Elephants Can Remember*

Katie from the synagogue visits me and it’s good to see her.

Then we set off for Whipsnade to see the animals.

We do the Drive Through Asia and see the different herds of deer: some in water to stay cool.

We see a mother rhino 🦏 with last year’s baby.

And the white rhino:

Can’t get any good tiger photos as they are asleep in a wooded area and are too well-camouflaged.

We have our picnic 🧺 overlooking the downs which is lovely:

Then we see the elephants 🐘, blowing dust and water over themselves in an effort to keep cool. It’s a couple of degrees cooler at Whipsnade than here, but it’s still 25.5 degrees 🥵:

We start looking for the Red Pandas but give up as it’s too hot to be traipsing around.

It really is a lovely day out: I commend it.

Come home, meditate and sleep until Mum wakes me up for supper at five o’clock.

My psychiatrist calls me back. Earlier in the day I left him a message that my mood has dropped and should I put up the dose of my antidepressant and he agrees that I should.

It’s Flying Ant Day. Here they are before:

Most of them seem to get eaten by the starlings.

Now I’m in my bedroom with my Fluffball. He is sleeping on my windowsill:

He jumps down from my windowsill and is now under my dressing table. It’s probably hot for him too as he’s covered in thick fluff.

Right: had better post this and then do my Tarot Card of the Day and then can go back to sleep.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1972. By Agatha Christie. The fortieth Hercule Poirot mystery.

A Scandal In Bohemia*

Go to RHS Wisley with Mum. On the way we listen to The Red-Headed League.

When we arrive, first we sit by the lake and eat our sandwiches. Then we go to the Glasshouse:

We walk up the rockery to the Alpine HouseWe sit at the top of the hill and look out over the gardens:

Then we go to the vegetable garden:

On the way home we listen to A Scandal In Bohemia. I imagine that this is the last day out we’re going to have for a while.

At home: I meditate but can’t sleep so I rest for a while. Then I have some coffee ☕️ and stewed apple.

We watch a Silent Witness with Dad.

Now it is supper time.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1891. By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The first short story featuring Sherlock Holmes.

The Devil Rides Out*

Visit the dahlias at Ayletts with Mum:

We walk round: it’s a one way system and then we see the Celebration garden which is stunning.

Mum buys me an iced coffee ☕️ and a Feast 🍦 and we sit at our socially-distanced table. Mum buys some red dahlias in the coffee shop.

We attend this Dahlia Showground every year but usually don’t make it here till September or even October. Now, in August, the dahlias are at their best.

I wear my @lonkelparis dress 👗 from @mylaclare in Radlett. We’re there for nearly two hours and we have a fabulous time. Bee meet the dahlia farmer 👩‍🌾 and talk to him.

On my return home I post my photos on Instagram and @lonkelparis add me to their page yay!

Then it’s back to work: a ten card Celtic Cross with a free Oracle Reading for a client, all for just twenty pounds 💷. It takes me two hours and fifteen minutes but it doesn’t feel like work. I love the fact that Tarot is now my job. Working for myself on something I’m passionate about is wonderful.

My Aunt recommends the Occult thriller by Dennis Wheatley The Devil Rides Out. Will start reading it now.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1934. By Dennis Wheatley. A Duke de Richleau occult thriller set in London and the West Country.

Lions and Tigers and Murder, Oh My*

We have a lovely time at Whipsnade. It’s cold and we go round in the car. We see the tigers 🐯: the cubs are all grown up now. We also see rhinos 🦏, bears 🐻 and the elephants.

Come home and have a long sleep from 2.30pm to 6pm. Have just woken up. It was good to break quarantine and have a day out: it was busy there – everyone else had had the same idea as us.

When we arrive back home: Fluffball is waiting for us in the front garden. He comes in for his lunch.

Have a good long sleep from 2.30pm to 6pm: sleep is my friend in these trying times.

Happy Saturday everyone!

2017. By Denise Swanson. A Devereaux Dime Store Mystery.

Dragon Tears*

Go with my cousins to Kew Gardens. We see the above goose.

The theme for this year’s Orchid Festival is Indonesia. There is a volcano 🌋 made of flowers:

A Sumatran tiger 🐅 made of palm leaves:

An Indonesian rhino 🦏:

Many, many orchids including epiphytic ones:

Pitcher plants:

A Komodo dragon 🐉:

Some angel fish 🐠 and other tropical fish:

And axolotls:

Then we go on the children’s playground:

And see the stone animals:

Then we walk back to the house with the storm starting, past the Pagoda with the 3D printed dragons 🐉:

The camellias are out:

We do so much walking and climbing that am exhausted and then we return for lunch and a sleep.

It’s five o’clock when I wake up and have a coffee. Am in the kitchen with Julia who is a domestic goddess and is baking sourdough bread 🍞 for supper. Patrick and my little cousin are reading next door. It is 5.44pm. Tonight after supper we will watch Ace In The Hole – the Billy Wilder/ Kirk Douglas film 🎞 🎥.

Happy Saturday from TW9 everyone!

*1993. By Dean Koontz. Paranormal/ horror novel.

Goodbye Christopher Robin*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Wake up and finish watching Apocalypse Now.
  2. Go to the Zoo:
  3. We see Malcolm the baby aye aye.
  4. And the slender lorises.
  5. Come back and watch some Peep Show.
  6. It’s 7.17pm and so must start thinking about supper.
  7. Goodbye Christopher Robin was great but bring a box of tissues.
  8. Now we are going to watch Yes, Minister.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2017.  Feature film.  Written by Simon Vaughan and Frank Cottrell Boyce.  Stars Domnhall Gleeson, Margot Robbie and Kelly Macdonald.  Directed by Simon Curtis.

The Lost World*

Just back from Jurassic Kingdom at Osterley Park.  There are lots of lifesize dinosaurs and they roar and move a bit.  

Today was the first day and it was busy but we enjoyed ourselves.  Went with Mum.  Can recommend it for a day out.  

Am exhausted now though as attended 8.45am Spin before setting off for the dinosaurs.  Spin outfit in attached photo with The Boss.

Back at the flat now and thinking about:

  1. Unloading the dishwasher.
  2. What to make for supper.
  3. Tidying that drawer.
  4. Watching Born To Kill?
  5. Getting suitcase out from under bed.
  6. Putting clothes for Holiday out on the spare bed.
  7. It is still sunny.
  8. Listening to Popular Problems.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1912.  By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Concerns an expedition to a plateau where dinosaurs still exist…

Animals In The Zoo*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Walk to Dolly’s house: 90 minutes.
  2. Walk Dolly:
  3. Buy yet another external phone battery.
  4. Meet Mum.
  5. Attend the Zoo:
  6. This is Bhanu.  He may well be the fluffy monster’s real father.  The lions have a brilliant new enclosure.
  7. Edward the baby sloth has gone to live in Zurich.  Hope he will be happy there.
  8. We see Malcolm the baby aye-aye but are not allowed to photograph the aye-ayes as they’re very secretive and sensitive and flash upsets them.
  9. Also not allowed to photograph the slender lorises, bushbabies or potto as they’re nocturnal.  But we see them.
  10. Have just arrived home.
  11. Still haven’t tidied that drawer…

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1971.  Song by the Kinks.  Written by Ray Davies.  Appears on the album Percy.

Love Calls You By Your Name*

Have another date secured with my new boy for Saturday night.  Yay.  Love has not finished with me quite yet it seems.  Feel amazingly blessed to have this new boy in my life.  He’s adorable. So thank you to G-d for him and please please please let me keep him…

Today make it to the Natural History Museum with Mum.  Here are some photos:

Sophie the Stegosaurus – one of the most complete stegosaurus skeletons ever discovered:

Some velociraptors fighting.  Look how feathery they are ❤:

A megatherium (extinct giant sloth):

Love these ones so much.  Wish they weren’t extinct.

A mastodon (I think).  Some extinct elephant relative anyway.

An arsinoitherium – extinct relative of the rhinoceros:

Anyway – we have fun at the museum.  We also see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.  Can’t put photos in here due to copyright reasons of course.  Recommend the exhibition.  Book it here:


Now am in bed at the parental home under my furry blanket with the heating turned up to eleven.  Am listening to Leonard Cohen’s Songs Of Love And Hate and drinking tea.

This person is here:

Have missed him all week but he’s somewhere else in the house at the moment.  As soon as have posted this will go and find him and cuddle him all over.

Have a new stegosaurus of my own from the museum.  He’s called Steve.  Show you:

Unlike Sophie, he’s very soft for cuddles.  He also has a linseed pouch inside him which can be heated in the microwave so he’s a hot water bottle too!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1971.  Song by Leonard Cohen from the 1971 album Songs Of Love And Hate.