Much Obliged, Jeeves*

Wake up at 7am and stay awake. Still awake until after half past nine – for Strength class.

Then back to sleep. And when I wake up, I am awoken by by this person:

Walk around the garden in the garden with Mum and Fluffball.

After lunch, go to sleep and when I wake up, watch a very early Hitchcock.

Enjoy the film, which is is not his best, but well worth watching. Tomorrow I start PG Wodehouse: Much Obliged Jeeves.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1971. By PG Wodehouse. Jeeves Comic novel.

The Man Who Died Twice

Wake up at 7am and have breakfast. Don’t go back to sleep 😴. Go back to bed but finish the Ian Rankin and start the sequel. To The Thursday Murder Club. It’s great: funny and original. Cast mainly from the original. It’s called The Man Who Died Twice. Urge you to read it.

Strength is great: I recommend this class as well. It’s just 30 minutes and we cover every part of the body. Time flies,

Speak to my psychiatrist who agrees with all of us and so I’m going to continue phasing out the cyclizine. He is pleased with me.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep.

After sleep: wake up . The panther is lying on top of the bed. I cry.

“I just want a normal life,” I say.

“,You’ll never be normal,” the panther says.

On my duvet, I see my Fluffy. He makes me happy. The panther will make me happy.

*2021. By Richard Osman. Detective comic novel.

The Mating Season*

Wake up about 7am, have breakfast and then fall back asleep until 8.30am.

Strength at 9am but phone won’t let me log in. This goes on till 9.12am when it suddenly works, so I manage the rest of the class.

Katie the mental health person cancels due to circumstances out of her control.

Go to cancer hospital for blood tests and COVID-19 test. That at least goes smoothly.

Back at hope I prepare for lunch: barbecue – yay.

“Why don’t you ever do anything,” the panther says, looking up from the terrace next to me. “You could be helping your mother in the kitchen or…”

“I’m too ill,” I tell him. “Too weak”.

Well you’ll get no sympathy from me,” he says.

Fluffball, nearby, hisses at the panther, who saunters off. He’s scared of Fluffball

Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep. When I wake up, take a promenade around to see what’s new in the garden:


Now I’m back in bed with my Fluffball guarding me whilst I prepare to sleep.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1949. By PG Wodehouse. Comic novel in the Jeeves series.

The Heart Of A Goof*

Wake up about 6.30am, starving. After breakfast, return to sleep till 9.30am. Pilates is 10.45am so I start reading Joy In The Morning. It’s so good and so funny.

Lunch and then meditation 🧘‍♀️ and sleep. Don’t wake up till 4pm. Have my snack and then Mum helps me with my bath 🛁.

Now am back in bed. Fluffball was sitting on my windowsill:

Now the Fluffball is under my dressing table.

The panther looks up at me, from the floor.

“You’re so fat, Don’t even think about wearing those shorts.”

“I’m not fat,” I say, with conviction, “I’m just constipated”.

“Who cares,” says the panther, turning away from me. He is keeping well away from the panther: they’ve had a recent altercation in which Fluffy came out on top.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1926. By PG Wodehouse, Collection of nine short stories.

Forgotten Garden*

Mum wakes me up at 8am because I have Strength class at 8.45am.

Work hard at Strength which is a minute at a time of exercise with heavy weights. “You’re too week to do this” the panther says. I’m concentrating so hard on my exercises that I just keep going.

“I’m doing it. Look,” I say through gritted teeth. “I don’t have to be the best in the class I just have to KBO – Keep Buggering On – As Winston Churchill used to use to write”.

Go for lunch today at The Old Guinea in Ridge. Recommend it. Pleasant food and fabulous views. Mum has to rescue a grasshopper from my wig! Despite promises of 18 degrees and an overcast sky, it’s 21 and 🌞,

Look at our new plant – it’s a Liatris and we have two to fill up spaces in the Rockery.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2008. Kate Morton. Haunting crime thriller.

The Red Dahlia*

Mum wakes me up at 8am as have strength class at 9. The class is So Tough but I do it and am pleased with sell.

We attend the Ayletts Nursuries Dahlia Show Ground. I wear a pretty dress – L’Onkel Paris from Myla Clare in Radlett, and a cardigan but am freezing 🥶.

Bishop of Llandaff

Come home and talk to my psychiatrist. Tell him that mood has lifted a bit, so that’s good.

Lunch, meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep. Don’t sleep that much, which isn’t that great.

Watch a television programme tracking animals. The individuals we are focused on today are bears in Turkey and sheep guarding dogs in France. It is fascinating: the animals wear collets with camera collars, so we can see everything that they get up to: even at night.

Read some more of Uncle Fred In The Springtime. I have started feeling sick again, so I just have soup for supper.

Fluffball is asleep under my chair.

The panther looks content since Fluffball is nohwhere to be seen.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2011. By Lynda La Plante. Crime fiction thriller.


Beautiful and unusual fuchsia
Sunflower 🌻
A section of the pink and purple bed.
Achillea and a delicate sunflower 🌻

Don’t have an exercise class this morning, which makes the panther annoyed:

“I want you to be unhappy. Exercise makes you happy. And you deserve to feel unhappy because you’re So Horrible to your parents.”

“I love my parents”. I say, turning away from him. “They know how much I love them. You don’t know how much I…”

“How nice” he says. “And a bit too neat. I know you drive them away from me, how you disappoint everyone.”

“I don’t,” I say. “Leave me.”

He’s pads out of the room, turning round, fixing his amber eyes. He’ll be back later, I know.

It rains, it rains, it rains. I know the panther will back here: cleaning the rain off himself by licking his paw and rubbing the wettest-August- since- records began rain.

Speak to my Sunday morning chat group.

Have lunch with parents and then meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep.

Then watch the Olympics 3 Metre diving, which seems impossible: all those turns and twists in a few seconds before they hit the water.

Am now in my bed, with Fluffball on top of the duvet. I’m so grateful to my to my special precious angel for looking after me so much.

Still have terrible constipation and am am So Tired.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1998. By Martha Powers. Murder mystery serial killer novel.

Books, Barbecue and Murder*

Wake up, not feeling well and with pain in back. Make it to the kitchen to take my morning pills and it turns out that I missed some of my morphine from last night.

No exercise in class on Sunday, so I return to sleep for a bit.

Some people come over for a barbecue:

Look at Dad. Just look at his mastery over his machine.

I can’t eat much as I’m not feeling well today, but am glad to have some non-parental company. I go to bed in Mum’s bed so I’m not kept awake by the noise of the chat.

Wake up and have some pavlova, left over from lunchtime. I love Pavlova.

Watch Max Whitlock’s Gold-Medal-Willow winning routine. Now am in my bed with Fluffball watching me from under my chair.

“Look how useless and pathetic you are, the panther says, lying next to me, resting his heavy head on my shoulder. “Only awake for two hours today: no wonder that no one wants to spend time with you. And you shouldn’t eat Pavlova: you need to stop eating so much.”

I try to ignore him but his harsh words exhaust me.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2019. By Lori Words. A Story Tree Cozy mystery, Book 5


Wake up and do my Barre class on Zoom. It’s a tough class and I work hard.

Sit in the garden and read my book. It is sunny but not that warm.

Lockdown continues and I feel miserable about it. Miss going out and seeing my friends and having an independent life. And yet when we see other people when we’re out walking I feel So Nervous in case any of them have the virus that I wonder whether I’ll ever be able to socialise again. Has our world been changed forever by this virus.

It could be the panther making me have such a bleak view of everything. I wish he would go back where he goes when he’s not here.

Fluffball is in now and I’m sitting on the sofa having a ginger drink.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2005. By Peter May. Crime thriller set in a pandemic.

Claws For Concern*

Go for a walk with Mum this morning in Aldenham and we take a different path back and end up getting lost and consequently going for a very long walk.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Wake up and finish reading my book.

Fluffball is now in:

He is truly the most precious boy in the world. I love him so much.

Film Chap (remember him) is back from Detroit and back in touch. He has had Coronavirus and has been Very Tired since recovering from it and has made a film about Coronavirus possibly causing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I hope he recovers soon.

Tonight parentals are getting fish and chips from a restaurant. I will have a veggie burger and a baked potato and salad.

Am lying on my bed writing this and the panther lies curled up at the bottom of my bed, sleeping.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2018. By Miranda James. A Cat in the stacks mystery, Book 9.