The Spy Who Loved*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Go to gym – despite Really Not Feeling Like It and do four sets of all my weights:
  2. Revise The Heart And Circulatory Systems.
  3. Walk to Golders Green to meet a friend at Likya. Haven’t seen her for Years – where does the time go. We used to work together. We resolve to meet more often in future – it’s so good to see her.
  4. Walk home.
  5. Revise The Musculoskeletal System. Need to do more work on this. There is so much Anatomy And Physiology to learn.
  6. Clean contact lenses.
  7. Walk to Golders Green station.
  8. Am waiting for train. Going to the House Of Lords to hear my friend the biographer Clare Mulley talking about Christina Granville the spy for Polish Heritage Week? Month? Polish Heritage Something. Christina was Polish.
  9. Am tired but pleased with self for not letting the panther stop me doing my activities. He lies on the floor at my feet, head resting on his front paws.
  10. Have arrived at the House Of Lords. Of course am the first one here. Am not allowed to take photos in here but it’s all Very Grand. Looking forward to my talk now. Very pleased with self for making it here despite the panther’s best efforts to stop me leaving the house.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2012. By Clare Mulley. Biography.

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