Walking Into Murder*

Am sitting up in bed, my pillows turned round to make a throne-back behind me.  The panther stretches out next to me, along the length of my body.  His tail dangles over the end of the bed.

Am just back from a walk into the village and back (40 minutes) and have returned to bed to write this.  It’s 4.31pm.  The parentals have been out all day and so has the fluffy monster, although he popped in to stuff down some lunch before returning to his patrolling.

Am exhausted and have a headache.  Have taken a Nurofen and am drinking some water, in case am dehydrated, although don’t see how I can be as drink water all the time. Anyway – here are today’s achievements:

1.  Work really hard at Spin – see graph.  Average effort is 80%.  Pleased with self:

Spin outfit photo with The Boss is attached.

2.  Make and consume The Omelette for lunch.

3.  Wash self and Spin clothes and hang them outside to dry in the sunshine.

4.  Double walk around the block: 30 minutes.

5.  Body Scan meditation and rest but can’t sleep.

6.  Read a chapter of Three Sisters, Three Queens.

7.  Walk into village and back: 40 minutes.

The Times today is all full of articles about how-good-for-you-walking-is, so ought to be in peak mental and physical condition by now, rather than collapsed in bed with headache.  Ah well: KBO – Keep Buggering On…

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2010.  By Joan Dahr Lambert.  Book 1 in the Professor Laura Morland mystery series.

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