Killing Eve*

Gandalf is on new painkillers so he can walk for a whole hour again now, which is good. It’s not like walking Dolly – Gandalf pulls quite a lot on the lead and keeps up a cracking pace whereas Dolly ambles along because she’s a bear. Also she has a special harness that stops her pulling whereas Gandalf just has a collar and lead. I mean, he does have a harness in his house but apparently he doesn’t like wearing it.

Anyway – I miss the cuddling-him-for-thirty-minutes-in-his-house bit of the walk because he’s so good at cuddles. He’s my best boy and I love him so much.

In tragic news: The Master is retiring and moving away. Am going to miss him so much. See him before Barre and we have a hug and tell him how much am going to miss him. Hope he will enjoy his retirement.

My best Barre chum has moved to Paris now. Here I am at Barre:

Work hard and then have a bath and lunch and a sleep.

Wake up and now we are watching the tennis from Eastbourne – well we will be when they Stop Talking. They have just shown us a photo of Roger on the grass at Wimbledon with the title Back. So, life is cruel but it’s the grass court tennis season, Wimbledon starts on Monday and Roger’s back. Found it for you:

Doesn’t he look Wonderful.

Now Simona Halep is playing someone. Mum has wandered off. Fluffball is having supper.

“Fluffball has disappeared again,” Mum says. He tends to do this in the house and then we have to wander around the whole house, looking in every tiny space and wondering if he can possibly have got out again when all the doors and windows are closed.

Mum finds him in my brother’s bed. Here he is:

Am sitting with the panther on the grey sofa. Am feeling a small bit better today. Maybe that is because Barre is the one thing that is able to cheer me up. Or because I had a particularly good afternoon sleep.

Also both parents are going to be out this evening so I can watch Killing Eve with Fluffball. We love Killing Eve.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2018. TV series about a serial killer. You know who’s in it and what it’s about but now in Series Two we have a new writer – Emerald Fennell.


  1. Christopher · June 27, 2019

    Sorry to read the Master is going – it’s clear how much you two get on.
    Is series 2 of Killing Eve any good? I’ve read that it’s disappointing compared to series 1 written by Fleabag

    Liked by 1 person

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