The Secret Life Of The Zoo*

Wake up at 5.30am but go back to sleep till 7.45am. Bliss.

It’s a Spin-and-Pilates day today. Here are photos:

Fluffy is in now and curled up on his pink chair with his head under his front paws:

You can see an ear sticking out.

Have been sleeping. Now that afternoon sleep is back, Dr Stein tells me yesterday to put antidepressant dose up by 37.5mg. Don’t want to get depressed, obviously.

Tomorrow I have Spin and then am looking after my new Shiba Inu client all day at her house. Am looking forward to it.

It’s dark now at 4.38pm which I hate.

It’s Friday so we will have a nice dinner. Think am getting my spinach and mushroom bottomless quiche and we have a sprout tree:

Am going to watch The Secret Life Of The Zoo and knit.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2016. TV series set at Chester Zoo. Wonderful.

The Flame*

Spend some time with my fluffy when wake up this morning, before he goes out. See above photos.

Work hard at Spin:

Here is graph:

Here is some of lunch:

Watch an episode of Born To Kill and then have a sleep.

It’s 3.59pm. Am drinking coffee and writing this under my furry blanket. Look what brother has bought me:

It’s wonderful. Speak to psychiatrist and he says to put antidepressant up by 37.5mg now that am sleeping in the afternoon again and reading again.

I have a bath after lunch.

Mum is sitting next to me doing The Times crossword.

Fluffy is sleeping in his bed. It’s almost dark.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2018. By Leonard Cohen. Poems, notebooks and drawings. Wonderful.

Murder On The Orient Express*

See my fluffy when I wake up. He’s been in and out but is now in for good at 4.22pm.

Achieve Spin and Barre Pilates. Here is graph:

Here are Barre Pilates photos:

Then I visit Gandalf. We have a short walk:

Then I cuddle him in his house:

Order some Christmas cards from the RSPB.

Have a sleep.

Now am writing this under my furry blanket.

Last night we watch David Suchet as Poirot in Murder On The Orient Express.

It’s good that have reinstated my afternoon sleep: it’s a sign that mood has come down a bit I think.

I have to go to the beautician to get something done – can’t remember what – and then parentals will pick me up and take me out to dinner, which should be nice.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1934. By Agatha Christie. Hercules Poirot detective novel. One of her greatest I think.


Work hard at Spin. Here I am with The Master:

Then when I get home my Ciaté glitter flip lipsticks have arrived:

Here is a photo of me in the nude one:

Have a bath and then watch Poirot and knit after lunch.

Have booked to see Disobedience on Saturday, the adaptation of the Naomi Alderman book about two lesbians in the Hendon Jewish community played by Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams. Going to my lovely Everyman cinema. Can’t wait.

It’s raining and someone has come in and squeezed himself into his bed:

After Spin we take his new bed that he’s never touched to the Animal Welfare Trust for a pussy who doesn’t have a home. Can hear all the dogs barking who don’t have homes which makes me feel sad.

Feel much better now am with my parentals and my fluffy. Spin, Pilates and Gandalf tomorrow and something at Beauty Salon: lashes, nails or Minx toes.

Am under my furry blanket drinking coffee. Mum is sitting next to me doing the Codeword.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2017. Feature film. Directed by Sebastian Leilo. Written by Sebastian Leilo and Rebecca Lenkiewicz, adapted from the book by Naomi Alderman. Stars Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams, Alessandro Nivola and Anton Lesser.

Fragment Of Fear*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Watch the latest two episodes of David Attenborough’s new series Dynasties about Emperor penguins 🐧 and the Marsh Pride 🦁. It’s very good but has some sad bits where cubs and chicks die.
  2. Work hard at training. Show you Chest Flies:
  3. Can lift much heavier weights at the moment as my mood is up, so trainer is pleased with me.
  4. Do some tidying up.
  5. Dad has just picked me up.
  6. Have a cuddle with this person:
  7. He is sleeping, obviously, but he opens his eyes to greet me and then shuts them again.
  8. Turn radiator on in bedroom – it’s been off whilst was at the flat.
  9. Watch Fragment Of Fear last night, it’s good.
  10. Hopefully Mum will be pleased to see me when she returns from playing Bridge. Dad is out playing chess tonight so will watch something with Mum.
  11. Hope to sleep better tonight. Keep waking up at five o’clock in the morning which then makes me tired so am asleep by nine and then wake up at five again.
  12. Maybe will try to stay up a bit later tonight. That may help.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1970. Thriller. Screenplay by Paul Dehn, adapted from the novel by John Bingham. Directed by Richard C. Sarafian. Stars David Hemmings, Gayle Hunnicutt, Wilfrid Hyde-White and Flora Robson.

The Interrupted Journey*

This person visits me this morning:

We go for a walk with my chum his owner in the park across the road. He’s thirteen now but on drugs for his arthritis and he plays with a couple of younger dogs: chasing, trotting and even cantering about after them. It is so lovely to see him: he’s such a wonderful calming presence. In some ways he is my favourite dog person.

They come back to the flat for a coffee and a piece of fudge.

Have been doing more tidying up. Put some more food out for my birds and a pigeon and a magpie visit.

Watch an episode of Poirot and The Interrupted Journey, a thriller recorded from Talking Pictures. It’s jolly good. I love Talking Pictures.

The scarf for my brother is coming along nicely although I wish knitting didn’t take so long:

Am drinking a Diet Coke and thinking about having a snack. Mum gave me a mango. Maybe it will be ripe now.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1949. Thriller written by Michael Pertwee. Directed by Daniel Birt. Stars Valerie Hobson, Richard Todd, Christine Norden and Tom Walls.

thank u, next*

Just this minute got home from walking new Shiba Inu client. It’s already dark at 4.27pm. Here we are:

She is a good girl and trots along beside me. It’s very cold but now have my thermal gloves from the garden centre so hands are warm.

Can’t find my zebra furry scarf so return to the gym to look for it. It’s not there. On my return home, find it in the back of hall cupboard. Phew.

This morning go to Pilates:

Am So Tired. Wake up at 5.30am after dream about a serial killer.

Other than that it’s been a nice day.

Here are my dinosaurs in their new home:

And a tidy bookcase of animals:

Think am going to find something to watch on my television.

Have been listening to Queen as usual and thank u, next by Ariana Grande.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2018. By Ariana Grande. Pop song.

It Follows

Here is fluffy waiting to go out this morning:

Here is fluffy five years ago today when he was all fuzzy.

And a couple more from seven o’clock this morning:

Then Spin – High End Endurance:

Am with my chum and The Boss. It’s The Boss’s class. Work so hard.

Here is graph:

And graph for Pilates and walk with Gandalf – left monitor on by mistake:

Here I am before Pilates:

We work with the ball today: on it; lifting it; lifting weights whilst lying on it. Work really hard and instructor is pleased with me.

Then I visit Gandalf. We have a ten minute walk. Here he is:

Then I cuddle him in his house:

I love that boy.

Then to the hospital for my horrible bum injections. Have just returned. Fluffy is in and Mum is at Bridge.

Last night the parental go out and I watch a horror film called It Follows which is rubbish but still manages to be quite scary as am in the house on own.

Am sipping lemon squash and writing this.

Going back to the flat after supper as have my new dog client tomorrow.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2014. Horror film. Stars Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi and Lili Sepe. Written and directed by David Robert Mitchell.

Love Of My Life*

See above: fluffy monster this morning; Spin photos with The Master and fluffy at lunchtime.

Go to garden centre with Mum. Purchase a beautiful doormat adorned with a pheasant; a reusable coffee cup; thermal gloves and a coconut filled with fat for my birds.

Am writing this on my new iPhone 7 which has taken about three hours to set up.

Have been tidying bedroom again.

It was zero degrees this morning and Mum had to scrape ice off the car.

Lunch was minestrone soup with pesto, bread, marmite and cheddar. And a piece of fudge and a Diet Coke.

Am lying on my bed writing this. Tired. Was awake at 5.30am this morning.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1979. Song by Queen on the album A Night At The Opera.

A Kind Of Magic*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Spin:
  2. Here is graph for Spin and Barre Pilates:
  3. Barre Pilates photo:
  4. Have lunch with Hannah.
  5. Go to Brent Cross with Mum. It’s busy and stressful. Have just returned.
  6. Buy some new silver trainers from Dune:
  7. And some fox slippers 🦊 from John Lewis:
  8. The Elizabeth Arden anti-ageing skincare regime is making skin soft and spot-free so purchase the products in Boots – the Ceramide Capsules Of Daily Youth-Restoring Serum; Ceramide Lift and Firm Day Cream; Ceramide Lift and Firm Night Cream; Superstart Skin Renewal Booster and Superstart Probiotic Cleanser:
  9. It feels so grown-up to have a proper anti-ageing skin regime and think the Elizabeth Arden products are great.
  10. Whilst am out, my new dinosaurs arrive from the Natural History Museum:
  11. They are: top row – Iguanadon and Diplodocus 🦕 . Middle row: Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex 🦖 and Stegosaurus. Bottom row: Pteranodon, Baryonyx and Triceratops. Two in separate package: Carnotaurus and Corythosaurus. They are more colourful and dynamically-postured than my childhood ones and Baryonyx, Carnatosaurus and Corythosaurus are new dinosaurs that weren’t discovered when I was a child. Actually I think Baryonyx was known but never had one as a child.
  12. Pick up some more fudge from the Farm Shop on the way home. Purchase the last three packets of All Butter and Salted Caramel is all gone.
  13. Here is my fluffy monster earlier today before he is allowed out:
  14. And here he is five years ago today:
  15. Look how tiny and fuzzy he used to be 💕. Sometimes I miss those kitten days but actually I prefer him now: he’s not so tiny and fragile and has a more developed character.
  16. Mum is making spaghetti for supper. Am going to post this and then watch some of the Federer Nishikori match from last week.
  17. Whilst knitting.
  18. Our tickets for the Champions Tennis have arrived. It’s at the Albert Hall on Sunday 9th December. We’re seeing the final of the singles and Jamie Murray partnering Mansour Bahrami in the doubles. Can’t wait.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1986. Song by Queen. From the eponymous album.