Much Obliged, Jeeves*

Wake up at 7am and stay awake. Still awake until after half past nine – for Strength class.

Then back to sleep. And when I wake up, I am awoken by by this person:

Walk around the garden in the garden with Mum and Fluffball.

After lunch, go to sleep and when I wake up, watch a very early Hitchcock.

Enjoy the film, which is is not his best, but well worth watching. Tomorrow I start PG Wodehouse: Much Obliged Jeeves.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1971. By PG Wodehouse. Jeeves Comic novel.

Aunt’s Aren’t Gentlemen^

Here is my light up flower bouquet. It is so pretty, isn’t it?

There are a couple of bad things hangs happening at the moment.

1. I’ve been been been feeling very confused and Dad decides it’s the cyclizine: so I’ve been reducing that and now, finally, stopped it. I already feel less unsteady.

2. My tummy is swollen but I have to wait for about ten days to drain it as afterwards the needle could puncture one or more of my organs.

Ugh: cancer side effects.

On the plus side: speak to brother in abroad.

Work hard at Pilates this morning.

*1974. By PG Wodehouse. Jeeves comic novel.

The House By The Marsh*

Wake up at 7am and have breakfast. Fall back to sleep 😴 . Wake up at 8am and prepare for Personal Training. Work hard and teacher is pleased with self.


Yesterday have trees pruned in pruned, including the eucalyptus:

My wild lion is in here: looking after me. The panther is some space away in the wardrobe. He is is scared of Fluffball.

*2017. By William Blyhton. Novel.

The World Of Jeeves*

The World of Fluffball- Asleep

Wake up and have breakfast. Back to sleep. of strength do Pilates which is a very hard class.

“This is such much hard work,” I tell the panther.

“You can do it it,”. The panther lies curled up in an undervalued hole.

* 1967. Collection oF PG Wodehouse short stories .

The Man Who Died Twice

Wake up at 7am and have breakfast. Don’t go back to sleep 😴. Go back to bed but finish the Ian Rankin and start the sequel. To The Thursday Murder Club. It’s great: funny and original. Cast mainly from the original. It’s called The Man Who Died Twice. Urge you to read it.

Strength is great: I recommend this class as well. It’s just 30 minutes and we cover every part of the body. Time flies,

Speak to my psychiatrist who agrees with all of us and so I’m going to continue phasing out the cyclizine. He is pleased with me.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep.

After sleep: wake up . The panther is lying on top of the bed. I cry.

“I just want a normal life,” I say.

“,You’ll never be normal,” the panther says.

On my duvet, I see my Fluffy. He makes me happy. The panther will make me happy.

*2021. By Richard Osman. Detective comic novel.

Cold Sunflowers*

In the last few days, I have been shaking and confused: unable to find the right words and falling over. Mum wakes me up.

“I’ve been looking at the side effects of all the drugs you’re on” she says. And it seems that it’s the cyclizine causing the falling over, confusion and extra constipation.”

“Phew,” I say. I was worried that that the cancer had made it in my brain 🧠.

“So we dump the ondatreson and taper the cyclizine. You should feel better by next week,”

“That is good news,” I say, looking around for the panther but he’s vanished, as he does when anything good happens for me.

Go for a walk with Mum around the garden:

Mystic Spires
Look how many buds this sunflower 🌻 has

Speak to the Sunday morning chat crew: it’s been a few weeks since we’ve chatted.

When I get into bed, there is a huge animal already in there. Let him not move please: it’s OK when he’s at the end of the bed.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2018. By Mark Sippings. Novel set in Colchester, UK.

The World Of Jeeves*

Wake up early and then go back to sleep. Arrange my alarm clock to wake me up again in time for Pilates. It’s a tough class today but it sets me up for the day.

Set of to Hannah’s to meet her rabbit Willow. He is a gorgeous person with very soft fur:

The panther seems to be confused as to why we are meeting a prey animal.

“Yum,” the panther says gazing at the rabbit.

“Friend, not food,” I say. He looks at me as if I’m an imbecile.

We need make it home at 1pm as I have to sleep.

Part from Hannah with hope that we’ll see each other again soon.

At home: have a good sleep until Mum’s bridge partner visits us.

We sit in the garden until about 6pm.

Now I’m back in bed after a full day and feel cheered up.

*1967. By PG Wodehouse. Collection of Jeeves short series.

Waken up up by Mum at 7am. Dentist at 8am and there can be a lot of traffic there.

Dentist 🦷 and hygienist both say that teeth are in great condition – so that’s one bit of body that works.

Return to bed when arrive: sleep till 10.30am. Then have Personal Training: work hard and teacher is pleased with me.

Have lunch at 12.15pm or so. It is sunny so we sit in the garden.

At 1pm we go back to sleep. When I wake up, I read Jeeves In The Offing.

I bring Fluffball in and we have our pre-pre-sleep.

“You’re so sleepy,” the panther says. “Good girl, You just sleep.“

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1960. By PG Wodehouse. Book in the Jeeves series of comic novel.

Jeeves In The Offing*

Wake up at 7.30am. There is Strength at 8.45am. My teacher hasn’t sent me the link. Roll over and go back to sleep.

Wake up at 10.30am to a message asking if I can make it to Barre in a minute. I can’t manage it.

Have a stroll around the garden with Mum:

Fluffball enjoying his patch in the front garden.

We go to the The Old Guinea for lunch. It has a lovely aspect – look:

Rush home to meditate and sleep.

Sleep for not-quite-long-enough in bed. Read my Jeeves – Jeeves in the offing.

Mum helps me with my bath.

Now am in my bed: panther next to me and Fluffball on the windowsill.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1960. By PG Wodehouse. Jeeves comic novel.

Ring For Jeeves*

Wake up at 6am, return to sleep. Wake up at 8am, have breakfast. Fall back to sleep until 9.30 am.

It’s Pilates today which is a good class. Ignore the panther’s vicious words.

Then to hospital for denosumab. It’s the one to to stop the cancer in my bones 🦴.

At home have lunch, meditate then sleep. Have to have my lunch and am So Tired: doing more than one thing per day Really Exhausts me.

The new outdoor table and chairs arrive. Dad assembles it. Here it is:

Fluffball comes in for his supper. We are in my bedroom now. Fluffball on my windowsill:

Have been reading Ring For Jeeves. Its so good: hilarious and meticulously plotted.

Right – it’s Bedtime. See you all tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1953. By PG Wodehouse. Novel in the Jeeves series.