In The Woods*

Struggle through Spin. Here is graph:

Then walk Gandalf. It is good to see him of course, I love him, but it has turned cold again and I don’t have any gloves with me. Here we are:

He’s my favourite boy and I kiss him on the top of his head and cuddle him.

Then see my lovely physio. We do some back and shoulder exercises. He seems to think that am making progress so that’s good.

There was a programme on about peregrine falcons last night. Maybe we will watch it tonight.

Have just discovered that the fluffy monster was sleeping under my chair whilst I was having my sleep, so have put him outside to exercise.

The attached photo is with The Boss at Spin this morning.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2007. By Tana French. Book 1 in the Dublin Murder Squad Mystery series.

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