Walking Into Murder*

Walk Dolly with Mum. Here we are:

Can’t breathe when we walk uphill but the doctors say there is nothing wrong. There is definitely something wrong, even if the doctors don’t know what.

Have a really lovely walk and give Dolly lots of kisses and cuddles. Used to enjoy walking but now it’s difficult and stressful with my breathing problems. Have to keep stopping. On the plus side: love my Dolly so much. See an article online about a Therapy Newfie and I have my own Therapy Newfie. Am very lucky.

Then we have to go to Brent Cross for Mum’s hearing aid appointment at Boots. We have Marks and Spencer sandwiches for lunch.

Come home and have a sleep. Watch the Men’s Singles Final from Queens on Sunday and now we are about to watch the Doubles Final. Dad is going out.

Am still not feeling well. Have a sore throat and various other infections. Am lying under my furry blanket. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head in my lap.

Fluffball is still out. Hope to see him later.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2010. By Joan Dahr Lambert. Murder mystery novel.

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