Heartbreak House*

A terrible, awful thing has happened.  Seb split up with me last night.  Maybe will write more about it another time.  Am heartbroken and devastated.

Throughout this last couple of years, ever since he gave me the fluffy monster and we became close again, he has been an amazing source of support.  Our relationship has kept me going through all my treatment and operations and given me something to live for.  With Seb on my side, I’ve felt protected from my illnesses.  Nothing has been able to hurt me because he’s been there for me.

I’m not sure exactly what happened, it’s all a bit of a blur and am in shock.  Can’t believe that that’s it.

He’s the love of my life.  We’ve been together, on and off, over the past ten years.  Don’t know how will be able to continue without him.

Am going to miss speaking to him everyday.  There will be an enormous hole in my life.  Already feel so lonely and overwhelmed by despair.

Mum picked me up from the flat at 8am this morning and will be staying with my parentals for the time being.

Have attached a photo of my breakfast.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1919.  By George Bernard Shaw.  Play.

Hounding The Pavement*

Am dogsitting Mr Fluffypants.  We’ve achieved a walk, he’s managed a poo and now we’re relaxing in front of Peaky Blinders: 

 Seb has just called to say that he’s on his way and then we’ll go for another walk in the beautiful sunshine.  It’s a gorgeous day.

My phone rings.  “Can I bring you anything?” Seb says because it’s him.

“Ahhhh thank you darling,” I say.

“A sandwich or a coffee – have you had lunch?” Seb says.

“I’ve had lunch,” I say.  “If you want anything you’ll need to bring it though – I’ve eaten all the food that I brought with and…”

“What sort of coffee would you like my lovely?” Seb says.

“Cappuccino with skimmed milk please,” I say.

Mr Fluffypants looks up at me.

“See you soon then,” Seb says.

Right, had better post this.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2009.  By Judi McCoy.  A dog walker mystery, book 1.  Cozy paranormal mystery novel set in Manhattan.

Swamp Donkey*

Seb has gone out to see his brother, so am trying out a new recipe from my Deliciously Ella Everyday book.  It’s “Warming Pesto Butter Beans”.  Look:

It’s meant to contain pomegranate seeds too but don’t have them.  Still, it tastes great and now that have made it once will be able to make it for my boy next time.

Have also achieved:

1.  Spin – photo attached.

2.  Bath.

3.  Hanging up the washing.

4.  Chats with a couple of chums.

5.  Tidying the kitchen.

Skin is coming off in painful way but mustn’t grumble.  It will be over soon.  See plastic surgeon on Thursday and will be good to see him.

On the plus side: going to see Hitchcock/ Truffaut with Seb tomorrow night.  And tomorrow day am looking after Mr Fluffypants and cuddling him and hope to take him for a walk.

The birds continue to ignore their special fat-covered pinecone.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2013.  By Thad Staffall.  “A hilarious, raucous and disturbing ride through the Vegas party scene.”  Starring someone called Beans.  Detective novel.

The Storm Murders*

1.  The storm rages outside.

2.  Got soaked on way to Spin this morning..

3…but made it there and pushed self quite hard, considering.  Here is a photo:

4.  Left my sleeping boyfriend at 8.45am on a bank holiday.

5.  No-one can say am not dedicated to my Spin.

6.  Made The Omelette for Seb for lunch.

7.  We’ve been watching Mad Men.

8.  Now have escaped to have my sleep but am writing this instead.

9.  Have been doing the Body Scan.

10.  Need to have a bath.

11.  And to put at least a base coat on nails.  They’ve all broken and look awful.

12.  Ah, here comes the sun.

13.  Have purchased humous, tzatziki, vine leaves and am going to do a mezze thing for supper.

14.  We are keeping on top of the mess, which is good: washing up and wiping surfaces and so on.

Dad has complained that you can’t  see the puppy’s face in the previous photo so hope this one is better.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2015.  By John Farrow.  Book 2 in “The Storm Murders” trilogy.  Stars Emil Cinque-Mars “the Hercule Poirot of Canada” in extreme weather conditions…

Puppy Love*

Happy Easter everyone!

Seb is making spaghetti.  We’re about to watch Mad Men.  It’s wonderful to see him.

Normal service will resume tomorrow.  Exhausted after journey back from the countryside.

The attached photo is Seb’s mum’s new puppy.  Isn’t he wonderful?

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2014.  By A. Destiny and Catherine Hapka

A Blossom Of Bright Light*

1.  Just had 45 minute walk home from my course.  In the rain.

2.   No buses – maybe due to tube strike.  It’s horrible attempting to commute when not well.

3.  Watching last night’s Grantchester.  Love this series.

4.  Have hung up my dresses and put away my knickers and socks.

5.  Achieved bath today and even washed hair.

6.  Made The Omelette for Dave.  He was impressed and will be making it for his wife in the future.  Is good to spread the joy of The Omelette…

7.  Here is today’s Spin outfit.  Am sorry about the ghastly red background:

8.  Tomorrow will see my Seb.

9.  There is blossom everywhere:

10.  Looking forward to having an early night.

11.  Attached photo is a pansy in the rain.  Poor little chap.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2015.  By Suzanne Chazin.  A Jimmy Vega mystery novel.

Putting The Boot In*

Things that have to do this evening:

1.  Nothing!

That’s right: am back at flat, have washed self, made supper, had bath and all that I have to do is rest and then sleep.  Excellent.

Chest is burnt and looks awful.  There are some clothes that could do with hanging in the wardrobe.  But have cleaned out Tupperware cupboard at long last – have thrown most of it away – and everything else can wait till tomorrow after my course.  

It’s the last week of my course tomorrow.  Will be sad when it’s over.  

Have moved huge plant from sink and he’s now outside.

Have had a few messages asking if my Seb is OK.  You’ll be pleased to know that he is fine and that will be seeing him this weekend.  He’s just been busy with his work.

Am exhausted and going to sleep now.  The attached photo is my Spin outfit this morning.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2015.  Book 3 in the Duffy detective novel series by Julian Barnes writing as Dan Kavanagh.

Hot Dames On Cold Slabs*

It’s been sunny all day.  So much so that was sitting out in the garden with the fluffy monster this morning.   Was wrapped in dressing gown as am not allowed to expose chest to the sun.  Even in the current low temperatures,  the ultraviolet rays are out to hack through my weakened irradiated skin.

Chatted to Maggie from MadeByMaggie for the first time in months.  And to Hannah.  Was a rare treat to have some mobile phone signal and a pomegranate to eat.

And now another rare treat is about to happen.  The parentals are going out for the evening and a friend is coming round to watch a film.  We’ve been planning this Johnny Depp Movie Night for two years or so, and it’s finally about to happen.  The film is Don Juan De Marco which my chum has never seen and which I’ve seen just once in 1995 I think in Cyprus – a year after its release.  Had even forgotten that Marlon Brando stars in it!

The parentals are going out for a talk about Medical Detection Dogs, which ought to be fascinating.

Dad is sleeping in front of the BBC Radio 4 news, which he insists on playing on the television, even though there are several radios around the house.  Must allow the sweet elderly creature his little eccentricities.  

Here is my breakfast: avocado and houmous on toast with spinach – and, of course, dinosaurs –

And here is the salad that threw together at lunchtime: rocket, artichoke hearts, sweetcorn, spring onions and gem lettuce –

Spin was tough this morning but also managed a walk this afternoon into the village.

Right: had better get ready for my visitor.  The attached photo is my outfit at Spin this morning.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1950.  By George H. Dawson writing as Michael Storme.  Detective novel in which “three women from the Mid-West set off for the big city (Chicago) in search of husbands.  They find that the price is steep.”

Chasing Can Be Murder*

Today’s cocktail is the “Greyhound”:

1 part gin

4 parts grapefruit juice

It’s called a Greyhound as it was served at the eponymous bus company’s popular restaurant chain “Post House” found at the terminals.

The drink is distracting me a bit from almost overwhelming feelings of exhaustion, itching and grumpiness.   Saw the radiotherapists earlier today with Mum.  They say that chest is healing up well but it’s still uncomfortable.  Also chest muscles hurt – maybe from yesterday’s long bike ride.

Want to start my new mood stabiliser before the inevitable depression hits in April but haven’t heard from psychiatrist about this yet.  Left him a message earlier today.  Hope that will be able to start the drug soon.

A ray of light in the post-radiotherapy gloom is this new green rabbit person from MadeByMaggie.  He’s called Dandelion after the poet in Watership Down.  Here he is with Mum’s purple rabbit:

And another one:

The rabbits are made of recycled cashmere sweaters and stuffed with lavender.  

The fluffy monster dozes on his pink chair.  Here he is:

Tried to take a photo of us together  before but he wouldn’t cooperate, wriggled away from me and just sat by his food bowl, staring.  Mum has been out all day so he’s been left in my care.  Have given him about five meals.

Ah, was great to be back at the best Spin studio in the world this morning though.  Pushed self hard and felt good afterwards.  For a bit.  You can see my outfit in the attached photo.

Mum is home now and had better help her get supper ready.  

Happy Monday everyone!
*2010.  By June Whyte.  A Kat McKinley mystery, Book 1.  Kat is a greyhound trainer…

Man Meets Dog*

Skin continues to peel off my chest but it’s not as sore as it was, which is good.  Although there’s plenty more burnt skin left which has yet to detach and crumble.  

Am treating self to a gin and slimline tonic.  Have caught up on last week’s Grantchester, washed self and painted nails.  Am not going to photograph them as there is varnish all over fingers too but they’re fuchsia pink with a blue glitter topcoat.

Dad is dozing in his chair.  We cycled to the mill and back after lunch and that has tired him out.  Also achieved Spin this morning – Dad didn’t, obviously.

On the way to see Mr Fluffypants last week, encounter two people who resemble him but are orange and smaller.  

 “Excuse me,” I say.  

“Yes?” Their owner says.  She is tall, slim with long blonde hair and big green eyes.  And two beautiful orange fluffy dogs.  She’s stepped out of an advert in Vogue: camel trench coat, grey cashmere dress, riding boots.  

“What sort of dogs are they,” I say, feeling suddenly self-conscious in my white moon boots, tiger print leggings and rainbow hairband.  I’m wearing my prescription sunglasses although the sky is grey.

“They’re called Eurasiers,” she says.

“Am I allowed to say hello?” I say.

“Of course,” she says, smiling.

“Hello,” I say, gazing into the face of the dog nearest to me.  He sniffs my hand.  Stroking the back of his neck, he feels so soft.

Here is one just like him:

Reading about them, have just discovered that Konrad Lorenz had one called Babett.  Ah.  She must be one of the Wolf-Chow dogs he writes about in Man Meets Dog.   Would check this but that book is at the flat and am at the parentals today.

The attached photo is Mr Fluffypants on his sofa.  Love that fluffy person.

Am going to make The Omelette.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1950.  By Konrad Lorenz.  A book about the history of the man and dog relationship, domestication, dog behaviour and recollections of the author’s own dogs, and cats.