The Death Of Downton Tabby*

It’s The Boss’s class today – you can see us in the above photos – and it’s Fartlek which, as you ought to remember, means speed play in Swedish. Find self working Very Hard as you can see in graph:

Look at all that yellow for over eighty percent effort.

Come home from Spin and have lunch and a sleep. The fluffy monster spends a lot of time sleeping inside today as it’s raining. Here is a soggy monster:

Some people think that he’s not clever but they’re wrong: he’s quite brilliant at cleaning himself. Notice that wonderful Tail.

The parentals go out for lunch in the rain. I do sleeping and the fluffy monster exercises outside when the rain stops.

Now we’re all watching Gardeners’ World. Dad is sleeping. The fluffy monster is up in the hall, waiting for someone to give him some supper. It’s 5.53pm so not yet his suppertime. Mum stopped his steroids a week ago but he’s Still Really Hungry. We’re waiting for the Extreme Hunger to wear off. Can hear him sneezing up the other end of the house.

Need an Early Night as am Working Every Day next week: new Bearded Collie Client Every Day; Dolly on Tuesday; Gandalf on Thursday. Also Spin most days so hope can manage all this. Tired.

Bodyguard finale tonight! Can’t wait!

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2016. By Mandy Morton. Stars Hettie and Tilly Of The Number 2 Feline Detective Agency. Cat cozy Murder Mystery novel.

Blood Of Gemini*

It’s 5.10pm. Have been sleeping. The fluffy monster is sleeping under my bed where he’s been since one o’clock. Naughty fluffy monster.

Meet my new client today. She weighs about 3kg, less than half the weight of the fluffy monster. Have to cuddle her for an hour twice a week. It’s gruelling work: don’t know how am going to force self to do it…

The attached photo is New Chap’s beautiful Malamute.

Am going to get up now and help Mum with the jigsaw.

Have achieved a bath today, before lunch.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2015. By Harley Christensen. Book 3 in the Mischievous Malamute series of detective novels.


  1. Up early to walk Gandalf at 8.45am.  Here we are:
  2. Suzy and her Mum and my Mum meet me at the Bookshop.
  3. Put some photos up on the Bookshop’s Instagram.
  4. We go out for lunch.
  5. Go to my quiet place to watch the stream and Samuel Whiskers is there, dead:
  6. Think Mum is coming back to the Bookshop for a coffee with another friend.
  7. Had better crack on with some Important Work.
  8. Am making progress with the Coffee Machine.
  9. And the Till.
  10. There have been plenty of customers.
  11. Buy Weatherland by Alexandra Harris.
  12. And The Trainable Cat by John Bradshaw.
  13. The fluffy monster seems OK today.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2015.  By Alexandra Harris.  Writers and artists under English skies.  Non-fiction.

The Blessing*

A miracle has happened: have just found out that have got the job at the Bookshop!  Am so excited!

Start in April so plenty of time to work out my notice at The Office.  Really can’t believe that applied for a job and got it, just like a normal person.  Now all I have to do is be-good-at-it-and-not-get-sacked.

Also mustn’t buy loads of Dior Couture to wear there in manner of Nancy Mitford when she worked at Heywood Hill.

Can’t quite believe it: am going to have a Fresh Start.  Will get Barista training so can serve coffee.  Will be able to walk there and back from parentals so won’t be exhausted by the commute.  Hope will be good at the work and will enjoy it.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1951.  Comic satirical novel by Nancy Mitford.

Perfect Day*

  1. Push self hard at training.
  2. Trainer pleased with me.
  3. Lift some huge weights.
  4. Walk the Newfoundland in the above photos for more than an hour.
  5. She is such a good girl: doesn’t pull on the lead, sits, stays, gives lovely cuddles.
  6. Got paid actual money!
  7. Pay cheque into bank.
  8. Buy new external phone battery.
  9. Catch lots of Pokémon.
  10. Including Pikachu at last:

Now am back at flat and have:

  1. Made a pot of tea.
  2. Put a wash on.
  3. Tidied bedroom a bit.

Am so proud of self for approaching the giant pooch’s owner and arranging to walk her and being good at it.  Have had the perfect day.  Am happy, I think as I walk a wonderful Newfoundland in the sunshine whilst listening to Leonard Cohen.  Am living the dream.  Even achieve sun during our walk although it rains before and after.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1972.  Song by Lou Reed from the 1972 album Walk On The Wild Side.

Stories Of The Street*

Waiting at the bus stop.  My fingers are cold as I write this whilst wearing my fingerless Owl gloves from the John Lewis Children’s department.  Need to paint nails.

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Sleep through till 6.30am.
  2. Make and eat breakfast.
  3. Listen to Pixie Geldof’s album I’m Yours.  It’s beautiful.
  4. Listen to Leonard Cohen.
  5. Make it to The Office early!
  6. Do Important Work all day.
  7. Hatch an egg. 
  8. Walk around catching Pokémon at lunchtime.  There are many of them about near The Office.
  9. Make it to Level 22 on Pokémon Go. 
  10. Get paid for work and put cheque into the bank.
  11. Walk to bus stop in the freezing darkness.
  12. Now am on bus which rumbles along the road slowly.
  13. Will be home by six o’clock more or less.

Tonight am going to:

  1. Make and consume The Omelette.
  2. Have early night.
  3. Read The Princess Diarist.
  4. Paint nails.

Tomorrow need to:

  1. Attend gym and lift weights.
  2. Return to parentals as it’s the Book Group at the bookshop.
  3. Must flick through The Millstone again so have something intelligent to say about it.
  4. Maybe will meet some fascinating people.

Am so pleased with self for achieving a day of Important Work but am not attending The Office tomorrow as one day is enough for this week.

Can’t wait to see my fluffy monster tomorrow.  Hate being separated from him.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1967.  Song by Leonard Cohen from the 1967 album Songs Of Leonard Cohen.

Sacred Cows*

It’s 5.30pm and the sun is setting. Am just back from visiting the cows.  Here they are:

Much as I enjoy spending my days Spinning, walking and sleeping, realise that have been neglecting my Important Work.  So, speak to my boss and arrange to return to The Office on 7th November.  That gives me another three weeks to recover from the operation and so on.  And it gives me something to work towards so am pleased.

Achievements of the day:

1.  Push self extremely hard at Spin, racing the person next to me.  Show you:

Average effort: 87% with lots of time in the 90s.  Spin outfit is in the attached photo.

2.  Bike ride with Dad into the village and back: 20 minutes.

3.  Wash self and Spin clothes and hang them up outside to dry.

4.  Double walk around the block: 30 minutes.

5.  Give the fluffy monster his lunch.

6.  Body Scan meditation and sleep.

7.  Walk to the cows and back: 40 minutes.

Now am sitting on the sofa with Mum and the panther writing this.  The panther is cleaning his flank, rasping his fur with his rough tongue.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2005.  By Karen E. Olsen.  Book 1 in the Annie Seymour mystery series, set in New Haven.

Fly Away Home*

Sitting on the bus with the panther after a hard day at The Office.  He lies on the floor, resting his head on my feet.

Made way through lots of Important Work today and now am exhausted and looking forward to returning to the flat, cooking my artichoke and The Omelette and watching the Olympics.

My previous personal trainer came to meet me for lunch, which was nice.  She’s returning to live Abroad tomorrow.  Was good to see her.  We went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen and had felafel and salad.

It’s cold on the bus: the air-conditioning is on, a bit too strongly.  People chat in different languages on their phones.  

Wonder what Olympic delights my television will have for me tonight, I think.  Have been taking my Clonazepam and there are some twinges of anxiety still, but it’s dampened a lot by the drug.  So that’s good.  Work and public transport do tend to produce the wren of anxiety, so she’s bound to be fluttering around in the background, despite the drug.  Am just grateful that I’ve brought her more or less under control.

The attached photos are boats and Canada geese on the canal where I alight from my bus.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1996.  Coming of age film starring Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin directed by Carroll Ballard. When Amy (Anna Paquin) finds a clutch of abandoned eggs, she must raise them and teach them to fly and fly them home…


The alcoholics are laughing about something in the opposite corner of the park: swigging from their cans, slapping each other on the back.   Have spread my scarf out on the grass and am collapsed on top of it with the panther.

It’s my lunch break from The Office and am scribbling this before returning to my Important Work.

“You’re too fat for that dress,” the panther says, staring at me with a look of disgust.

“I know,” I say, feeling the tears well up.  “So I’m going to Do Something about it – I’m returning to my trainer at the gym once a week and…”

“You’ll need to spend about five hours in the gym every day if you want to get your figure back,” the panther says, staring at me.

“I’m still going to do Spin three times a week, and another gym session,” I say.  “It’s just for a bit of an extra push so…”

“You repulse me,” the panther says, turning away from me to watch a squirrel who has just run up the trunk of the horse chestnut tree under which we’re sitting.

On the plus side: have a new dress with tigers on.  Look:

Have an event to attend on Sunday and can wear it with the gold fit flops am sporting in the above photo, so will even be able to walk.

Had better return to my Important Work.

The attached photo is a plant in this park.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1994.  Studio album by Blur.


Another bad night last night of hot flushes and disturbed sleep, but make it to The Office.  Manage a morning of Important Work and then dash out for a lunchtime walk when the rain stops.

All the trees and flowers glisten with rain.  Have a bad tummy ache, but walk for a bit before collapsing into a cafe where am writing this.  From Me To You is playing, which is nice and cheerful.   Am sitting next to the panther on a battered brown sofa next to an open window, so it’s not too hot, which is good.

Right, let’s make a list of things that aren’t terrible:

1.  Have an artichoke waiting at home for this evening.

2.  Going to Queens with Mum on Wednesday for the tennis.  Am excited.

3.  Still have a tiny bit of a sun tan.

4.  Think mood has been low for two months now, so there can’t be more than another two months of feeling this miserable.

5.  ECG on Friday and after that can start new drug – hopefully – which may help.

6.  Seeing my plastic surgeon on Thursday and he always cheers me up.

7.  A turquoise taxi has just driven past.

8.  There is plenty more of Euro 2016 to come, including Belgium vs Italy (I think) this evening.

9.  Despite the panther, am managing to do most of my activities.

10.  The beautiful rose in the photo lives near The Office.

Right: had better return to my Important Work…

Happy Monday everyone!
*2000.  By Martin Cruz Smith.  Mystery novel.