Love Calls You By Your Name*

Have another date secured with my new boy for Saturday night.  Yay.  Love has not finished with me quite yet it seems.  Feel amazingly blessed to have this new boy in my life.  He’s adorable. So thank you to G-d for him and please please please let me keep him…

Today make it to the Natural History Museum with Mum.  Here are some photos:

Sophie the Stegosaurus – one of the most complete stegosaurus skeletons ever discovered:

Some velociraptors fighting.  Look how feathery they are ❤:

A megatherium (extinct giant sloth):

Love these ones so much.  Wish they weren’t extinct.

A mastodon (I think).  Some extinct elephant relative anyway.

An arsinoitherium – extinct relative of the rhinoceros:

Anyway – we have fun at the museum.  We also see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.  Can’t put photos in here due to copyright reasons of course.  Recommend the exhibition.  Book it here:

Now am in bed at the parental home under my furry blanket with the heating turned up to eleven.  Am listening to Leonard Cohen’s Songs Of Love And Hate and drinking tea.

This person is here:

Have missed him all week but he’s somewhere else in the house at the moment.  As soon as have posted this will go and find him and cuddle him all over.

Have a new stegosaurus of my own from the museum.  He’s called Steve.  Show you:

Unlike Sophie, he’s very soft for cuddles.  He also has a linseed pouch inside him which can be heated in the microwave so he’s a hot water bottle too!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1971.  Song by Leonard Cohen from the 1971 album Songs Of Love And Hate.