Work hard at Spin. It’s The Princess’s class and spend lots of time in the yellow zone:

Work off 617 calories, about double what I burn when the panther is here.

Read Memoir. It’s brilliant. Now just need to add the last 2 years of events to it. Shouldn’t take too long.

I have to get back to it now: strike whilst the iron is hot and all that. Am listening to The Kinks.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1994. The Kinks. Song from the album To The Bone.

Death By Dragonfly*

Wake up at 3.23am and can’t get back to sleep. Rest at Spin – cycling slowly with eyes closed and lots of resistance. Still make it into the yellow zone.

Psychiatrist calls when I’m at Spin. He tells me to drop the venlafaxine dose to 150mg and to be in touch in a couple of days in case we need to reduce it further.

Suzy comes round for lunch and we watch Wild Animal Babies. Next door neighbour calls to tell me that a huge dragonfly is trapped in Dad’s office so I rescue him.

My agent emails, saying that she wants an updated version of Memoir by the end of September. Have found a Life Writing Course in Cumbria in mid-September. Call them to see if they have any spaces but no one answers.

Fluffball is sleeping under my chair. The weather is better today and sit in the garden with Mum. The petunias have been murdered by the rain: they look terrible. We are upset about this.

Fluffball has dragged himself onto the windowsill. He is staring at the garden.

Hope will sleep tonight. Rest this afternoon but don’t sleep.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2018. By Jane Tesh. A Grace Street mystery, Book 6.

Apollo 11*

It’s The Princess’s class at Spin and it’s Twenty Seven Intervals. Work hard. Here I am with The Boss:

See Dr Stein my psychiatrist and it’s good to see him but the panther is Still Here – lying at my feet in the consulting room. It’s been three and a half months or so now so the panther will be gone soon, one hopes.

Have a cuddle with Fluffball this morning in bed. It’s windy today so let’s hope nothing blows over on top of him in the garden.

Am back at the flat. Meditate and sleep. Tonight am going to see Apollo 11 and am looking forward to it.

It’s 6.19pm. Am in bed writing this. The panther lies across my legs. Have to get up and make some supper.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2019. Documentary. Stars Buzz Aldrin, Joan Ann Archer, Janet Armstrong and Neil Armstrong. Directed by Todd Douglas Miller.

The Closed Circle*

Work hard at Spin. Here I am:

Read Middle England by Jonathan Coe which is wonderful. Sit outside in the garden as apparently today is the last nice day.

Have a long sleep. Learn The Roll Up to teach in Pilates tomorrow.

Fluffball comes into my room to see me. He’s curled up under my chair, sleeping.

Am reading Middle England. Have read three quarters of it today. It’s annoying that am such a fast reader. It’s so good: starts in 2010 and am now up to the Referendum in 2016. It’s the third in a trilogy that starts with The Rotters’ Club and then The Closed Circle. Is good to be back with familiar characters, now in their fifties.

Am lying in bed writing this. Supper is in a few minutes and is felafel, hummus and pitta. The panther lies next to me in bed, resting his head on my shoulder.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2004. Literary fiction novel by Jonathan Coe.

Case Histories*

Work hard at Spin – it’s The Princess’s class – here we are:

It’s a twenty minute flat road followed by a twenty minute hill climb.

Then work extra hard at Barre:

Have lunch at the farm with The Boss, The Master, my Barre Instructor and a Barre chum. The Master is leaving us soon and will miss him So Much.

Come home and read a bit more of my book and then have a sleep. Wake up and keep on reading: have nearly finished Big Sky now.

Am on the grey sofa with the panther. Mum is at the other end of the sofa, reading. Dad sits in his chair – reading The Times.

Fluffball is next door in the playroom sleeping on his black chair. It has been raining on and off all day so he’s been hanging around the house a lot, asking for extra meals.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2004. By Kate Atkinson. Jackson Brodie detective novel.

Big Sky*

Work hard at Spin. It’s The Boss’s class. Here we are:

Teach Swimming in Pilates and it goes well and teacher is pleased with me. The class seems particularly tough today: am still not 100% after the heatwave I think. Here I am:

Come home and start reading the new Jackson Brodie detective novel by Kate Atkinson, Big Sky. It’s brilliant. Show you:

Have lunch, a bath and a rest but can’t sleep.

Feel So Much Better after completing my two exercise sessions which reassured me that there is Some Point to it all.

Thank G-d the hot weather has vanished for the moment. It’s been raining on and off all day. Fluffball is in for the day now.

Am going to return to my book now. Kate Atkinson is one of my favourite living authors, along with Fay Weldon of course and Martin Amis. Anyway – a new Jackson Brodie novel is certainly something to celebrate and want to crack on with it a bit before supper.

Am sitting on the grey sofa. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head in my lap. I stroke the soft back of his neck.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2019. By Kate Atkinson. Jackson Brodie detective novel.

The Long Goodbye*

It’s a sad day at Cyclezone today: The Master’s last class. Here we are with The Boss:

They do a team teach with The Boss taking the first fifteen minutes, The Master taking the rest of the class which The Boss films. The Princess rides up front too. It’s very sad: going to miss The Master so much – he’s always been so kind to me.

My friend takes me home and we have a coffee in the garden. Fluffball is lying on the rockery between a few of the plants with his tail stretched out behind him. We see blue tits feeding on the fat balls.

Mum brings me back to the flat. Have a sleep and then my cousin comes for her Pilates lesson, which goes well.

Now am lying on my bed with the panther. He rests his head on my back so I can’t move. Soon will make some supper. Have an episode of Midsomer Murders to watch later. Will have supper at the dining room table: have a rule that am not allowed to eat whilst on the beautiful new sofa. Wonder for how long will be able to keep this up.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1953. By Raymond Chandler. The sixth Philip Marlowe detective novel.

Morning Glory Murder*

“If you go outside you can see that the Morning Glory has two flowers,” Mum says to me this morning. So I do. Show you:

Work hard at Spin: it’s The Princess’s class – she’s back now after having her baby. Here I am with The Boss:

Here I am at Barre:

Work hard and Barre works its magic to cheer me up a bit. Love it so much.

Have lunch and a long sleep. Mum wakes me up. Fluffball is in now:

He wanders in the direction of his bedroom as I approach.

“It’s not a mealtime, darling,” I say.

We are watching the Roger Federer vs Kei Nishikori Wimbledon quarterfinal which we missed at the time.

Tonight the parentals are going out and I have a Midsomer Murders to watch with Fluffball.

I’m sitting on the grey sofa and the panther lies next to me, resting his head in my lap. I stroke the soft back of his neck.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2019. By Jessica L. Randall. A Pleasant View Estates mystery, set in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Death Of A Garden Pest*

We have a new studio manager at Cyclezone – you can see her here in the middle:

Am on one side of her and The Boss is on her other side. Work hard at Spin: it’s The Boss’s class and it’s a Hill.

Then teach Leg Pull Prone in Pilates. It goes well and my teacher is pleased with me. Here we are:

After class we go out for lunch at the farm with a couple of the others. It is lovely. Love my Pilates chums.

Have a sleep. Then Dad takes me to the doctor for my Zoladex injection. That’s all my cancer treatment done for another month – other than the pills which now have to take for the next three weeks.

Shell the peas and broad beans. Am watching Gardeners’ World with Mum. The panther lies on the floor at my feet: resting his head on his front paws, eyes closed. Every so often he twitches an ear or the tip of his tail.

Fluffball is sleeping under my chair in my bedroom. He’s such a gorgeous boy.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1996. By Ann Ripley. Book 2 in Gardening Mysteries starring amateur gardener Louise Eldridge.

Crust No One*

Last night Fluffball doesn’t come in when we call him at suppertime. Worry that he has become trapped in a builder’s van or Worse. Eventually, at about seven thirty, Mum finds him. We are so relieved. Here he is last night:

This morning: work hard at Spin. Here I am with my Instructor:

Then have bath. Go to the beautician for new Minx toes:

And Pro-Gel nails:

Then have my horrible intramuscular bum injections at the cancer hospital. Am very brave.

Have a sleep. Now am learning Leg Pull Prone to teach in Pilates tomorrow. It’s a difficult move as at its top level it’s a plank where you raise first one leg, then the other and repeat ten times.

Dad has made Soda Bread, look:

Am sitting writing this on the grey sofa. Mum sits against the other arm. The panther lies in between us, resting his heavy head in my lap.

Fluffball is in and having his supper:

Today, he’s a good boy. We love our Fluffball to distraction.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2018. By Winnie Archer. A Bread Shop Mystery Book 2, set at a shop called Yeast of Eden.