Much Obliged, Jeeves*

Wake up at 7am and stay awake. Still awake until after half past nine – for Strength class.

Then back to sleep. And when I wake up, I am awoken by by this person:

Walk around the garden in the garden with Mum and Fluffball.

After lunch, go to sleep and when I wake up, watch a very early Hitchcock.

Enjoy the film, which is is not his best, but well worth watching. Tomorrow I start PG Wodehouse: Much Obliged Jeeves.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1971. By PG Wodehouse. Jeeves Comic novel.

Aunt’s Aren’t Gentlemen^

Here is my light up flower bouquet. It is so pretty, isn’t it?

There are a couple of bad things hangs happening at the moment.

1. I’ve been been been feeling very confused and Dad decides it’s the cyclizine: so I’ve been reducing that and now, finally, stopped it. I already feel less unsteady.

2. My tummy is swollen but I have to wait for about ten days to drain it as afterwards the needle could puncture one or more of my organs.

Ugh: cancer side effects.

On the plus side: speak to brother in abroad.

Work hard at Pilates this morning.

*1974. By PG Wodehouse. Jeeves comic novel.

The World Of Jeeves*

The World of Fluffball- Asleep

Wake up and have breakfast. Back to sleep. of strength do Pilates which is a very hard class.

“This is such much hard work,” I tell the panther.

“You can do it it,”. The panther lies curled up in an undervalued hole.

* 1967. Collection oF PG Wodehouse short stories .

The Man Who Died Twice

Wake up at 7am and have breakfast. Don’t go back to sleep 😴. Go back to bed but finish the Ian Rankin and start the sequel. To The Thursday Murder Club. It’s great: funny and original. Cast mainly from the original. It’s called The Man Who Died Twice. Urge you to read it.

Strength is great: I recommend this class as well. It’s just 30 minutes and we cover every part of the body. Time flies,

Speak to my psychiatrist who agrees with all of us and so I’m going to continue phasing out the cyclizine. He is pleased with me.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep.

After sleep: wake up . The panther is lying on top of the bed. I cry.

“I just want a normal life,” I say.

“,You’ll never be normal,” the panther says.

On my duvet, I see my Fluffy. He makes me happy. The panther will make me happy.

*2021. By Richard Osman. Detective comic novel.

The Master*

Wake up early, have breakfast and go back to sleep.

There is a shortage of petrol, so sit in the car for an hour, waiting. Make it to the front of the queue and there is still petrol. Yay!

Go to Ayletts to look at the dahlias. They are stunning:

A view of the Celebration Garden where the dahlias are mixed in with other plants.

We have lunch 🥗 in the garden: apparently this is the last sunny day to sit outside for a while.

Meditate and sleep. Wake up and read more of my Federer book: The Master: the Brilliant Career of Roger Federer.

“Don’t get out of bed,” the panther says. “It’s bad for you.”

I look away from him.

Read more of my Federer book. It’s a great read.

I have to sleep now.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2021. Book by Christopher Clarer. Biography of Roger Federer

Forgotten Garden*

Mum wakes me up at 8am because I have Strength class at 8.45am.

Work hard at Strength which is a minute at a time of exercise with heavy weights. “You’re too week to do this” the panther says. I’m concentrating so hard on my exercises that I just keep going.

“I’m doing it. Look,” I say through gritted teeth. “I don’t have to be the best in the class I just have to KBO – Keep Buggering On – As Winston Churchill used to use to write”.

Go for lunch today at The Old Guinea in Ridge. Recommend it. Pleasant food and fabulous views. Mum has to rescue a grasshopper from my wig! Despite promises of 18 degrees and an overcast sky, it’s 21 and 🌞,

Look at our new plant – it’s a Liatris and we have two to fill up spaces in the Rockery.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2008. Kate Morton. Haunting crime thriller.

Coconut Layer Cake Murder*

Fluffball comes to rest on my bed whilst I’m doing my writing ✍️ this morning.

Wake up at half past five this morning and do Writing ✍️ with my Fluffball. Wander into the kitchen at seven o’clock and Mum is there making coffee ☕️.

Open a couple of cards:

Pull my Tarot card for the day:

Do Pilates at 10.45am. Work really hard. Chat to teacher and then Barre chums who sing happy birthday to me.

The flowers 💐 start arriving.:

From my brother in Abroad 💜
From my darling cousin.
Mum makes me the caterpillar 🐛 cake which I used to have when I was a small child. It tastes amazing!

Dad brings me back to the flat. I unpack the food and put it in the fridge and fruit bowl 🍏 🍌.

Feed the birds and hang up their suet-filled coconuts 🥥.

It’s 8.26pm and want to go to sleep 😴 soon.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2020. By Joanna Fluke. A Hannah Swenson murder mystery, book 25.

The Twelve Astrological Houses*

We learnt about the Twelve Houses and our Sun 🌞, moon 🌙 and ascendant ⬆️ last night in Astrology Course. I’m Taurus ♉️ Sun 🌞 in the Eighth House; Capricorn ♑️ Moon in the Fourth House and Libra ♎️ Ascendant in the First House. Am So Pleased with self for staying awake for the whole session from seven o’clock till nine thirty. Fall asleep around ten thirty.

Wake up at seven o’clock this morning and feel refreshed. Write eight pages of Memoir 🗒 🖊 ✍️ then see Fluffball before he goes out.

Return to bedroom and then it’s Pilates at ten forty five. Push self very hard and teacher is pleased with me.

Go to the White Horse in Shenley with parents for Birthday Lunch:

Our food is lovely but it’s about ten degrees 🥶 and cloudy ☁️. Still: it’s good to be out.

When we arrive hone, Fluffball is waiting outside the front door. We let him in. He tells me that he’s starving but Mum says she left some food out for him which he’s eaten. Eventually, he gives up and goes out.

Presents and cards are coming a few at a time. Am excited for Birthday tomorrow which is going to include: writing, watching The Pursuit Of Love; lunch, sleep, back to the flat.

Fluffball is in my bedroom looking after me: the precious angel 😇.

If you want to give me a present 🎁 and haven’t decided what to get, please message me or write in the comments here. Thank you so much everyone.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2010. By Dane Rudhyar. The greatest astrologer of the Twentieth Century.

One Day In May*

May A to Z

Asparagus, artichokes


Camellias, chemotherapy restarts today on a lower dose. So far: haven’t vomited 🤮

Dying to Get Out and socialise.

Exercising outdoors

Fluffball sleeping in my bed as I write this.


Hellebores, House Martins

In Bloom selling lots of copies 🙏

Jersey Royal potatoes 🥔

Knights – adult Lego ones are coming.

Loving life, lemurs at the Zoos.

Morphine dose increase

Nothing will help me except a Positive Mindset, which I cultivate.

Often wishing it would just stop raining

Pansies still going strong, Petunia time soon fingers crossed 🤞

Querents wanting lots of Tarot Readings

Robins raising their chicks 🐣 in the Laurel hedge.

Salvias recovering at last and new ones coming 💃 spring cleaning: tidy my medicine 💊 cabinet: see photo above.

Tits: Great Tits, Coal Tits, Long-tailed Tits are all raising their chicks in the hedge or at the least, very close.

Underneath the ground in their warrens, baby rabbits 🐇 will soon be up and about.

Volcanic eruptions 🌋

Writing the Memoir and am finally, as of this week, adding new material. Aiming for five pages Every Day this month

X-rays to see what the cancer’s up to in my spine and bones 🦴

Yellow clothes and accessories. Daffodils are in their last period before death.

Zolpidem is making me sleep: something is Working at last.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2010. By Catherine Allier. Rural romantic novel.


Wake up and do my Barre class on Zoom. It’s a tough class and I work hard.

Sit in the garden and read my book. It is sunny but not that warm.

Lockdown continues and I feel miserable about it. Miss going out and seeing my friends and having an independent life. And yet when we see other people when we’re out walking I feel So Nervous in case any of them have the virus that I wonder whether I’ll ever be able to socialise again. Has our world been changed forever by this virus.

It could be the panther making me have such a bleak view of everything. I wish he would go back where he goes when he’s not here.

Fluffball is in now and I’m sitting on the sofa having a ginger drink.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2005. By Peter May. Crime thriller set in a pandemic.