Girl In Snow*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Achieve Spin:
  2. Work hard and spend most of the time in the yellow zone.
  3. Acquire new ProGel nails in No Deal Brexit Pink:
  4. Have lunch.
  5. Watch episode of True Evil: Nazis about Himmler.
  6. Go to cancer hospital for fulvestrant intramuscular bum injections.
  7. Have a sleep.
  8. Finish the History Of Pilates module and pass the worksheet with 8/8.
  9. Now am going to have a bath.
  10. And then watch Silent Witness and knit.
  11. Have put fluffball out a few times today but he keeps coming back in as he doesn’t like the snow. He’s in for the night now.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2017. By Danya Kukafka. Murder novel.

A Good Body*

We start watching a Silent Witness last night but Mum can’t hear it properly so we watch Winterwatch instead. For the first time they have a pine marten nest box đź’“.

Walk Gandalf in the snow this morning:

Then cuddle him in his house. He’s my best boy.

Work hard at Barre:

Go to cancer hospital for blood tests. It turns out that the cancer meds are causing my Irritable Bladder so must ask doctor about this when I see her for my Zoladex on Friday.

Don’t feel well so just have toast and marmite for lunch.

Have a sleep.

Wake up and start the History Of Pilates module.

Joe Pilates is born in DĂĽsseldorf in 1880 and is a sickly child who suffers from asthma and rickets. He moves to England in 1912. In 1914 he is interned in a camp in Lancaster and then on the Isle Of Man. He becomes a nurse and teaches dance to the people in the camp. No-one in his camp dies of the Spanish Flu, which is remarkable I think.

Right. Must go and watch 100 Top Dogs or something with Mum.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1999. Episode of Silent Witness. Stars Amanda Burton. Written by JC Wilsher and devised by Nigel McCrery. Directed by David Thacker.

Waiting For The Miracle*

Wake up and watch a Silent Witness. Then listen to The Future album by Leonard Cohen. Spend some time staring out of the window to see if puppy is being walked in the garden. He is. He’s so soft and have a cuddle with him:

Then go to gym and lift weights:

Then walk Dolly:

Dolly’s owner is really pleased with her scarf so am happy that she likes it.

Have lunch with Mum at Black Truffle:

Then come home and have a sleep.

Finish The Energy Systems module for my Pilates Instructor Course and pass the worksheet with nine out of ten so that’s good. It’s meant to snow tonight but it sounds like rain from bedroom.

Winterwatch starts tonight but will probably record it and watch a murder instead.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1992. Song by Leonard Cohen from the album The Future.

Winter Lady*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Wake up and listen to Songs Of Leonard Cohen whilst having my porridge and coffee.
  2. See a pied wagtail on my walk to the gym.
  3. Work hard at training and trainer is pleased with me. Show you my leg press:
  4. Watch an episode of Silent Witness whilst having lunch.
  5. Knit. Have almost finished a scarf for Dave’s little boy.
  6. Have a rest but don’t sleep.
  7. Put out a bag of rubbish and two bags of recycling.
  8. Put the washing away.
  9. Do two and a half hours work on the Energy Systems module for my Pilates Instructor Course.

Now am going to watch more Silent Witness and knit whilst waiting for Suzy to pop in. It’s her fortieth birthday today.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1967. By Leonard Cohen. Appears on the album Songs Of Leonard Cohen.

Four And Twenty Blackbirds*

Wake up at 5.30am and watch a Silent Witness. Make it gym and lift some weights:

Then meet the London Ladies from the Mel Wells Advent Challenge group for brunch. Everyone is lovely and it’s great to meet them. We are going to meet for brunch once a month now. Am looking forward to the next one. Is good to have some new chums.

Persuade one of them to come to the Zoo with me to say goodbye to Jae Jae who is moving to France. Here he is:

Melati is in with him. She must not be in season as they’re not meant to be having any more cubs together. Here she is:

Am worried that she may not fancy her new chap who is coming from Denmark as Jae Jae is an unusually handsome and magnificent tiger. But maybe she is not that fussy. Or maybe Asim, her new mate, will be wonderful. Let’s hope so.

We see Bhanu and the lionesses:

My friend’s Dad has snakes so she wants to visit the Reptile House, which I rarely visit, so that’s great. We see the Gila Monster:

Philippines Crocodiles:

Various snakes:

An iguana:

A tree frog:

Then we see the camels:

And the pelicans:

And flamingos:

It is raining and the zoo isn’t that busy.

Have a small sleep and now am watching Poirot: Four And Twenty Blackbirds.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1926. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot short story which was originally titled Poirot And The Regular Customer. Appears in the short story collection The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding in 1960.

A Siege Of Bitterns*

Wake up at eight o’clock to do the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. Most people turn up: blue tits, great tits, collared doves, blackbirds, long tailed tits, a coal tit, robins, a dunnock. Really we’re just missing the parakeets, pheasants and woodpeckers.

Aiming to wake up early to do the Birdwatch again at the flat and then I have my brunch date with the London Ladies from the Mel Wells group. After that will visit Jae Jae the tiger at the zoo for the last time before he moved to France. Am worried that Melati won’t fancy her new chap as she loves Jae Jae and they’ve had six cubs together. Wonder how fussy tigers are in romantic situations.

Today do Spin – it’s The Boss’s class – here we are:

Then it’s Barre:

Dad drives me back to the flat and to see this girlie:

Am watching Silent Witness and knitting.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2014. By Steve Burrows. A Birder Murder Mystery Book 1, starring Police Inspector Domenic Jejeune. Set in Norfolk.

A Midwinter’s Tail*

It’s The Boss’s class and it’s Super High End or something and work hard. Then it’s Pilates but class runs late and am unable to get a photo.

Come home and have lunch and then Mum drops me in the village so can have a walk in the sunshine.

Come home and have a sleep. It’s 4.01pm and am awake now and drinking my coffee. Fluffball is in for the day now:

He is sleeping on the sofa in the hall.

Try to have a bath yesterday but the water is cold. Have just put on the hot water so that doesn’t happen again.

Tonight we’re going to see Mary Queen Of Scots and am looking forward to it.

The Australian Open final is between Rafa and Novak but we can’t see it as it’s not on terrestrial television. Which is a disgrace.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2014. By Sofie Kelly. A Magical Cats mystery, Book 6. Stars Kathleen Paulson and Owen and Hercules the cats.

Snow Falling On Cedars*

Achieve Spin:

It’s Extensive Intervals five by five which is five minutes of effort followed by two and a half minutes of recovery and repeat until the end of the class.

Carry on with The Nervous And Endocrine Systems for my Pilates Instructor Course and pass the worksheet with eleven out of eleven.

Have a brief lunch with Mum and her vegetarian cookery group. It’s beetroot felafel, rocket salad, another salad with peas, radishes and Romaine lettuce, cauliflower with harissa and hummus.

Have a sleep and now am in Borehamwood where purchase some more baby wool for all the scarves I have to make.

It’s sunny. The fluffy monster hasn’t been out much due to:

  1. The snow.
  2. The low temperature.
  3. The window cleaner.

Am waiting for Dad who is getting the tickets for us to see Mary Queen Of Scots tomorrow night. Am looking forward to it. Am having a coffee at Costa and writing this.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1994. By David Guterson. Crime fiction novel.

Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow*

Walk Gandalf in the snow. Everywhere glistens white in the sunlight. It is especially pretty in the woods:

Gandalf likes the snow and pushes his face into it, getting a snowy nose. Then we rest at his house:

My next door neighbour has painted this amazing picture of him:

It captures him perfectly.

Then do Barre:

We go out here for lunch:

It is lovely.

Then visit my next door neighbour who has just lost his Mum.

Have a lovely long sleep till five o’clock.

Wake up and make notes on The Nervous System for my Pilates Instructor Course. It is more interesting than some of the modules have been so that’s good.

The fluffy monster’s allergy has come back above his eye and in front of his ear so Mum has put him back on the steroids. It must be an allergy to something that is around at this time of year, and not a summer one as we thought before.

Now it is supper time.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1992. By Peter Hoeg. The book that started the craze for Nordic crime fiction.

Murder In The Snow*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Have a better night’s sleep and don’t wake up till seven o’clock.
  2. Work hard at training:
  3. Have lunch and start watching a Silent Witness whilst knitting. The little boy scarves are much quicker to knit as they’re half the width of the adult ones.
  1. Put dishwasher on.
  2. Put washing machine on.
  3. Sleep.
  4. Empty washing machine and put clothes on airer.
  5. Empty dishwasher.
  6. Mum picks me up. It is snowing:
  7. See this fluffy monster and give him a quick cuddle:
  8. Start a module of Pilates Instructor Course on The Nervous And Endocrine Systems.
  1. Wonder if Gandalf likes the snow as may be walking him in it tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1950. By Gladys Mitchell. A Cotswold Christmas Mystery starring Adela Bradley.