White River Junction*

See psychiatrist who is pleased with me. Mood is good but not too high.

Have a couple of lovely cuddles with fluffball.

Achieve Barre:

Then parentals take me back to flat and I walk this girlie. I have a whole day of looking after her on Monday. Am looking forward to spending the day with her:

It is very cold but the rain holds off.

Am in bed where have been resting. I manage to finish the scarf for Dolly’s owner yesterday: six inches of knitting in two days – well done me.

Am listening to The Orb’s Orbus Terrarum. Going to see them at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on March 30th on their thirtieth anniversary tour. Am excited.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1995. Song by The Orb. Appears on the album Orbus Terrarum.

Mary Queen Of Scots*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Wake up at six o’clock this morning but go back to sleep and wake up again at eight o’clock.
  2. Achieve Spin:
  3. And Pilates:
  4. My chum gives me a lift home.
  5. Watch One, Two, Buckle My Shoe whilst knitting 🧶. Have very nearly finished scarf.
  6. Now am watching Silent Witness and am going to finish scarf today.
  7. Have cuddled fluff ball a couple of times.
  8. Need to go out and look for him as it’s getting dark.

Tomorrow have psychiatrist; Spin; Barre and then back to flat to walk my Shiba Inu client.

Have messaged Hannah to see if she wants to watch Mary, Queen Of Scots at my cinema with me over the weekend or on Monday.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2018. Feature film. Stars Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, Jack Lowden and Joe Alwyn. Directed by Josie Rourke. Written by Beau Willimon, based on the book by John Guy.

Timon Of Athens*

Have a lovely long sleep till eight o’clock this morning. Then Spin:

Then work really hard at a module of Pilates Instructor Course about joints for two and a half hours and pass the worksheet.

Have lunch and a sleep. Then knit and watch Silent Witness. Mum wants me to finish Dolly’s owner’s scarf by the time I next see her to give it to her on Tuesday.

Fluffball is in now. I will go and look for him soon. Then will kiss and cuddle him. We’ve already had a couple of good cuddles today.

See the oncologist last night and scan shows a reduction in fluid in the lungs which may mean a reduction in the cancer so am staying on these drugs for the time being. Relieved not to receive bad news.

We are thinking about going to Stratford to see Timon Of Athens which have never seen.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1605. Play by William Shakespeare.

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud*

Richard II was so bad that we left after half an hour. Simon Russell Beale too old and fat to be Richard; there was no set to speak of; some of the men were played by women and everyone was wearing jeans. Very much do not recommend.

Walk this lovely boy:

Then do Barre which is hard work. You probably think I’m always raring to go, but there are days like today when I don’t feel at all like exercising. Here I am with my lovely instructor:

Some daffodils are out already in the garden.

Fluff ball is in for the day now.

Now I have to go to the beautician as a bit has come off one of my gel nails.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1804. By William Wordsworth. Poem about daffodils.

Richard II*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Wake up at 5.40am and can’t get back to sleep.
  2. Watch Silent Witness.
  3. Knit.
  4. Run dishwasher.
  5. Go to gym and lift weights:
  6. Walk Dolly:
  7. Kiss and cuddle Dolly a lot. She is the sweetest, gentlest person as well as the most beautiful girl in the world. I love her to pieces.
  8. Have lunch.
  9. And a sleep.
  10. Pass a couple of worksheets for Pilates Instructor Course.
  11. Mum arrives. She is unloading dishwasher.
  12. Have early supper as we’re going to see the live relay of Richard II at the cinema – the Simon Russell Beale production.
  13. Must pack up all my stuff now as going back to parentals after the cinema to see my fluffy monster. Have missed him this week.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

*1595. By William Shakespeare. Play.

The Favourite*

Just a quick one as I have to be at the cinema by six o’clock to see The Favourite. Am looking forward to the film, it’s had great reviews. It’s about Queen Anne and her lesbian liaisons.

Work hard at training: here I am on the vertical traction machine:

Trainer is pleased with me.

Then have lunch and a sleep. Have been busy passing several worksheets for Pilates Instructor Course on different muscle groups.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2018. Feature film. Stars Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone and Nicholas Hoult. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. Written by Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara.

I Wish I Had A Pretty Dog*

Go to Zumba this morning for the first time in a couple of years. Only manage half an hour: it’s just too much jumping around. Then lift some weights.

Have a first date which goes really well. He says he wants to see me again (which they always do and then change their minds). I wouldn’t normally mention a first date but he brings his excellent dog, a Doberman. Here he is:

He’s such a good boy and obviously very clever. He worked as a guard dog for a month but wasn’t aggressive enough.

We go to the park and one of the lemurs comes right up to us:

Have a lovely time. Fingers crossed will see this one again: partly because I want to see his excellent dog again.

He is a good dog owner as he works from home so he can be with his baby all the time. And the dog is a baby: he’s one year and seven months old. He’s so lovely.

Have passed a worksheet for my Pilates Instructor Course on the muscles of the shoulder.

Suzy is coming over now and we’re probably going to watch Silent Witness and have supper.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2018. Song by The Orb. From the album No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds.

The Inner Fix*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Wake up and read The Inner Fix.
  2. Hang up the washing on the airer.
  3. Attend Pilates:
  4. Meet this person and his owner for a coffee in Hampstead:
  5. Come home and have a sleep.
  6. Wake up and finish reading The Inner Fix. It is really good.
  7. Pass a worksheet on Muscles for my Pilates Instructor Course. Was going to have a day off today but in the end I don’t.
  8. Now am watching Silent Witness and knitting.
  9. New scarf is coming along well:
  10. Hope to finish it soon so can give it to Dolly’s owner whilst it is still winter.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2016. By Persia Lawson and Joey Bradford. Self help book.

U. F. Orb*

Achieve Spin:

And Pilates:

Cuddle my fluffy monster.

Then go to cancer hospital to have gripper put into port; other hospital for CT scan; back to cancer hospital to have gripper removed from port. It’s such a business.

Dad drives me back to the flat. Have a sleep.

Pass two more worksheets for my Pilates Instructor Course. Well done me.

Suzy has popped in to say hello. We are watching Silent Witness and I’m knitting.

This has arrived:

Look forward to reading it and to fixing self from the inside.

Have been listening to The Orb as am going to see them at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in March on their thirtieth anniversary tour.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1992. By The Orb. Studio album.

Spying Glass*

It’s the Slave Driver’s class at Spin and I work hard. Here I am with The Master:

We go to the garden centre to purchase more peanuts for our birds and some dwarf tulips.

Then I attend my beautician appointment. Show you new gel nails:

Feel better now that the cracked black Shellac has been replaced.

When we arrive home this person is waiting for us on the hall sofa:

I put him outside, which he’s not happy about but he needs to exercise:

Have just passed three worksheets for my Pilates Instructor Course. Well done me.

The Jewish Book Week programme has arrived so we need to sort out what we’re going to attend. Definitely want to see Anthony Horowitz and Fay Weldon. Looks to be lots of fascinating sessions. Love Jewish Book Week.

Now am going to have a bath. The fluffy monster is in for the evening now.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1994. Song by Massive Attack from the album Protection.