Final Gig*

Just a quick one as am off to my new boy’s gig on the other side of town.

Am a bit nervous and need to trowel on some make-up as all the other punters will be teenagers should think.  But am wearing my galaxy dress.  This one:

Also am getting Uber there as CBA with public transport.

Here are some photos from the cemetery earlier.  Walk around there for ages as it’s stuffed full of Pokémon and Pokestops.

Have good session with psychologist who is pleased with me and have even achieved a short sleep.  Had planned to have a wash but haven’t managed that.

Hope tummy won’t be too bad in the pub loo.  Oh dear.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1991.  By George Eells.  Biography of Gig Young the actor who killed his wife and himself in a murder/ suicide.

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me*

Watching Planet Earth II with the parentals and my fluffy monster.  He’s just been helping me to achieve a bath: sitting on the bathroom floor to keep me company.  So now am clean and dry and in sleepwear under my furry blanket.

Dad is in his chair, resting.  Mum sits next to me on the sofa.

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Sleep through the night till 7.15am or so.
  2. Discover that yesterday George Michael died of a heart attack aged just fifty three.  This is very sad.
  3. Listen to George Michael Twenty Five whilst walking to Pokestop.
  4. Collect special one-use incubator from Pokestop at railway station.
  5. Lily meets me to hunt Pokémon in the village.
  6. We see this person in the garden this morning:
  7. He (or she) climbs up onto the bird table to capture some bread that Mum has put out for the birds.
  8. We keep the fluffy monster inside for his own safety during the fox’s visit.
  9. Walk back into village again after lunch.
  10. Bump into a Spin chum with her Japanese Spitz.
  11. Walk home.
  12. Achieve bath with the assistance of the fluffy monster.
  13. Remember that we have cheese knives earlier.  Look:
  14. Now it’s dark again and am exhausted as usual.
  15. Need to rest so that am fresh for Two Hour Bank Holiday Spin tomorrow.

Happy Boxing Day everyone!

*1991.  Single by George Michael and Elton John from the album Duets.  Song written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin in 1974 and appeared on the 1974 album Caribou.  It was the album’s first single.


  1. Push self hard at Spin today.  Here is graph:
  2. Spin outfit photo is attached: note new sheep-emblazoned leggings and fluorescent yellow bra top from Sweaty Betty.
  3. Wander around the Farmers’ Market with Mum.
  4. Purchase this teapot and some tea to go with it:
  5. The yellow elephant contains black tea from the Williamson Tea Changoi farm in Kenya which is infused with lemon:
  6. The other teas are Green Tea and Lifestyle Health Tea from – purchased at the Farmers’ Market, with the teapot which is made in China and comes with the four little cups.
  7. Cuddle the fluffy monster.  Here he is with Mum, coming to see me for a morning cuddle:
  8. Walk around the village, catching Pokémon and hatching eggs.
  9. Wash self, hair and Spin clothes and hang them up to dry.
  10. Listen to Leonard Cohen.
  11. Psychiatrist is pleased with me when I see him this morning.  So that’s good.

Now it is supper time at last and then bed.  Am exhausted.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2014.  Song by Leonard Cohen from the 2014 album Popular Problems.

Stories Of The Street*

Waiting at the bus stop.  My fingers are cold as I write this whilst wearing my fingerless Owl gloves from the John Lewis Children’s department.  Need to paint nails.

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Sleep through till 6.30am.
  2. Make and eat breakfast.
  3. Listen to Pixie Geldof’s album I’m Yours.  It’s beautiful.
  4. Listen to Leonard Cohen.
  5. Make it to The Office early!
  6. Do Important Work all day.
  7. Hatch an egg. 
  8. Walk around catching Pokémon at lunchtime.  There are many of them about near The Office.
  9. Make it to Level 22 on Pokémon Go. 
  10. Get paid for work and put cheque into the bank.
  11. Walk to bus stop in the freezing darkness.
  12. Now am on bus which rumbles along the road slowly.
  13. Will be home by six o’clock more or less.

Tonight am going to:

  1. Make and consume The Omelette.
  2. Have early night.
  3. Read The Princess Diarist.
  4. Paint nails.

Tomorrow need to:

  1. Attend gym and lift weights.
  2. Return to parentals as it’s the Book Group at the bookshop.
  3. Must flick through The Millstone again so have something intelligent to say about it.
  4. Maybe will meet some fascinating people.

Am so pleased with self for achieving a day of Important Work but am not attending The Office tomorrow as one day is enough for this week.

Can’t wait to see my fluffy monster tomorrow.  Hate being separated from him.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1967.  Song by Leonard Cohen from the 1967 album Songs Of Leonard Cohen.

Diamonds In The Mine*

So I suppose it’s time to write a present list.  Let’s see:

1.  One of those natural light lamps to help with SAD.

2.  Better external battery for phone.  This pink one needs so much charging that it’s almost useless.

3.  Fluffy Pokémon toys:

Don’t put “fluffy Pokémon” into Google though because it brings up disgusting results.  There is something wrong with some people.  The correct search term is “Pokemon soft toys” or “soft Pokémon toys”.

4.  Grey over-the-knee boots.  These ones perhaps:

They will look excellent with silver coat.

5.  Tights with back seams.  They used to sell them in John Lewis am sure but couldn’t find any the last couple of times.  Gipsy heart back seam ones or Jonathan Aston Vintage Legs are good.  They are on :

6.  Sweaty Betty gift card.  There is nothing wrong with a gift card as a present, don’t think.  As long as it is for a shop that one likes:

7.  Spin leggings from:

That is enough to be getting on with.  Attached photo is today’s gym outfit.

Look who have captured today!

Caught a rattata and it just turned into him.  If only there was a function in the game to cuddle one’s Pokémon…

Happy Friday everyone!
*1971.  Song by Leonard Cohen from the 1971 album Songs of Love and Hate.

Catch Me If You Can*

It’s hot on the bus but that’s it: two days at The Office.  Done, dusted and it has to be said: it’s a triumph!  Somehow manage to Pull Self Together; KBO and Achieve Important Work.

Achievements of the day:

  1. Make it to The Office.
  2. Read a play and write a good report on it.
  3. Catch lots of Pokemon and make it to level 9.
  4. Of which much more later…
  5. Speak to the EMDR person and arrange First Session next Wednesday.  Excited.
  6. Hardly think about Seb or my illnesses at all: The Joy of The Office!  Work heals all wounds.
  7. Sorry – Pokémon stop break.  Where were we?  Ah yes!  Better late than never have started my Nanowrimo project!
  8. And emailed it to self.  Have not got that far with it yet due to Important Work.
  9. Are you playing Pokémon Go yet?  Because soon you will be, mark my words…
  10. When will we know who is the next American president?
  11. It should probably be Prince Harry now that he has an American girlfriend…
  12. It’s hard not to become distracted as everyone else in my bus seems to be chatting on their phones in a variety of languages.
  13. Am Team Mystic, the blue one, with MadFatRunner.  Lily is Team Red.
  14. Right, the power lines are down on the train so seem to be on the underground.
  15. People are still chatting on their phones though and there are no seats.
  16.  Am resting on not-a-seat-but-a-whatever-it-is.  It is dirty.
  17. At least have done plenty of walking.  And made it to Level 10!
  18. And writing.
  19. And soon will be home.
  20. Where can cuddle the fluffy monster.

The attached photo is a Pokémon wallpaper.  It is me, asleep, dreaming of catching them.

The above photo is today’s outfit.  Top: Ceci from Yates Buchanan.  Trousers: Ronen Chen from Yates Buchanan.  Secret support vest from John Lewis.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2002.  True Crime film starring Leonardo di Caprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen.  Screenplay by Jeff Nathanson, adapted from the 2003 book by Frank Abagnale Jr and Stan Redding called Catch Me If You Can: The True Story Of A Real Fake.