Get Up*

Have a lovely time at my party. Lots of my friends and cousins attend. Luckily I have my big leopard print furry coat as it’s cold. Here are a couple of photos:

End up having a late night as one of my friends doesn’t turn up till ten o’clock. Hannah takes me home at eleven and can’t sleep till about half past one.

Oversleep this morning and fail to meet the London Ladies for brunch. Am determined not to let the panther ruin my day though: pushing him off the bed I dress and make it to the gym where I do four sets of all my weights:

Have lunch and a sleep. Wake up and read The Spa Decameron.

Mum alerts me to some tennis on BBC1. It’s mixed doubles from Wimbledon: John McEnroe and Kim Clijsters versus Andy Murray and Martina Navratilova. It’s to mark the reopening of Court 1 apparently. Soon it will be grass court season – yay.

I have an artichoke to cook for supper and then there’s new Midsomer Murders to watch tonight: Series 20. Can’t wait.

Yay! I see on the internet that Rafa has just beaten Novak in Rome to retain his title – winning his first clay title this season. That’s good – was worried about him. So hopefully don’t need to worry about him retiring yet.

Am listening to The Kinks whilst sitting up in bed and drinking lemon squash. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head in my lap. Stroking the soft back of his neck, I sip my drink.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1978. Song by The Kinks from the album Misfits.


See Dr Stein and he is sorry for me that the panther is here. The panther lies on the floor at my feet, head resting on his front paws, sleeping.

Work hard at Barre. Here I am:

Have lunch with parentals. Go outside to look for Fluffball and he is resting by the side of the road at the front of the house. Stroke him and tell him how much I love him and that will miss him whilst I’m away.

Back at the flat, meditate but can’t sleep. Start reading The Spa Decameron by Fay Weldon which arrived recently:

It’s brilliant of course.

Now need to get ready for my party tonight. Am going to wear my sequinned playsuit with my Michaela Louise pleated trousers and my Geox wedge trainers. Is usually hot enough to wear a dress on my birthday but not today.

Really don’t feel like celebrating but Hannah will pick me up at 6.45pm and it will be good to see various of my friends who will be there so will just forget about being forty and try to have a good evening.

Am listening to The Kinks.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1993. Song by The Kinks from the album Phobia.

Pouncing On Murder*

Fluffball comes in for a cuddle when I wake up this morning. He’s excellent at cuddles.

Work hard at Spin. It’s The Boss’s class – High End Endurance but I work Low End as the panther drags at my feet, weighing me down. Here we are:

Teach One Leg Circle in Pilates and teacher is pleased with me. Am glad that the panther doesn’t stop me being able to teach Pilates. Here we are:

My lovely teacher gives me some beautiful flowers:

And my friend gives me some Victoria’s Secret gym clothes. Lucky me. Am just going to look for that fluffy monster, wait a minute.

Can’t see him anywhere. Maybe he’s in his bedroom where Mum is teaching.

Am just back from Lung Function Test. Have to sit in a glass box and breathe into a tube – in and out several times. It’s not too bad.

It’s raining, grey and thirteen degrees. Hope the weather improves by tomorrow when I have birthday party outside. Wanted to wear a summer dress but that’s not going to happen. Will wear my Michaela Louise pleated black trousers and my sequinned playsuit.

Looking forward to supper and Gardeners’ World. Also, new series of Midsomer Murders starts on Sunday which is good.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2015. By Laurie Cass. A Bookmobile Cat Mystery Book 4.

You Can’t Stop The Music*

The Kinks’ album Soap Opera is forty four today so am listening to it. Have been sleeping.

Wake up and make it to Spin. Only just make it into the blue zone, never mind the green or yellow zones. The panther sits on the floor and drags my heels down. Here I am with The Master:

New Pro-gel nails at midday:

Am pleased with them. Walk home from the village.

I wish someone had told me how horrible Forty would feel. Usually people are falling over themselves to tell you how awful something is eg chemotherapy or surgery, both of which are preferable to turning forty. So consider yourself warned.

Unless of course it’s just me. Maybe for people who’ve got all their ducks in a row it’s fine. I suspect that it’s not just me though and that there are other people who’ve felt the same. It usually turns out that it’s not just me in these cases.

I have always had a problem about ageing though. Remember crying on my nineteenth birthday because I thought I was old.

The only bit of yesterday which was bearable was Barre which just goes to show that exercise really does make a difference. And watching Brian May at his hedgehog sanctuary at eight o’clock on Channel 5. Look it up. It’s called Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs 🦔.

Have a lovely cuddle with Fluffball this morning. He’s so excellent at cuddles.

Going to see the lung doctor at 6.15pm. Hopefully he will have some answers.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1975. Song by The Kinks from the album Soap Opera.

Death On Heron’s Mere*

Walk darling Gandalf and cuddle him in his house. He licks my face. He is excellent at cuddles. Love that boy:

Then go to Barre where they all make a fuss of me for my birthday:

Being Forty feels really horrible. Wish someone had warned me.

Mum’s friend comes round for lunch and we sit in the garden. The panther lies along the top of the wall, watching the squirrels on the bird feeder.

In the middle of the night Fluffball comes in to see me and curls up on my bed. Lie Very Still so as not to disturb him.

Have a sleep after lunch and wake up feeling a bit better. Some flowers arrive from brother:

Am sitting in the garden now in my sleepwear. It is warm and sunny and all the birds are singing. We see the heron fly over earlier.

Apparently the fluffy monster has been spotted lying down in the road. Hope he has heaved himself up and moved out of the road by now.

Am going to have my bath.

Parentals are taking me out to dinner later.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1941. By Mary Fitt. Detective novel starring Inspector Mallett. Country house murder story.


Mum picks me up to walk Dolly who is very pleased to see me: drooling and wagging her tail. She’s so adorable. Show you:

Then we drive to Whipsnade. The tigers are all sleeping in a group:

The cubs are so big now: they’ll probably be moving to other zoos for breeding soon.

Here are some deer from the drive through Asia:

We see the adult wolverines arguing loudly with each other as the babies have been taken away to be microchipped and the adults can’t find them:

Here is a lynx:

A cheetah:

A lion:

Here is the new baby giraffe Khari:

This young elephant is, I think, Elizabeth:

Not sure what the enrichment toy is that this bear is playing with:

On the way out we see a rhino:

Scimitar horned oryx:

There is a mother mara feeding her babies at the side of the road:

We have a really lovely day at Whipsnade. Finally the weather is warm.

Just finish reading White which is so brilliant. The people who really should read it: millennials, liberals – probably won’t. Have raced through it in two reading sessions: it really is unputdownable.

Am sitting on the sofa. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head in my lap. Stroking the soft back of his neck, I feel exhausted: miss my sleep this afternoon.

Supper is Quorn nuggets (your guess is as good as mine) with mushrooms.

Fluffball is lying on my bed. Will go and talk to him in a minute.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2019. By Bret Easton Ellis. Non-fiction book.

Big Magic*

Rafa is having a bad time at the moment which isn’t helping my mood. He hasn’t won a clay tournament yet this season: this time last year he’d won all of them. He has talked of retiring if he can’t play at the standard he likes to play at anymore. This is a worry. Of course he’s thirty two, almost thirty three. A generation ago he’d have retired already. It upsets me though. Maybe things will improve now in Rome. Really hope he’s in better form by the French Open: darling Rafa. Don’t want him to retire.

Wake up late this morning and drag self to the gym for personal training. Show you my Arm Extension:

Have to put some of my weights down, due to the panther dragging my feet, stopping me lifting as heavy weights as I like.

Finish reading Big Magic which is very readable and good on living a creative life. It’s not a book about how-to-write as such, more a guide to the creative process. Think I already do most of the things she suggests in the book eg turning up to my writing every day; keep buggering on and so on and so on. Recommend it, although if you’re after more of a how-to-write guide I suggest Stephen King’s On Writing.

Look what has arrived which am so excited to get stuck into next:

I love Bret Easton Ellis – he’s a massive influence on my own writing – and I love non-fiction so I cannot wait to read this.

Suzy is coming round later and we will have felafel and hummus to celebrate International Hummus Day.

Suzy is here already. Must go and entertain her.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2015. By Elizabeth Gilbert. “Creative living beyond fear”.

The Widow*

Am gripped by the recent ITV drama The Widow – starring Kate Beckinsale and set in the Congo. Watch three episodes last night and another two at lunchtime today. It’s completely absorbing. You can view it on the ITV player.

Really don’t feel like going to the gym this morning. The panther is lying on my chest so I can’t get up. Eventually I push him off me and make it to the gym. Here I am:

Once am there am OK and do four sets of all my weights.

Have been sleeping. Now am eating my mango which is sadly overripe and stringy. But it tastes fine.

My cousin is coming round for Pilates soon. Must drink my coffee and post this and will watch more of The Widow later.

The weather has improved: it’s sunny and a bit warmer. Let’s hope it continues to warm up.

My cousin comes for her Pilates lesson and we race through loads of moves. Must try to slow down. Is a good session though.

Big Magic has arrived which is this month’s book for the Goddess Collective so am going to crack on with it, even though am desperate to return to The Widow.

Hopefully it will be good. Have enjoyed other books by Elizabeth Gilbert in the past. Will return to The Widow at supper time.

There is a local black cat with white paws who visits my garden. Maybe will see him again today. I miss my Fluffball cuddles.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2019. Thriller. Stars Kate Beckinsale, Charles Dance, Olafur Darri Olafsson and Alex Kingston. Directed by Oliver Blackburn and Samuel Donovan. Written by Harry Williams and Jack Williams.

Lazy Old Sun*

Fluffball comes in to give me a cuddle when I wake up. I love my Fluffball to pieces.

Work hard at Spin. It’s a new Instructor who I don’t know who is covering The Princess’s classes whilst she’s on maternity leave. Princess back next week – yay. Here I am:

Then it’s Barre which really cheers me up. I love Barre. Show you:

Have a bath and wash hair. Mum takes me back to the flat and plants some red geraniums for me and changes my bed. Have my afternoon sleep in clean sheets.

My Kinks CDs arrive from my uncle in the Czech Republic so am listening to The VGPS one now:

It’s sunny outside. Maybe we will get some proper Spring weather soon. Think Mum said that it is going to warm up this week. Hope so.

My cousin is coming round at 5.30pm so had better post this and put some clothes on.

Here is Fluffball sleeping on my bed yesterday:

I just have the panther for company back at my flat. He is stretched out next to me resting his head on my shoulder. He licks my face with his rough tongue.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1967. Song by The Kinks. From the album Something Else.

Quiche Of Death*

Mum brings Fluffball in to see me this morning when I wake up and we have a cuddle. He’s my precious angel. We’re going away for my cousin’s wedding in a couple of weeks and Fluffball is booked into the Penthouse at the cattery. Only the best is good enough for him.

Work hard at Spin. Here I am with The Boss:

Teach Spine Twist in Pilates and it goes well and teacher is pleased with me. The panther doesn’t interfere with my Pilates teaching: he lies stretched out at the side of the room, underneath the barre, head resting on his front paws, eyes closed. It is nice and warm at the gym for him. Here I am with my teacher:

Have lunch and a sleep. Have been reading Mating In Captivity and have nearly finished it. Soon will start working on my Pilates theory again but am having a bit of a break.

Tonight we have English Asparagus for supper and then I have Spinach And Mushroom Bottomless Quiche which is my favourite.

Earlier today, have bath and shave legs for first time in ages. Hopefully soon will be able to wear summer clothes – it’s still about ten degrees here.

The panther lies curled up at the bottom of my bed, tail curled round his paws. He is sleeping.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1992. By MC Beaton. An Agatha Raisin Murder mystery novel, Book 1.