The World Of Jeeves*

The World of Fluffball- Asleep

Wake up and have breakfast. Back to sleep. of strength do Pilates which is a very hard class.

“This is such much hard work,” I tell the panther.

“You can do it it,”. The panther lies curled up in an undervalued hole.

* 1967. Collection oF PG Wodehouse short stories .

Uncle Fred In The Springtime*

Orange rose
Ebb Tide rose
View of the rockery

Wake up early but then find that Personal Training isn’t till 10.45am. Talk to my brother on WhatsApp for a bit: it is good to hear his voice.

Personal Training is tough but I enjoy it. Do a mixture of strength – weights, Pilates and planks. I have become much better at planks since before Lockdown, which is one way of charting fitness, my teacher explains. An increase in ability to do planks is a measurable way to show better fitness.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Wake up and finish Leave It To Psmith. Am about to start Uncle Fred In The Springtime. This is also in the PG Wodehouse Blandings Castle series of comic novels. I’m enjoying the books So Much.

We watch Episode 1, Series 10 of The Secret Life of the Zoo, which is excellent and includes a baby elephant Anjan who wakes up his mum in the middle of the night to play; a Hyacinth macaw who may have a deadly virus and keepers’ attempt to mate Golden Lion frogs.

Fluffball went under my bed and is now on the windowsill. The panther lies curled up at the bottom of my bed. Every so often he swishes his tail or flicks an ear, just to let me know that he’s just in a light doze and could wake up and start haranguing me at any moment.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1939. By PG Wodehouse. Comic novel in the Blandings Castle series.

Belly Up*

Am not sick last night and sleep well so that’s a relief.

Have an excellent morning with Mum at Whipsnade. It’s freezing 🥶: eight degrees and cloudy. We arrive at ten o’clock and the park is empty. Take my proper camera 📸 out for the first time since our last trip to Whipsnade in the summer when Lockdown was paused – so most of my photos are on there.

We have brilliant views of the lions 🦁, rhinos 🦏, hippos 🦛 and elephants 🐘. The camels 🐫, yak, alpacas 🦙, marabou storks, cheetahs, white rhinos 🦏, zebras 🦓 and tigers 🐅 are on my camera.

We sit outside at a picnic 🧺 table to eat our packed lunch: egg 🥚 sandwiches 🥪 and cut up carrots 🥕 and cucumber 🥒.

Mum buys me some tiger 🐯, lion 🦁 and zebra 🦓 socks 🧦 in the shop and two Zoo pencils ✏️.

I’m Really Proud of myself for managing So Much walking. Feel so happy at Whipsnade with all my animals.

The vet phones when we get home. Fluffball is allowed out tomorrow so that’s good: he’s been moping around the house all week.

Tomorrow I have a pre-radiotherapy scan at the hospital 🏥 and Personal Training at one o’clock.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2010. By Stuart Gibbs. Children’s mystery novel in which Teddy Fitzroy and his friends investigate the suspicious death of a hippo.

The Family Legacy*

Have a terrible evening last night. Am sick a lot after supper. Then I’m sick again in bed 🛌 at ten thirty into a plastic Tupperware box. It’s So Horrible.

Meditate and drop off to sleep at about half past eleven. Have a good sleep: don’t wake up until six thirty this morning.

We are keeping Fluffball in as his allergy is so bad. We have cuddles this morning. Let’s just go and see him now. Here are the photos that they took of him at the cattery two years ago, when we were in Abroad.

Astrology Conference today is brilliant again. Watch five talks and learn a lot. I’m So Proud of myself for:

  1. Being able to focus and concentrate and make notes and get into a flow state whilst I’m studying.
  2. Pushing myself to work So Hard when I feel So Ill.
  3. How much progress I’ve already made since October: I can read charts with confidence now which is Amazing.

After lunch have a drive with Mum through Shenley and up to Sopwell and back. We toy with the idea of walking at Shenley but the car park is full.

Make it home at two forty and decide to attend one of the three o’clock lectures. Mum brings me a Kiwi 🥝.

This morning I start my new anti-sickness pills 💊. Let’s hope that they work. They have terrible side effects but nothing has happened yet.

Have a new Tarot client who has just paid me so I’ll do her Reading tomorrow. She’s one of my Barre friends and wants to know about her career which is good: I really enjoy Career Readings.

Astrology Conference is now over which is so sad. I love Astrology: it takes my mind off my aches and pains and reminds me that everything is connected and this too shall pass. As above, so below as we say in the esoteric community. The planets 🪐 speak to us and we can understand the music of the spheres.

I’m tired but it’s a good sort of tired from using my brain 🧠.

Sixteen year old brother and sister cats 🐈 🐈‍⬛ have gone missing in my road. I’ve befriended their owner on Facebook. Please let them be found and returned home unharmed.

I must not let this vomiting 🤮 business control my life and my thoughts. Now I’m going to do my Tarot Card for the Day. Please ask the Universe to not make me throw up again tonight.

We’re watching the Men’s Doubles Final from Monte Carlo earlier today. Sadly, we already know that Dan and Neal lost to Pavic and Mektic.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2016. By Brian Clark. Astrology book.

Peaky Blinders*

Wake up at six o’clock. Dad has set the heating to come on at six now, so it’s freezing 🥶 but starts to warm up.

Bump into Mum in the kitchen at six twenty and she cuts me up an apple.

Finish Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking: what a wonderful and hilarious book! Read it!

Work really hard at Pilates and have chat with lovely teacher afterwards.

After lunch we walk to the postbox to send a letter ✉️ and then around the garden.

Can’t do anything in bedroom as we have my beautiful Bluebell Gray duvet cover from John Lewis on now:

Yes, that’s the Memoir manuscript you can see where my pillows ought to be:

Working on it today ✅ 💪! Have deleted a couple of weak scenes and need to add my breakup with Seb but have blanked it out due to the therapy I had for my PTSD resulting from being dumped at my flat. So not sure what to do? Have asked Hannah and Suzy if they remember anything but they don’t 😩.

Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep. Then wake up and have a mango 🥭 and some mango 🥭 and passion fruit cheesecake 🍰 from the Farm. It’s delicious.

Am sad and shocked as Helen McCrory the brilliant, beautiful, wonderful actress has just died aged fifty two from cancer. She kept her diagnosis secret 😭 💔. I saw her on stage as Rosalind in As You Like It and she was Magnificent. More recently she’s starred in five series of one of my favourite shows: Peaky Blinders. I will miss her So Much. Fuck cancer 😡.

Mum is at the vet with Fluffball who has been scratching a hole in his face under his eye 👁. He is the best boy: he walked into his basket without making any fuss. When he was a baby we purchased Bruce Fogle’s cat book and Bruce says to leave the carrier open in your cat’s room so he sees it as a safe place. Fluffy often rests in there. Consequently, it’s no trouble to put him in it to attend the vet. Precious angel Fluffball.

Rafa is losing to Rublev. He’s having a bad day at the office. Ah well. He’ll be better by Roland Garros we hope! He’s now ahead in the second set. VAMOS RAFA 🎾 🐐.

Mum and Fluffball are back armed with new pills 💊. We just give them to him. He is just 6.2kg the good boy but wouldn’t let vet take any blood: he did growling. He has to stay in for a whole week as apparently the tree pollen is bad. Poor Fluffy monster.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2013-18 TV series starring Helen McCrory, Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson and Sophie Rundle. Written and created by Steven Knight. Brilliant.

The Tulip Touch*

Amazing success last night: stay up till half past nine last night after supper at six o’clock. Meditate and sleep and Am Not Sick! Sleep the whole night till six o’clock in my own bed 🛌.

Wake up feeling refreshed and do a Tarot Reading for my trainer, Pilates and Barre teacher. It’s a one hour one but takes me ninety minutes and it’s only six cards. You can see it above. Deck: The Groovy Waite, Spread: Decision-maker from The Tarot Bible. She is really pleased with it so I’m happy.

Walk around the garden 🪴 with Mum, photographing the tulips 🌷, King Cup Buttercups and the new viburnum. This is my favourite time of year: late Spring – April and May.

Walk to the letter box and back with Mum in the sunshine 🌞.

Work hard at Barre and chat to my teacher and chums afterwards.

Have early lunch: baked potato 🥔, cottage cheese, avocado 🥑, sweet corn 🌽, red cabbage 🥬, cucumber 🥒, lettuce and a Lindt Lindor truffle.

Meditate and sleep 😴. Wake up and have toast and marmalade and pineapple 🍍.

Give Fluffball his pill 💊: he’s up to a whole steroid tablet per day which is the maximum dose. He’s scratching the hole under his eye though. If he’s not better by Friday we’re speaking to his vet. He is such a worry – the precious angel 😇.

Have supper: vegetable 🌶 🫒 🫑 🧅 quiche and tender stem broccoli 🥦 and a Diet Coke.

Now we’re watching Rafa’s match from earlier today. He has a beautiful lilac and pale pink outfit.

Fluffball is sleeping on the spotty sofa after cleaning his ears and the stripes on his back.

Going to stay up again till nine o’clock or so and then fingers crossed for a good night’s sleep 😴.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1996. By Anne Fine. Children’s novel inspired by the Jamie Bulger case.

The Beautician’s Notebook*

Violently sick 🤮 again last night and have to sleep with Mum again. Sleep well and return to own bed at six o’clock this morning. It’s bitterly cold 🥶 in my room so I keep on my dressing gown and tracksuit trousers and huddle under my duvet and blanket.

Mum hangs out the sheets in the garden and Fluffball climbs up on a chair, under a sheet. Can’t see him but see the sheet moving as he makes himself comfortable.

Break my old CD 💿 player last week and new one arrives last night. It’s amazing:

The LED lights move round as the music plays 🎶.

Speak to my Macmillan nurse: lovely Liz. She is coming round next Tuesday. It will be good to see her: she is so kind, helpful and knowledgeable.

Walk round to Kathy to purchase some cards and cuddle the dogs and chickens. Fluffball trots after us and I have to put him back in the house.

Work hard at Pilates and teacher is pleased with me. It’s an uncertain time for her as some people are deciding to return to the gym. They must be mad when we can do Barre and Pilates over Zoom, rolling out of bed to do classes in our sleepwear. My Pilates teacher and friend have bought wigs so they can wear them out with me. They’re such good friends: it’s really touching.

Arranging things to do for Birthday on 15th May: lunch with my Barre chums on Monday 17th May – thank G-d there are six of us. Out Out to sit outside the Pembroke Castle 🏰 in Primrose Hill at 6pm on Saturday 22nd May. Am So Excited.

Attend the beautician today 💅🏻 for the first time since I think last February. Now have fluorescent pink glittery toes. Forgot how long it takes: one hour and ten minutes. There are no copies of Hello there anymore so just fiddle with my phone and speak to Albanian Sara who is just learning English. Have to wear a mask 😷 which I really hate as I can’t breathe properly in it because of my lungs 🫁. Won’t be returning in a hurry.

Jade who did my Minx toes has left. Sylvie is the new owner and just charged me for bikini line wax as so little hair on legs. This is So Kind of her. Really recommend Beauty Secrets in Radlett: have been going there for years. They are very busy at the moment so I’d book well in advance.

We have a new eating plan to avoid me being sick at night but… wait… I feel very sick already 😢. New Plan is big lunch, meditate and sleep, tea and then tiny supper at six o’clock: staying out of bed till nine o’clock.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2017. By Anne Clinhard Barnhill. Murder mystery novel in which a beautician is stabbed through the heart.

Dark Side*

Reading Sarah Hepola’s Blackout and it’s brilliant. Never had blackouts when I was an alcoholic, thank G-d, she makes them so frightening. I’m going to return to it when I’ve posted this.

Go to bed last night at ten o’clock after watching a bit of a programme about darling Prince Philip, RIP 🪦. He will be much missed. I’m going to write to the Queen 👑.

Wake up at six o’clock, tired. Pull a card for myself from my Dreams Of Gaia Tarot:

It’s a beautiful deck which has its own system and I’m only now, after eighteen months of Tarot, confident to read it.

Work hard at Pilates at quarter past nine. Then read Blackout: sticking my rainbow 🌈 post it markers in it.

Go for a walk round the garden with Mum. The tulips 🌷 that are meant to be pink 💖 and purple 💜 are all red again. They were red last year and these are the apparently pink and purple replacements. Mum will have to tell Hayloft that they’re all red. Again.

It’s my friend’s birthday 🎂 and she pays me to do her a Career Tarot Reading:

Have cottage cheese and Marmite on toast with cauliflower, lettuce 🥬, cabbage, French beans, sweet corn 🌽, and palm hearts for lunch 🥗.

Sage my room to dispel negativity:

Meditate and have an early sleep 😴 as I have a Tarot lecture by Robert M Place about the origins of the Major Arcana at four o’clock. It’s wonderful. We learn all about Plato and Hermeticism as well as the early Tarot decks from 1460s Italy: the Visconti Sforza and the Minchiate Etruria from Florence.

Mum helps me with my bath 🛁 and then we have split pea and barley soup 🍲 with bread 🍞 and cheese 🧀 for supper.

Fluffball comes into my room to nurse me for a bit after supper. He’s my precious angel 😇. He sits on my windowsill 🪟 and gazes outside where it’s not even dark yet at twenty two minutes past eight. Oh I love Spring!

Right: back to Blackout.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2011. By Belinda Bauer. Crime fiction novel.

Murder In The Dog Days*

Very ill from chemo last night: massive temperature 🤒. Spend the night sweating in Mum’s bed whilst she thought I was dying.

Wake up at 6.30am after nine and a half hours of sleep. Still have temperature 🤒 over thirty seven. Go back to own bed to whimper 😪 with upset tummy 💩.

Do three Tarot readings:

Achieve three New satisfied customers.

Fluffball has my afternoon sleep with me. I’m stretched out and he’s curled up under the covers:

Go for walk around the garden 🪴. Supper is asparagus risotto with goat 🐐 cheese and roasted cauliflower.

Now I’m back in bed. Let’s hope that temperature 🤒 doesn’t return tonight and that I get a good night of sleeping.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1990. P. M. Carlson. Locked room Murder mystery novel relying on a thermostat.

Tarot And Astrology* Again

This video doesn’t exist

Sleep well last night. Wake up and do a Mind-Body-Soul Tarot Reading for myself. Go for a walk up and down Beech Avenue with Mum and back pain isn’t too bad.

Chat to my besties at ten o’clock. It’s good to talk to them. Then walk around the garden with Mum looking at the daffodils 🌼 and hyacinths, pansies, hebe and heather. Fluffball comes in the garden 🪴 with us and does running with his tail all fluffed-up.

Attend my crystal dealer The Crystal Inn’s Spring Equinox Sale and buy an amazing UFO 🛸 pendulum.

Have lunch 🥗 with the parentals and then Mum helps me with my bath 🛁.

At two o’clock, settle down with Fluffball for my sleep. He falls asleep immediately but I meditate 🧘‍♀️ but can’t sleep 😴 as I’m stressed about when I’m going to do the ten Tarot Readings I have lined up. Aiming to do two per day Monday to Friday. Am determined to keep my weekends for rest and relaxation as Tarot Readings are so draining.

Look at my stunning new Bluebell Grey duvet set from John Lewis. I love it So Much 🛌.

Am rereading Tarot And Astrology by Corrine Kenner and putting post-its in it. Now I’m far enough along with my Astrology Course to incorporate it into my Tarot Readings. It’s an excellent book. Fluffball sleeps whilst I read.

Chat to MadFatRunner when Fluffball wakes up and heads up to the kitchen to ask Mum for his supper.

It’s aubergine 🍆 and goat’s 🐐 cheese bake for supper which I love.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2011. By Corrine Kenner. Enhance your Readings with the wisdom of the Zodiac.