Writing Down The Bones*

Achievements Of The Day:

1. Sleep from nine o’clock last night until five o’clock this morning.

2. Do two Tarot Readings for a customer.

3. See oncologist who says we are starting on a lower dose of chemotherapy on Tuesday.

4. He arranges for me to stay at my hospital on Tuesday after chemo until Friday. Am relieved to be avoiding A & E.

5. Go to the farm with Mum to purchase provisions for my weekend at the flat.

6. Meditate 🧘‍♀️ and sleep.

7. Draw a flow diagram for the Memoir of the fallout from the end of my relationship with Seb.

8. Have a Marks & Spencer Cheese and Celery sandwich 🥪 for supper. My darling Auntie procured it yesterday.

9. Cuddle Fluffball.

10. Receive money for another Tarot Reading which I will do tomorrow.

11. Feel happy and relaxed about new chemo plan.

12. Love my parents So Much.

*1986. By Natalie Goldberg. How to write book. A classic.

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