The World Of Jeeves*

The World of Fluffball- Asleep

Wake up and have breakfast. Back to sleep. of strength do Pilates which is a very hard class.

“This is such much hard work,” I tell the panther.

“You can do it it,”. The panther lies curled up in an undervalued hole.

* 1967. Collection oF PG Wodehouse short stories .

Jill The Reckless*

Wake up at 8am. Have breakfast and then fall back to sleep until 10.45am. Do pilates which is good fun and hard work.

Gertrude Jekyll
Sunflower which has appeared in the wall
Isn’t he handsome

We have lunch in the garden in the sunshine 🌞: it’s a hot, sunny day – 28 degrees. Certainly feel better wearing shorts and a vest top. The panther makes “you’re too fat for shorts,” type of comments but I just ignores him and concentrate on enjoying the sunshine ☀️.

Meditate and sleep from 2pm till 3.30pm and – although I don’t feel that’s enough – it’s 90 minutes of sleep.

Speak to Mary and she is going to let me use the author photo she took for In Bloom for Well Done Me. Am happy about this and it is a bit of continuity from the first book. Well Done Me has a black background too: they look like companion volumes.

I have my supper, Fluffball has his, and now we’re in my room: Fluffball on the windowsill; the panther on the floor at my feet.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1920. Comic novel by PG Wodehouse.

The Adventures Of Sally*

Mum wakes me up at 8.15am for Strength. It’s such a difficult class, working different muscle groups with 4kg and 2.5kg weights. It’s a minute on each exercise and then repeat the sequence, so two times fourteen moves. My teacher presses the “end session” button by mistake so can’t talk to her afterwards. Later she sends a WhatsApp message saying: “Well done, warrior. See you tomorrow for Pilates”.

So although the panther remains a drain on my somewhat limited resources, my teacher really understands how hard I’m working at my Strength class.

Before lunch, I stroll with Mum to see what’s new in the garden. Here’s some scabious:

Salvia icing sugar
Rose “Ebb Tide”
A blue Salvia

Mum goes to her bridge friends.

After lunch, I read my PG Wodehouse biography, which is detailed but also very readable. Recommend it: PG Wodehouse: A Life by Robert McCrum

Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep. Wake up, Go and say hello to one of Mum’s Brisge friends. Have my snack and iced coffee.

Brother calls from Abroad where he is fine and enjoying life.

Now Fluffball is settled under my dressing table, fulfilling his duties as a nurse. I love my precious angel: he looks after me so well.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1922. By PG Wodehouse. Comic novel

Something Fresh*

Sorry for the lack of blog everyone. I was asleep for about twenty hours, with Fluffball looking after me: he’s the best nurse.

This morning I wake up at six o’clock and have my breakfast and then it’s back to sleep till seven. It is good to be sleeping until later in the morning but I’m definitely under-the-weather.

Go for a drive with Mum and it’s nice. Come back and walk around the garden and see these pinks:

Have lunch and then return to sleep. Talk with a friend till I wake up.

Have supper and then find Fluffball in my bed: indicating that he wants me to climb in with him.

Finish Heavy Weather and start the first book in the Blandings Castle series: Something Fresh.

Dad takes some photos of me with Fluffball. We need a really good one for the cover of the Memoir:

This posture curled round Fluffball is uncomfortable so I’m going to say goodbye for now.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1915. By PG Wodehouse. Coming novel. Book 1 in the Blandings Castle series.

Perfect Petunias And Murder*

Wake up and have breakfast at six o’clock and then fall back to sleep until seven thirty. Yesterday late afternoon I slept from six o’clock till nine twenty when Mum arrived to give my pills.

It’s cold and rainy today. Whilst I’m doing my Personal Training at ten thirty, Mum sneaks out and attends the garden centre without me.

New petunia “Night Sky”
Another new petunia

The colour scheme in the wall is black petunias and pink geraniums. It looks very striking. Photos coming soon.

Have lunch in the garden in a break between rain 🌧 showers. Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep for not-long-enough.

Watch Andy’s second round match with Mum. He doesn’t appear to be in pain, which is good, but Berrettini beats him easily. The commentators say that he is making a lot of errors due to lack of match play. He may well do Eastbourne before Wimbledon.

Looks like it’s Full Steam Ahead with the Memoir, which agent and her assistant love. She thinks a good cover photo would be Fluffball and me, so am going to get up tomorrow and ask Dad to take some pictures.

Now I have to pull my Tarot Card of the Day and write it up.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2019. By Miranda Brickett. Book Five in The Prarie Crocus Cozy Mystery series.

Concern For The Nervous Disposition Of Whippets*

Wake up at six o’clock this morning and have my breakfast. Then go back to sleep until Mum wakes me up at quarter past nine.

It’s another hot 🥵 sunny day. I have a special visitor:

It’s So Good to see my Gandalf. Kiss and cuddle him. He is limping quite badly because of his arthritis and his owner had just been at the vet, collecting a stronger medication for him – poor boy.

Do Pilates and work really hard. There are just three of us in the class – the most advanced ones – so we do Difficult Moves using the roller.

Mum’s friend is here after their walk so chat to him and have lunch in the garden 🪴.

There is pandemonium as the new fridge arrives: the old one died aged forty one. Here is new one:

Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep, but not for long enough. Wake up and watch Dan Evans playing the new Australian, Popyrin.

Receive a message from my Agent that she has just read the Memoir and she loves it so much that she didn’t want it to stop. So it looks like you’re going to receive another book from me after all.

Go to my aunt and uncle’s house to meet the new puppy. He is a whippet called Teddy:

He is soft and velvety and seems very friendly.

Now am home and we have captured Fluffball and am going to sleep.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2019. By Adrian Bentley. Crime thriller fiction novel.

Sleeping Murder*

Wake up at six o’clock this morning after going to bed at eight o’clock last night. Have breakfast and go back to sleep till half past seven.

A couple of Mum’s friends come round and we sit in the garden 🪴: it is warm and sunny and Mum puts up the new red umbrella so I can have some shade. Go back to bed eleven till twelve o’clock.

We have lunch in the garden 🪴 for the second time this year. Dad brings me back to the flat and I sleep from two o’clock till 5.17pm when Suzy comes round. She sits in the garden and we have our supper. It is good to see her: it’s been a while.

I return to bed at ten past seven and do my Tarot Card of the Day. It’s apt that I pull the Four of Swords which is all about rest, taking it easy and taking a break.

It’s 8.14pm so I’m going to meditate and sleep now. I have a busy day tomorrow: all day Astrology course lectures and then Ben is coming round with my present 🎁 at 4.30pm.

I’m not quite sure whilst I’m suddenly So Exhausted. I’m on a lot of meds certainly. Oncologist says I must have as much sleep as I need. Also, today Pilates is cancelled and I don’t feel good if I can’t exercise.

I miss my fluffy angel nurse. I hope he is OK.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1976. By Agatha Christie. The last Miss Marple book. A classic. Read it!

Good, Clean Murder*

Pull my Card For The Day from my new Hermetic Tarot which was a gift from my Aunty. I love my new deck with the Golden Dawn names and esoteric symbols, and the original card names.

Katie came round who was at Mind but is now the community well-being person for our synagogue 🕍. It’s so good to see her: we really get on well. She is going to visit every two weeks which is great.

Mum brings me back to the flat. She cleans the kitchen and bathrooms and I hang up my winter dresses in the spare room and throw out some more clothes.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Talk to Leon when I wake up and am now waiting for Gemma to visit for the first time in a couple of years – where does the time go.

Had better post this and get ready.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2013. By Traci Tyne Hilton. Jane cleans houses to make ends meet but then there’s a series of murders. Book One in the Plain Jane Cozy Christian series.

Salvador Dali Murder*

Spitfire looking out of my window this morning.
My new Naomi Osaka tennis shoes from Nike. I adore them.
My beloved Salvador Dali Tarot deck which I don’t use much but used yesterday.
Spitfire on my bed yesterday morning.

So, yesterday, I wake up at five o’clock in the morning after sleeping from 9.45pm. Woke up feeling tired. Wrote a list of Things To Eat When You’re Not Hungry for Memoir.

Worked hard at Personal Training and my biceps hurt now.

Tidy my room as I do everyday but it always becomes messy quickly. I have Too Much Stuff in here. On the plus side, Mum’s friend who works at the Oxfam bookshop takes away three boxes of books 📚.

Have made space for all my new Astrology and Tarot books.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Wake up and Mum helps me with my bath.

Have supper at five o’clock by which time I’m exhausted. Go back to bed after supper and fall asleep, ten minutes into my astrology course. That’s two weeks after three that I’ve missed now. The course is repeated on every other Saturday so I am going to try an all-day Saturday one next.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2015. By Howard DeWitt. Muslim terrorists are attacking Barcelona.

When Chimpanzees Dream Astrology*

Fluffball spat out his Piriton 4 times 🤦‍♀️ we try again tomorrow.
New normal colour wig for if I need to do Publicity for the Memoir when it comes out Soon!
Book by Amazing astrologer who spoke at the conference I attended on the astrological signs of different artists and architects and how this affected their work. Also he is very handsome and has sexy Berlin accent. Birthday 🥳 present from one of my favourite uncles.
Card for the day from my new Tarot Illuminati – birthday present from my bipolar male bestie Leon.
Card for the day for Mary. I love this deck 😻.
A second card for the day. I love the Prince of Wands in this deck. It’s one of my Heart 💜 Decks definitely 💚.
Look how stunning even the box is 📦!
This 😂

Go to sleep yesterday afternoon. Wake up at five o’clock for supper. Go back to sleep. Mum wakes me up and gives me my night time meds 💊 at nine. Sleep till six o’clock this morning.

Am upset as the Barre crew am at a Real Life Class that my darling teacher is now running at the new expensive sportswear shop in the village: Boutique 8. I’m not allowed to go because COVID-19 🦠. Cry 😭. Return to bed.

Speak to Mary. Feel a bit better. Go to Destiny Rising at the farm and buy some Energy Incense. In the farm shop purchase:

  1. Lemon 🍋 curd
  2. Cook 👩‍🍳 Asparagus, pea, feta and Parmesan tart which have for supper and it’s excellent 😋.
  3. Chocolate 🍫 ice cream 🍨 with chunky bits.
  4. Cook 👨‍🍳 Mexican Three Bean Chilli.
  5. Freshly squeezed orange 🍊 juice 🧃 and freshly squeezed cloudy apple 🍏 juice by Folkingtons.
  6. Iced coffee ☕️ in cans.

Speak to my psychiatrist Dr Stein and he waves his magic wand 🪄 and everything seems better.

Talk to Leon and Mary again. Am cheerful today.

Sit outside in the garden in the sunshine 🌞 with Mum and Fluffball. Wear sun hat 👒 and dress 👗 and Fit Flops 🩴. Walk to post box 📬 with Mum. The house martins are back from Africa for the summer. They return to the same house 🏡 in Beech Avenue every year. It’s a miracle.

Call GP surgery to make an appointment to talk to doctor 👩‍⚕️ next month: she wants to speak to me every month. Talk to Rosie – well-being coordinator at my synagogue 🕍 who used to be at Mind and she’s coming round on Friday morning. Need the extra support as really ill ATM 🤢 🤮 😫🥶😰🥱😴😪🤧🤒🤕😷.

Tidy bedroom a bit but it’s a losing battle.

Cuddle Fluffball. Try to assemble my new Lego knights but they’re fiddly and I’m too tired.

Talk to parents whilst they have supper.

Now finally am writing this. Going to sleep a bit later tonight as am determined to have a lie-in tomorrow: fifteen hours of sleep last night was good: I need More Sleep Every Night.

Just have to write my Tarot Card of the Day post now.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2004. By Alexander Graf Von Schlieffen. An introduction to the quadrants of the horoscope.