Good, Clean Murder*

Pull my Card For The Day from my new Hermetic Tarot which was a gift from my Aunty. I love my new deck with the Golden Dawn names and esoteric symbols, and the original card names.

Katie came round who was at Mind but is now the community well-being person for our synagogue 🕍. It’s so good to see her: we really get on well. She is going to visit every two weeks which is great.

Mum brings me back to the flat. She cleans the kitchen and bathrooms and I hang up my winter dresses in the spare room and throw out some more clothes.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Talk to Leon when I wake up and am now waiting for Gemma to visit for the first time in a couple of years – where does the time go.

Had better post this and get ready.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2013. By Traci Tyne Hilton. Jane cleans houses to make ends meet but then there’s a series of murders. Book One in the Plain Jane Cozy Christian series.

The Night Visitor*

Wake up at eight o’clock after an eleven hour sleep. Spin is cancelled so do three hours of Pilates Instructor Course theory in bed.

Dad takes me to Mum’s best friend’s house. Am teaching her Pilates now. We use the new small balls and resistance bands. She’s a good pupil. I give her homework and will see her every week now. She’s my first pupil and am pleased with her and with self.

After lunch, walk into the village with Mum. We see Euphorbia:



And camellia:

We visit Myla Clare

Mum buys me some Frank Lyman palazzo pants:

And a gorgeous Frank Lyman dress which may wear for my cousin’s wedding in May:

Do another two and a half hours of Pilates Instructor Course theory so that’s five and a half hours today.

We have a guest coming for dinner – Mum’s Tennis partner. She’ll be here at seven o’clock so had better dress. Am wearing my new palazzo pants with my Hobbs heels with the diamonds.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2018. By Lucy Atkins. Psychological thriller about the academic scene.

Final Gig*

Just a quick one as am off to my new boy’s gig on the other side of town.

Am a bit nervous and need to trowel on some make-up as all the other punters will be teenagers should think.  But am wearing my galaxy dress.  This one:

Also am getting Uber there as CBA with public transport.

Here are some photos from the cemetery earlier.  Walk around there for ages as it’s stuffed full of Pokémon and Pokestops.

Have good session with psychologist who is pleased with me and have even achieved a short sleep.  Had planned to have a wash but haven’t managed that.

Hope tummy won’t be too bad in the pub loo.  Oh dear.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1991.  By George Eells.  Biography of Gig Young the actor who killed his wife and himself in a murder/ suicide.

Take This Waltz*

Am listening to my “Leonard Cohen – a sequenced sampler” playlist made by someone in the Leonard Cohen Facebook group.  So thank you to him.  It’s 4.47pm and am writing this from my grey chair in the Bookshop.  Phone is charging.

Achievements of the Day:

  1. Walk to and from gym this morning and wander about for around ninety minutes catching Pokémon.
  2. Lift some weights at gym.
  3. Unload dishwasher and put away cutlery and crockery.
  4. Hang washing on airer and put away dry clothes from previous wash.
  5. Mum is impressed with the state of the flat when she arrives so must be doing something right.
  6. We take my broken glasses to Vision Express who are able to put my lenses in new frames which is brilliant and will save a lot of trouble and expense.
  7. Find this dress (see attached photo too):
  8. Now just need somewhere to wear it.  Maybe someone will hold a suitable function.
  9. Such as a film premiere at my local cinema.
  10. Can’t wear it to The Office or to the gym or Spin or whilst walking dogs.
  11. Someone will have to throw a party.
  12. Preferably during the day.  An alcohol-free-child-free-black-tie-lunch-party.
  13. There are a few stragglers anongst friends and family  who are not yet engaged or married and maybe will decide to take the plunge.
  14. Anyway: there will at some point be a suitable event for it.
  15. Am drinking green tea and San Pellegrino in the Bookshop whilst I write this.
  16. Show you:
  18. Had better drink up and walk home and cuddle that fluffy monster.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1986.  Song by Leonard Cohen.  Released as a single and on the Federico Garcia Lorca tribute album Poet In New York (Poeta en Nueva York).  The song later appears on the 1988 studio album I’m Your Man in a rearranged version with the addition of violin and Jennifer Warnes’s vocals, both absent from the 1986 version.

Winter Lady*

It’s 5.53am.  Slept from nine o’clock last night to four am.  Seven hours: not too bad.  So, today:

  1. Tidy desk drawers at the flat.
  2. Tidy bookshelves.
  3. Throw out rubbish and recycling.
  4. See trainer at 10.30am.
  5. Listen to Leonard Cohen.
  6. Cook proper meals.
  7. Drink tea.
  8. Put on a wash.
  9. Wash self.
  10. Put away washing on airer.
  11. Write Christmas cards.
  12. Buy stamps.
  13. Rest.
  14. Read.
  15. Cuddle my animals.

Attached photo is yesterday’s office outfit: Lonkel dress from:

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1968.  Leonard Cohen.  From the 1968 album Songs Of Leonard Cohen.

Bird On The Wire*

  1. Have made it to The Office.
  2. On time.
  3. Am sipping my coffee.
  4. It is freezing.
  5. Am wearing a dress and boots.
  6. Cold.  Hands are numb.
  7. Sleep through from ten o’clock last night to 2.30am, wake up, return to sleep and wake at six.
  8. Drink tea.
  9. Listen to The Future by Leonard Cohen.
  10. Chat to Mum.
  11. Chat to MadFatRunner.
  12. Have breakfast and coffee.
  13. Dress.
  14. Leave the flat.
  15. Slip over in the frost.
  16. Miss bus.
  17. Catch bus.
  18. Catch lots of Pokemon and hatch an egg.
  19. Arrive at The Office.
  20. Begin Important Work.
  21. Chat to colleagues.

Happy Monday everyone!

Attached photo is today’s outfit: dress by Lonkel from Myla Clare:
*1968.  Song by Leonard Cohen from the 1969 album Songs From A Room.

Money, Family, Murder*

1.  Achieve weights again today.  Everything hurts but that is muscle pain and therefore good.

2.  Achieve first day of my history course.  Is nice to see my elderly chums.

3.  There has been much travelling on buses and so on.

4.  It’s hot and am wearing my yellow dress:

5.  Have put out rubbish and recycling.

6.  And am about to unload dishwasher.

7.  The panther is resting in the garden.

8.  Look how gorgeous the horse chestnut trees are at the moment:

9.  Out in my little garden, a blue tit is eating from the bird feeder.

10.  Have also seen a robin and some starlings.

11.  Exhausted after a full day of activities but that’s OK.  Pleased with self for doing them.

12.  OK, maybe am not going to bother to unload dishwasher.  It can wait.

13.  Washed self and even hair at gym.

14.  Flat isn’t that messy, considering.

Attached photo is this morning’s gym outfit.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2015.  By Timothy Patten.  Detective novel.