Vanishing Falls*

Yesterday starts off well: I do a recording of a Barre class sent to me by my beloved trainer and teacher.

Then most of the Barre crew come round. We sit in the sunshine in the garden and chat. One of my friends gives me the rainbow 🌈 striped Kurt Geiger hat 👒: it’s so kind of her. I have trainers 👟 and a handbag 👜 in the same range.

Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep. When I wake up, my Rabbi visits. It’s so good to see her: we work out that we haven’t seen each other for years. We talk about Heaven and what it will be like when I arrive there.

Fluffball doesn’t come in for his supper and we go out to look for him. He’s in the hedge in the front garden 🪴. When he reaches us, we see that he has blood 🩸 on his chin. Once inside we examine his mouth and it’s full of blood.

We take him to the vet. She says we must take him to the hospital for X-rays. I’m not allowed to go into the room with Mum and Fluffball.

Mum takes me home and sets off for the hospital 🏥. There, they sedate him and do X-rays. Thank G-d he has no internal injuries.

He stays at the hospital 🏥 over night. They think he was hit by a car which seems unlikely as he just has one wound in his gums.

Finally make it to bed at about eight o’clock.

Don’t wake up till eight this morning: I think the stress and worry about Fluffball is making me even more tired. Poor Mum has a sleepless night.

Work hard at Personal Training and my trainer is pleased with me.

Our forty one year old fridge is about to die, so this morning the parentals make their way to Luton to find a new one. They find one but installing it inside will mean ripping the kitchen apart.

They pick up Fluffball and he seems pleased to be with us. His heart is beating really fast. He consumes two bowls of wet food. Then he goes to sleep behind the drinks and so at the back of Mum’s desk.

Now he is sleeping 😴 in my brother’s room, curled up. We have to keep him in for a while. He has antibiotics and painkillers. Poor precious angel 😇.

Have my sleep and mid-afternoon snack and now it’s supper time.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2020. By Poppy Gee. Literary thriller.

Rules For Perfect Murders*

Fluffball nursing me on my bed 🛌 💜 🐱 🥰
And helping me with my Tarot card of the day 🎴
The first iris is open in the garden 🪴
My antibody test: I have antibodies!
Yesterday’s Tarot Card of the Day 🎴
Fluffball nursing me last night.

So last night I went to bed at 5.45pm, straight after supper. Fluffball was comfortable on my screwed up duvet and blanket so I picked him up and put him on the furry blanket on the far end of my bed. He looked after me until nine o’clock 🕘 at which time Mum took him away to have his supper which he usually has at 6.30pm but he’d been busy with me. He didn’t want his wet food. Then Mum tried to give him some dry food which he also rejected.

I slept from 5.45pm to five o’clock in the morning. When I wake up this morning I do my Tarot post from yesterday – am meant to post on my Instagram every day: #TarotEveryDamnDay. Then I write a chapter of the Memoir about Tarot and Astrology. Deadline is 31st May 😱. I do hope I can get a draft I’m pleased with by then.

Chat to Mary for our morning chat and then have my mid-morning snack: a scone with lemon 🍋 curd from the Farm Shop and cream cheese from Yummies.

Work hard at Pilates and then chat to my teacher and chums. It’s chemo at twelve so I pull on my silver velvet Onzie flares, my purple Rafa Nike jacket, my purple wig and my new purple Naomi Osaka Nike trainers. I look like I’ve been sectioned for thinking I’m Frida from ABBA.

At the cancer hospital I crawl into my bed Christina my favourite nurse 👩‍⚕️ makes for me. Then we flush the port with saline and then it’s Gemcitapine – half the usual dose to try to avoid me becoming ill this time 🤒 🤢 🤮 💩.

After chemo Dad picks me up and I settle down for my afternoon sleep. Sleep well and for about ninety minutes.

Have my post-sleep snack chocolate 🍫 brownie from Yummies in the village, some orange melon 🍈and some coffee ice cream 🍨 and an iced coffee ☕️.

Then fiddle about on phone for a bit: Facebook, Instagram and Amazon.

It’s supper at 5.17pm which is an asparagus and feta and Parmesan tart from Cook at the Farm Shop and English asparagus, tender stem broccoli 🥦, peas and cauliflower.

Return to bed where Fluffball is waiting for me. Pull a Tarot Card for the Day – see above photo. Talk to Suzy and Leon.

I’m just going to post this and then meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2020. By Peter Swanson. FBI Agent Gwen Mulvey investigates and finds herself at the bookshop Old Devils. Murder mystery novel.

Writing Down The Bones*

Achievements Of The Day:

1. Sleep from nine o’clock last night until five o’clock this morning.

2. Do two Tarot Readings for a customer.

3. See oncologist who says we are starting on a lower dose of chemotherapy on Tuesday.

4. He arranges for me to stay at my hospital on Tuesday after chemo until Friday. Am relieved to be avoiding A & E.

5. Go to the farm with Mum to purchase provisions for my weekend at the flat.

6. Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep.

7. Draw a flow diagram for the Memoir of the fallout from the end of my relationship with Seb.

8. Have a Marks & Spencer Cheese and Celery sandwich 🥪 for supper. My darling Auntie procured it yesterday.

9. Cuddle Fluffball.

10. Receive money for another Tarot Reading which I will do tomorrow.

11. Feel happy and relaxed about new chemo plan.

12. Love my parents So Much.

*1986. By Natalie Goldberg. How to write book. A classic.

Death On The Ward*

Return to the hospital 🏥 to see my doctor. Mum is allowed in with me as my carer, which is good.

He says that the oedema is much better on my arms – thanks to my wonderful Pilates teacher. Legs are a bit better and so is tummy. He thinks that the swelling will gradually reduce now until it’s gone.

Mum adores him: he’s such a lovely man. He arranges for one of the doctors from my ward to take some bloods 🩸 out of my port 💉. The doctor manages to fit a gripper on the port and take two tubes of blood 🩸 so that’s a relief.

He says that once my swelling is gone I need to see my oncologist to plan moving forward. We are only going to agree to more chemotherapy once there’s a plan that I can return to the hospital 🏥 and the excellent care of my doctor 👨‍⚕️ straight afterwards so if I become ill they can make me better in there.

Fluffball goes out a bit in the morning but it’s cold and he doesn’t stay outside for long. Here he is: half in and half out of his bed:

Isn’t he the most precious angel in the world?

This evening before supper we watch the first thirty five minutes of the new episode of Midsomer Murders. It’s So Good. We’ll finish it tomorrow.

It’s five past eight now and I’m ready for bed: only manage half an hour of sleep this afternoon as doctor is at half past three. There is someone orange and fluffy curled up in the middle of my bed at the moment. It is lovely to have his company but he’s been scratching above his eyes so we need to put his steroids up again. Poor Fluffball.

Work hard at Pilates this morning and teacher is pleased with me.

Supper is spaghetti 🍝 which we missed during Passover.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2020. By Howard Gurney. A Doctor Christopher Walker medical mystery, book one. Set in Sydney in the early 1990s.

The Dragon Murder Case*

Sleep for nine hours then wake up and do a Tarot Reading for our gardener about when she should retire:

She is thrilled with it. The Diary 📔 is Empty for April so please let me know if you would like an Excellent and Cheap Tarot Reading.

Do Pilates and work hard.

Here is my new Dragon 🐉 bedspread from Amazon. I adore it.

Watch two episodes of Shtisel it’s wonderful. Lunch is Thai Soup 🍲 again. It’s my favourite. Fluffball comes in for lunch, I put him out but he comes in at two o’clock. Look how precious and beautiful my furry nurse is.

Meditate 🧘‍♀️ but can’t sleep. Talk to a few friends.

Watch episode six of Unforgotten – it’s a tearjerker 😭 💔.

My doctor phones from the hospital. I’m seeing him on Wednesday so that’s good. He thinks the swelling should go down now I’ve got more and better blood.

It’s Friday night and tonight is goat 🐐 cheese, aubergine 🍆 and courgette and mushroom 🍄 bake with baked potato 🥔. Then back to bed.

Tomorrow is the last day of this term’s Astrology Course all day.

Happy Good Friday everyone!

*1934. By S.S. Van Dine. Philo Vance detective novel.??

Blood Work*

Discharge myself from A & E last night when Five Doctors are unable to work my port. It’s a disgrace: Ron and Agata put a new gripper on it this afternoon at the cancer hospital 🏥.

Mum and Dad pick me up at nine thirty or so last night. We have great views of the full moon 🌕 on the way home. Crawling into bed, I fall asleep.

Wake up at seven o’clock this morning. Mum calls the cancer hospital 🏥 who haul me in for a platelet transfusion at ten thirty. Then it’s straight on to Spire. I’m now having a blood transfusion as my haemoglobin is just sixty five: it’s meant to be in the hundreds.

Due to my cancer in the liver; my lung 🫁 difficulties and my heart rate being raised from the oedema, I’m on some extra oxygen.

Look at my platelets!

I pull the Eight of Wands earlier for Action. It’s certainly been a busy day. I feed Fluffball earlier – his second or third breakfast of the day but he’s insistent that he mustn’t somehow miss this meal to which he’s entitled: he is purry, vocal and even a bit whimpering. Then we sit outside on the terrace.

Dr Levy visits and we make a plan for tonight: finish this first bag of blood 🩸 by seven o’clock and then have some diuretics and then the next bag of blood.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Happy World Bipolar Day everyone!

*2010. By Holly Tucker. A tale of medicine and murder in the Scientific Revolution. C

Hold Me Like A Breath*

Wake up at seven o’clock. Have breakfast with Mum at eight. It’s Pilates at 10.30am and then go to the cancer hospital 🏥 to show them how swollen I am all over. They are perplexed and take bloods 🩸.

Go gone for lunch 🥗 and sleep.

Fluffy doesn’t come in till 4pm this afternoon.

Back at cancer hospital it turns out that I have just four platelets so need urgent platelet transfusion. Haemoglobin also very low. Am now at Watford General.

Doctor has been to see me and is excited that Ron put a gripper in my port at the cancer hospital 🏥 earlier. Am in a bed in a room on my own.

Sadly supper was an egg 🥚 sandwich 🥪 but then G-d shouldn’t have put me in A & E during Pesach.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2015. By Tiffany Schmidt. Penelope is the daughter of a crime family but has a rare autoimmune disorder to do with low platelets.

Last night we have a takeaway 🥡 from a local gastropub. Then watch When Harry Met Sally which is still excellent. Have a quick Happy New Year with brother at about 9.15pm and am in bed by 9.30pm.

Wake up and Mum takes me to have a COVID-19 test at the hospital. It’s all very efficient. We sit in the car and a nurse comes out to ask my name and Date of Birth. Then the doctor turns up: clad in protective gear – and takes the swabs from my nose and mouth.

Come home, do a bit of the jigsaw 🧩 with Mum, which is fiendishly difficult. Have lunch and then watch a programme about Borneo with Dad who keeps falling asleep. Then meditate and sleep.

Watch the last episode of series three of The Crown. There is a scene when Margaret wakes up after an overdose which makes me cry. Remember it so well: waking up and everything still being there; nothing having changed.

Fluffball is around:

I’m going back to bed to read Absolute Truths till supper time. I’m enjoying it so much. It’s the last book in the series: I will be so sad when it’s over.

It’s very cold today: zero degrees when we set off for the hospital this morning. Mum is in the kitchen making dinner.

Happy New Year everyone!

*1994. By Susan Howatch. The last book in the Starbridge series of novels examining the Church of England in the Twentieth Century.

The Cat Who Talked Turkey*

Wake up at 8.30pm after a lovely long sleep. My Macmillan nurse comes round at nine o’clock.

Go to the cancer hospital for blood 🩸 tests.

Off to Sanctuary Studios in Watford to record my audiobook. It goes really well: just fifty nine pages left to record now.

Come home and sleep. Can’t find my glasses 👓 but Mum finds them down the side of the seat in Dad’s car.

Fluffball is in now and sleeping in the play room on his favourite chair.

Tonight we have Zoom dinner with my parental chums.

Tomorrow have Pilates; then walking Gandalf; then back to flat for two days.

Now am watching a programme about cats with Mum.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2004. By Lilian Jackson Braun. The twenty sixth book in The Cat Who… series of mystery novels.

Kill The Umpire*

Go to bed at eight o’clock. Wake up at four o’clock drenched in sweat. Nurse changes my bedding and I have a shower and put on clean, dry clothes.

Do my Season Of The Witch Tarot Challenge:

Ask my nurse if I can go home today. She says yes and they process me very quickly for once after breakfast: Mum comes to pick me up at nine o’clock.

At home I go outside for the first time since Monday and photograph the flowers:

MadeByMaggie sends me a psychedelic tie-dye headtwist:

Fluffball comes in and I give him some breakfast. I’ve missed that orange fluffy monster.

Work hard at Personal Training and trainer is pleased with me: we do lots of legs, arms, glutes and abs. Feel much better after training.

Have lunch with my parentals and brother, and paracetamol to stop temperature 🤒 going up. Then morphine and sleep.

Wake up and have mango 🥭. Go for a shuffle around the block. See Kathy who says we must visit her and the dogs and chickens 🐓 whom I love.

Fluffball is in now so I will go and cuddle him at the end of the match. 15 love. Thirty love: Tsitsipas comes into the net. And punts it over the net again: 40 – 0. Matchpoint. Game set and match Tsitsipas.

Maybe Stefanos can beat NoVaxx. That would be good.

Semi-final possiblity of Stefanos Tsitsipas vs NoVaxx semi-final.

I love clay: the players have to work So Hard.

Tonight supper will be scrambled egg and mushrooms 🍄 and cauliflower.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2003. By John L. Breen. Murder novel.