Sleeping Murder*

Wake up at six o’clock this morning after going to bed at eight o’clock last night. Have breakfast and go back to sleep till half past seven.

A couple of Mum’s friends come round and we sit in the garden 🪴: it is warm and sunny and Mum puts up the new red umbrella so I can have some shade. Go back to bed eleven till twelve o’clock.

We have lunch in the garden 🪴 for the second time this year. Dad brings me back to the flat and I sleep from two o’clock till 5.17pm when Suzy comes round. She sits in the garden and we have our supper. It is good to see her: it’s been a while.

I return to bed at ten past seven and do my Tarot Card of the Day. It’s apt that I pull the Four of Swords which is all about rest, taking it easy and taking a break.

It’s 8.14pm so I’m going to meditate and sleep now. I have a busy day tomorrow: all day Astrology course lectures and then Ben is coming round with my present 🎁 at 4.30pm.

I’m not quite sure whilst I’m suddenly So Exhausted. I’m on a lot of meds certainly. Oncologist says I must have as much sleep as I need. Also, today Pilates is cancelled and I don’t feel good if I can’t exercise.

I miss my fluffy angel nurse. I hope he is OK.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1976. By Agatha Christie. The last Miss Marple book. A classic. Read it!

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