putting this off all week but manage to write it and send it to her.  Write it sitting in the kitchen with Mum for help and support.  It’s ridiculous that was so anxious about doing it.  Blame my mental disorder.

Wash self, and then Mum’s friend comes round for lunch and we sit in the garden.  

Do the Body Scan Meditation and have a rest and will watch the Athletics at 6.30pm.  Parentals are going out so will be looking after my fluffy monster on my own.

“Can you look after this lion please, I’ve got some tidying up to do,” Mum says, depositing the fluffy monster on my bed.  The panther glares at him but the fluffy monster ignores the bigger cat and sits on my windowsill, gazing out over the garden.  Then he climbs down to sit by the door and wait to be released:

The attached photo is with The Boss and The Master at Spin this morning.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2015.  By Laurie Cass.  A Bookmobile Cat mystery novel.

Murder On The Run*

Stay up late – for me – last night – watching Mo Farah win the 10,000m.  It’s a dramatic and exciting race.  Don’t make it to bed till past ten o’clock and can’t sleep for a while after that.

So, it’s a struggle to wake up this morning and Spin feels tough.  Here is graph:

Wash self and hair and Spin clothes when I get home.  Then MadFatRunner visits us for lunch and cuddles with the fluffy monster.  We sit outside in the sunshine for a bit but then it starts raining again and we watch I Am Bolt and a programme about Jess Ennis, Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford.  It is so lovely to see my best chum and to spend some more time with her.

Do Body Scan Meditation but don’t sleep and now am watching the Athletics again under my blanket.  The panther lies next to me on the sofa, staring at the screen – his amber eyes wide.

Usain Bolt has just finished second to Christian Coleman in his semi-final.  Oh no!  He’d better not lose in the final at 9.45pm.  Will have to stay up to watch that…

Mum has just brought me my artichoke so am going to eat it.  We’ve just given the fluffy monster his pill and he’s inside for the night now.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2016.  By Lesley Cookman.  A Libby Sarjeant murder mystery.

You Can’t Win*

First Spin class since Sunday and it’s tough but work hard.  Here is graph:

The attached photo is at Spin this morning, with The Boss.  She thinks that shoulder problem could be caused by sleeping on two pillows, so am going to cut down to one pillow and see if that helps.

Then walk my Gandalf and kiss him on the top of his soft head.  He is such a lovely boy.  We have sunshine, which is good for our walk after days of rain.  Enjoy walking through the woods and fields with him.  Here he is:

Love this boy So Much.  Look how stunning he is.  Also he is the most wonderful, calm person.  Just love spending time with him.

In other dog-walking news: Archie’s owner wants me to walk him again on Thursday so that’s excellent: now have four regular dog clients.

Mum has just brought the fluffy monster in to see me and we have picked some burrs out of his coat.

Am sitting up in bed listening to The Kinks with the panther.  He lies next to me, resting his head on my thighs.  Scratching behind his ears, I listen for his low growl.  He likes that.

In exciting news: the World Athletics Championships starts at 7pm so can watch that.  There’s ten days of it to enjoy…

It’s 5.03pm and need to shell the peas for Mum soon…

Happy Friday everyone!
*1965.  Song by The Kinks from the 1965 album The Kink Kontroversy.

Murder On The Orient Express*

We avoid chest and shoulder work at training today as shoulder has been hurting again.  Do leg press, adductor and abductor though and arm pull down machine.  Trainer is pleased with me.

Catch the train to parentals and sit in the garden with Mum and the fluffy monster for a bit.

Do Body Scan Meditation and rest although can’t sleep.

Walk new Labrador client.  He is so lovely.  Here we are:

He is quite elderly so we walk slowly and we have some good cuddles.

Have started re-reading Murder On The Orient Express and even though have read it before and seen the various films several times, it’s still So Good and Completely Gripping.  This is why Agatha Christie is the Queen Of Crime.  Have the Albert Finney version recorded to watch (again) at the flat so will do that after have finished re-reading the book.

Am going to have a bath before supper.  The panther can sit on the side of the bath to keep me company, dipping a huge paw into the water.  He loves water.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1934.  By Agatha Christie.  Hercule Poirot detective novel.  One of my favourites…

Animals In The Zoo*

Have wonderful day with MadFatRunner at the Zoo.  First we see the dinosaurs.  They are real ones who roar and move, so that’s exciting:

Then we visit the lions:

And the tigers:

It starts raining at about 1.30pm so we head over to Rainforest Life because it’s a warm, inside section.  This is Marilyn the sloth having a sleep:

Baby sloth Edward has moved all the way to Germany now he’s grown up: to join a breeding programme there.

We spend a lot of time with the Grey Slender Lorises in the Moonlit World: they seem fascinated by us.  They stalk about, very slowly, on their long limbs and stare at us with huge round eyes.  Not allowed to take photos of them as they are very sensitive and easily disturbed.  Also it’s completely dark down there.  They look like this anyway:

We see the otters sleeping in an otter bundle: lying on their backs with their legs in the air.  Then we visit the Reptile House and the Aquarium: haven’t been to either for Years and it’s good to visit them.

Also see the Komodo dragons and the Penguins – who are not bothered by the rain as they swim and dive in the water.

Now am back at the flat, listening to The Kinks and thinking about what to make for supper.  The panther lies next to me, resting his head on my shoulder.  His head is very heavy.

Start re-reading The Murder On The Orient Express last night so will probably continue that this evening.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1971.  Song by The Kinks.  From film soundtrack Percy.  

There’s No Reason Why You Should Remember Me*

It’s a bright, warm, sunny day when I set off at nine o’clock this morning for Dolly’s house.  Here we are:

Am aware that they’re not the best photos, but it’s always a bit of a lottery approaching a random person and asking them to take photos, and today’s aren’t brilliant so I’m sorry about that.

We have a lovely walk.  Am feeling a bit more hopeful about my Dogwalking today: have had a message from Archie’s owner saying she’ll be in touch soon and a message from my new Labrador client’s owner saying that she’s spoken to Gandalf’s owner about me and that it’s all fine.  She asked for a reference and so Gandalf’s owner must’ve said good things about me, so am pleased.  Also: have four dogs this week, including two new ones, so that’s excellent.

Am in bed with the panther.  He’s resting his head on my tummy and I stroke the soft back of his neck.  It’s 5.01pm.  Sipping lemon squash I write this and listen to Leonard Cohen.

In exciting news: MadFatRunner is in town tomorrow so we’re going to the Zoo.  Can’t wait to see her: it’s been about seven months!  Hope we will see Malcolm the baby aye-aye and everyone else…

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1968.  Song by Leonard Cohen.  Appears on BBC Sessions 1968.