Arsenic For Tea*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Walk to gym.
  2. Work hard at training – including my shoulder exercises – see attached photo.
  3. Walk home from training – no Ubers today!
  4. Make lunch.
  5. Stay awake whilst the chap fits the new hob.
  6. Meditate.
  7. Write a thousand words of new book which now stands at 16,551 words.
  8. Text Suzy to remind her to visit me this evening.

Watch last night’s conclusion of Ordeal By Innocence with its stupid new ending which doesn’t make sense. Bad TV company.

Am writing this in bed with the panther. He is dozing with his head resting on his front paws. He looks so peaceful when he’s asleep. Much prefer him when he’s not criticising me.

Am waiting for Suzy. We have Artichokes and now can use the hob, which is good.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2016. By Robin Stevens. A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery.

Shoulder The Sky*

Really don’t feel like going to the gym this morning but I force myself. Even manage to walk there, rather than taking an Uber. Spend an hour lifting weights: add in some shoulder ones to help my shoulder problem, as recommended by physio.

Back at the flat, I watch the two episodes of The Durrells that I missed whilst was away. Am now up to date with that, and Versace, and Ordeal By Innocence which finishes tonight. Tonight they will reveal the murderer which we already know will be the wrong murderer, which am Unhappy about.

Meditate but can’t sleep. Update my Instagram – adding some Spin photos, a couple with Gandalf and a camellia. Then return to New Book which now stands at 15,508 words.

So tonight have The Durrells before Ordeal By Innocence. Unpacking is all done – well done me.

I miss my fluffy monster. Hope Mum is managing to look after him.

Am sitting up in bed. The panther lies next to me, resting his head on my thighs. I stroke the soft back of his neck.

Had better post this and then organise some supper.

The attached photo is today’s gym outfit.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2005. By Anne Perry. Book 2 in the World War I detective novel series.

The Groote Park Murder*

Work as hard as I can at Spin but the panther drags at my heels and I can’t get into the yellow zone. Am not going to attach graph which is all green zone.

Dr Stein my psychiatrist is encouraged that am not as depressed as have been in the past. He doesn’t want to raise antidepressant dose as last time I was on a higher-than-this dose of Venlafaxine my mood went very high and I ended up in the mental hospital with mania. He seems to think that the fact that mood isn’t that low means that it won’t stay down for too long. Let’s hope he’s right.

Parentals drive me back to flat. Then I go for a walk to local park to see if I can find anyone walking their dogs. Hand out a couple of my cards. It is warm in the park – seventeen degrees – and I take off my sweater.

Meditate but can’t sleep. Write some more of New Book which now stands at 14,480 words.

It’s 5.48pm. Need to unpack suitcase or at the very least, hang up dresses.

Tonight must catch up on The Assassination Of Gianni Versace – have missed three episodes I think.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2001. By Freeman Wills Crofts. An Inspector Vandam Murder Mystery.

Ordeal By Innocence*

Do my best at Spin. It’s The Boss’s class and you can see us in the attached photo. It’s a Hill class. Graph has not come up yet but I don’t make it into the yellow zone again which I expect is due to the panther. He drags at my heels and stops me pedalling as fast as I’d like to.

Then see my Gandalf. He is very pleased to see me and wags his tail a lot when he sees me approach. Here we are in the woods:

We have a muddy walk but it’s great to be with my furry chum. I missed him.

Dad takes me to the dentist. Dentist is pleased with me. At least there is one bit of my body that works.

Have lunch and a sleep and wake up and write some more of New Book. It is now 13,347 words. Am writing my way back into it after a two week break. The important thing is to Keep Going – can always rewrite it later.

Here is Mum’s camellia:

Here is the fluffy monster:

So, we have been catching up on the new Ordeal By Innocence. It is perfectly watchable – haven’t seen or read it for ages but it seems good. However, I hear that they’ve Changed The Murderer. This is very much Not OK. Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime, plotted her novels very carefully and will have chosen the murderer carefully too. The TV people have No Business changing the Murderer!

Right, had better have a bath. Am lying on my bed writing this. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head on my shoulder. Scratching the top of his head, I watch his ears twitch.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1958. By Agatha Christie. Detective novel. This was one of Christie’s favourites of her novels.

Cat On A Hyacinth Hunt*

Work hard at first Spin class for more than two weeks. Here is graph:

Don’t make it into the yellow zone which isn’t great but will try again tomorrow. The attached photo is with The Master at Spin this morning.

See my physio and we do various shoulder exercises with weights in an attempt to strengthen shoulders. Have been having shoulder problems for Ages.

When I arrive home from the hospital the fluffy monster is here and I cuddle him. No photo of him I’m afraid as he’s still outside at 5.20pm.

Go for a walk around the garden with Mum after lunch. This fritillary is out now:

And these hyacinths:

Have a sleep after lunch and then wake up and start writing New Book. It’s now 12,270 words. Am pleased with self for getting straight back to it as soon as have arrived home.

Had better post this as New Chap’s flatmate is sending me something to proofread.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1998. By Carole Nelson Douglas. Book 9 in the Midnight Louie feline detective Mystery series.

The Kind Worth Killing*

“Come and see who’s in the pond,” Mum says. Following her, I gaze into the pond and see lots of enormous koi. Show you:

Aren’t they beautiful.

After breakfast this morning I go to the hotel gym and do chest press, biceps, triceps, lat pulldown and bike.

We have been at the airport for hours. We arrive too early to check bags in, so have to sit with them during lunch.

Just want to get home now and sleep. Tomorrow will see my darling fluffy monster and kiss him all over and will go to Spin and see physio. Spending two days getting home was not one of Dad’s better ideas.

The panther is lying on the floor in front of me, gazing out of the window at the planes. Every so often the tip of his tail twitches.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2015. By Peter Swanson. Modern retelling of Strangers On A Train. Starts in an airport bar.

Handsome Brute*

The above photo is last night’s sunset in Haifa.

We’ve been travelling all day and arrive at hotel in Amsterdam at six o’clock this evening.

Have been to the gym – see attached photo. Do chest press, triceps, lat pulldowns and bike.

Read this today. It’s about a sadistic killer and is brilliant. Was gripped from start to finish:

Now am going to have dinner on own in hotel restaurant. The parentals have gone into town for dinner without me.

Am really tired and looking forward to getting home tomorrow and to seeing the fluffy monster on Thursday.

Am lying on my bed in the hotel writing this. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head on my shoulder. Stroking the soft back of his neck, I prepare to head to the restaurant.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2013. By Sean O’Connor. True crime book about sadistic murderer Neville Heath.

Dog Is In The Details*

Argh I have to pack. It’s 5.47pm. Piles of clothes are staring at me, reproachfully.

This morning brother goes to work and we catch the bus to the beach. See attached swimsuit photo. Have decided that I just look better in a swimsuit than in a bikini.

We see a Golden Retriever playing in the sea. He looks very happy as he splashes in the water.

On the walk back to the bus stop we see a lizard that looks like a gecko but bigger and black. Try to take a photo of him but he scurries away.

Mum has just come upstairs to tell me to pack.

The panther lies on the floor, grooming his flank. He rasps his fur with his sandpapery tongue.

Holiday has been a bit up and down due to the panther but feel very sad to be leaving brother and the sunshine.

Have a small patch of sunburn at the top of back which is sore. Shoulder has also been hurting today whilst carrying beach bag. Hospital have just messaged that am seeing my lovely physio on Thursday so can tell him about shoulder then.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2017. By Neil S. Plakcy. A Golden Retriever Murder Mystery.

A Murder Of Crows*

Mum walks me to the studio this morning which is a thirty minute walk from the house.

Work hard at training: do lots of different weights – core rotation which you can see in the photo; bicep curls; lat pulldowns. Also various functional training exercises: jumping up onto a block; kettlebell shoulder presses; triceps dips. Trainer is pleased with me.

Mum meets me at the studio and we walk home.

Mum’s cousin comes to see us from Jerusalem and we all go to a Hummus restaurant for lunch which is lovely. Here is the front of their menu:

Brother drives me home after lunch: the others walk home. Have been sleeping and now am sitting on my terrace, drinking coffee and eating a banana. Can see the sea from here. It’s beautiful. Don’t want to go back to England.

Maybe will message a few of my chums to make some plans for when am back so will have something to look forward to.

The panther is draped across the edge of the terrace, just behind the railings. His tail dangles between the railings and he looks out to sea. I think he is watching the sunlight hitting the water. He doesn’t say anything: just gazes. into the distance. A hooded crow lands on the railings above my head and caws to the other crows in the vicinity.

Tomorrow brother goes back to work and we will attempt to get the bus to and from the beach.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2017. By Ian Skewis. A DCI Jack Russell Murder Mystery novel, set on the West Coast Of Scotland.

Murder Beach*

Have just achieved a bath and have even washed hair.

We have training today with brother’s trainer and it is tough. Have attached photo of skateboard lunges. We also do triceps press-ups, skateboard abs exercises, kettlebell sumo squats and other things. Functional training is Hard Work. Trainer promises us that it will be weights tomorrow – yay!

Then we go to the beach. Mum takes a photo of me in a bikini:

My bikini body needs some work. See a girl wearing a swimsuit with cut-outs and one shoulder and think that maybe I will invest in one of them. My torso is too long to look that good in a bikini.

We have lunch at the beach which is nice.

Have been sleeping. We need to go out for dinner soon. The photos are taking ages to upload.

Am lying on my bed which now has sand in it from the beach. The panther lies next to me, resting his chin on my back. Have managed to get a bit sunburned on back.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1993. By Bridget McKenna. Book 1 in the Caley Burke Mystery series.